STEEMIT PARK : A Community Hotspot in Brooklyn (Crowdfunding + Awards Update)

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Fellow Steemians,

Most of you may know that I'm organizing a public art / community garden project in Brooklyn this summer with @hansikhouse under our collective name @hitheryon. The design-build project is called STEEMIT PARK (link here) ... Currently, we're in the process of fundraising and will begin fabrication very soon! In order to make this project a reality we need your upvotes and STEEM / SBD donations (no matter how big or small!) Here's a little bit more about the project and the awards that we're offering. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We hope that you will consider supporting :D


This project will be created, constructed and maintained with 100% STEEM and SBD donations! Your upvotes and donations will help make this community garden a reality. In return, we have some amazing awards for you. What will your STEEM and SBD get you?


  • (All deliverable prizes - noted by the envelope icon - will be delivered to your address of choice by the end of September, 2017.)

Award B : Get a 3D Printed Flower!

Those who donate 50 STEEM or SBD will receive a 3D printed magnolia flower designed and printed by @hitheryon. The flower pays tribute to a special local landmark.


Award C : Sponsor a Bench or Planter!

Want to see your name IN Steemit Park? Those who donate 200 STEEM or SBD to the project will have a placard (5” x 12”) with their @ username alongside a QR code link that connects directly to their page.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 12.01.57 AM.png

How to Support with STEEM & SBD?

Simple! Click the “Transfer” button in your Wallet. Direct your donation amount to @hitheryon and make sure to leave a short message in the “Memo” letting us know which reward (a/b/c) you are donating for.


Good For Community, Good for Steemit

This new neighborhood hotspot in the heart of Brooklyn will act as a colorful and dynamic billboard for the Steemit community. We @hitheryon believe that this physical design project is an important and exciting proof of concept for STEEM and Steemit. We want to build something physical, lasting and impactful with cryptocurrency. Tens of thousands of people will visit Steemit Park this summer. Our team @hitheryon will host Steemit workshops and events for the purpose of onboarding community members and activists to the Steemit platform (this includes park visitors, park representatives, volunteers, local residents and more!)

Upvotes and donations will translate directly to funding for furniture, events, park maintenance, beautification and restoration for a neighborhood in need. This project is about discovering new ways of using STEEM and Steemit for social good!

Want to LEARN MORE? Here's a LINK to the original project post!

follow me @voronoi | design collective @hitheryon

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I will be thinking about sponsoring a bench or a planter. Would like to know about how long I have to think about this. Love this project being an Eagle Scout and will make a post about my interest in being a sponsor soon.


Cool to see a fellow Eagle here! I got mine in 2009.


We would be thrilled to have your name in the park @virtualgrowth! Our team will begin fabrication within the next couple of weeks. So there's time to think it over :)

My brother is an Eagle Scout as well. He did a lot of park-stewardship type work that could have been supported through Steemit. Scouts should use this! I wish it was available back then, but going forward I'm sure we'll see many ideas sprouting from the platform. Much more on the horizon. STEEM on!


Sounds great! Steem would have been a big help with the work I did in the scouts. STEEM on!

This is an amazing project, thank you! I will be in Clinton hill through august and would love to help if you need. I wish I were in a position to donate, but I am happy to offer labor time if you need help!

Oh that is so cool!
This idea could actually be a pilot project for other cities, too. Excellent approach, resteemed.

You've just received my donation in your wallet :-)


THANK YOU! We're so thrilled to have your support @surfermarly :)

And yes, this will hopefully spark some interest for additional public-art and community projects in other cities!


You are more than welcome! It's my pleasure.
I hope we can all come and visit the park once it is finished :)

I think this is awesome! This will certainly give Steem some great publicity and also some positive public perception. It will also be a great place to go and hang out! I will try and make a donation very soon. I love it!


Great! Thanks so much for your support @contentking! We can't wait to see it come to fruition.

We should do a rendering photobooth so Steemians who can't get to Brooklyn can be a part of it all!


NICE! We should also live-stream (through youtube?) Steemit meetups and workshops this summer.

