NEW: ColorChallenge for all Steemians

6 months ago

Dear Steemians,

I invite you all to this challenge, that has already been succesful at the NIUME community as well. Feel free to upload awsome artworks or photos (one per day), relating the color of the current day.

We have 7 chakras with the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow has 7 colors. A week is equal to 7 days. Days are colors.









What to do?

  1. Resteem and upvote this post (if you want)
  2. Post something (photo, artwork) with the color of the day
  3. Don't forget to title and tag your post: #ColorChallenge (first tag!) and tag the color day as well.
    (You can see here:
  4. Repeat it 7 times or more, with the 7 colors.
  5. Put your links of your entries in a comment bellow.

Today is green, ThursdayGreen. Your posts can be searched by tags, and we'll help each other by seeing, commenting and sharing them.
It's also time to find some sponsors, as they can support some steem power for the best works.
Those who participate in the game for seven days permanently (not neccessary to begin it today), receives a reward (not necessarily in steem or other currency).

At last, here is my entry for today:

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Hello @kalemandra I can't resteem this post anymore
(the resteem button is gone) but I up voted.

This is my first entry.

I don't know if I did everything correct :)
If I missed something please tell me ;)

Thank you for organizing this challenge, really great :)


Really jazzed! Thank you for creating this ColorChallenge. This is my first time participating.


You are welcome! Your flower is so beautiful!


Thank you.

ColorChallenge: WednesdayYellow - Architectural monument. Gothic Church of the 15th century. Transcarpathian Ukraine. The city of Berehove.

Great initiative, thank you.

Here is my first entry for ThursdayGreen.

Your post was upvoted, resteemed and featured on Steemit Appreciation Friday No. 15 - thank you for contributing to the community.
This I my first post in ColorChallenge. Thank you and I follow you 🍇🍇🍇🍇

Very nice idea! I just love the rainbow colours :) May I translate it to german for the german community?

I started this challenge too. Today with my mondayred posting:

Aahhh! I'm just now seeing this. I think I will play - if it isn't too late. :) I've been busy.

thank you for a great motivation, a good way to post and make steemit productive @karmandra , her's my first entry ;-))

Just found out about the colorchallenge and I love the idea. I made my first post to participate over here

Nice initiative! That is, if I can join on Monday and 7 days in a row to put the post? And link it to this post?

Just fantastic challenge!!!!!!!!

Thank you! I just found this and have posted several for today!