Sounds interesting.. Thanks for sharing !!

YES YES YES!!! What a great idea. Everything that is art and everything that shares about Steemit, brings us together, helps us support each other, activates abundance and freedom and goodwill---YES! Love what you're doing and so grateful for your taking action @voronoi. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

Thanks for the updates again, looking forward to seeing the fine results of this clever project, namaste :)

Hi @voronoi :) I was made aware of you by @andrarchy, and so glad of that! This is absolutely fantastic! I am definitely interested in learning more...and it is entirely possible you will be able to tell me about it in week I will be meeting @surfermarly in NYC and we in turn have plans to meet andrarchy and @prufarchy. We would love it if you and @hansikhouse could join us. I am going to put further details in chat...nice to 'meet' you, hopefully that will be a reality soon!


I just saw your message! It would be great to meet up... hoping I can escape my office for an hour or two!


I hope you can too! I am so excited to meet @surfermarly who is an awesome kindred spirit I feel I know already :) And of course @andrarchy and @prufarchy, as well as any other creative soul such as yourself from this amazing place. But either way I am very interested in this project, so I will be adding you to my list. (Probably the one thing about steemit that I actually shy away from...the platform attracts free and independent thinking, but they chose a term that makes you think of cults and sheep? Haha!)


Aaaaaw sweetie, thanks :)
Can't wait to meet you guys there!!

Love this. Can't wait to see it. What cross st will it be at?


Awesome! It'll be right in the center of the main lawn area, just south of the Cultural Arts center.

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This is a great thing. I always admire some ones passion of helping others. Love and grattitude


Nice concept. Hope to see in reality someday.


Me too! Hopefully within just a few weeks :)

awesome for the community.


your welcome my dude

very cool and proactive

I love to read awesome posts ,respect ❤

Congratulations @voronoi!
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That's an interesting idea


Thank you!

A really good read thank you for sharing


Hey I know that graphic haha :D
(I photoshopped that GIF a couple months ago)


good job man i really like it its very funny..Thanks for Sharing.


This is getting more and more better. Big support from Montenegro.


Many thanks for the kind feedback!

Great effort...deserve my upvote and resteem...

Excellent poject, im looking fowrward to make it true!!


Likewise! Thanks elfictron!

Good luck guys! Upvoting.


Thanks for your support!

all aboard the Steem train! next stop is the moon!

wow it is good idea

oh, I would love a bench! but I need a bit of time to see if I can reach the amount of steem for that hehe so, wich is the deadline to donate and purchase a place in steem park?


No problem! We'll have most of the month (4 weeks) until we need to install. There's time!

really cool idea, looking for dips to get more steem. I will try to contribute.

This project is about discovering new ways of using STEEM and Steemit for social good!

Great initiative, @hitheryon and @voronoi and @hansikhouse. Steem on!

Beautiful! This is just so inspiring :)))
Keep up the terrific work

Thank you so much! Keep it up my friend!

Interesting Post. Thanks for sharing !

Hi! Have you heard about @krwhale? It is similiar with @randowhale. For your information please click on.

Great idea!

its nice,..
you look cooler if U creat it really..

Can we organize the same thing in Moscow? Upvote my post if yes :)

such a great prject. restremmed of course!

Great project. Our mutual friend @everlove pointed me to this to resteem for you on my Steemit Blogger Central pages on FB and Twitter. About to share this with our users in hopes it helps you out more. Just followed you, if you need anything feel free to contact me anytime. Keep up the great work!

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Great project @voronoi. Wish you luck. I would donate, but havent got anything off of steemit yet. Can you check out this post i made, about a bulgarian mother of 3 with cervical cancer, which spreaded to her liver... Her time is limited, so if we can help a little it would be one of the greatest things! I send her 8.80€ and it made me feel a better person for a minute.

Thank you for your attention.

Sounds really interesting. This sounds like a great place to link up/meet new people & get into some steem talkin'. I'm new at this & I'm also from Brooklyn so I have high hopes for this new Steemit Park. Good luck!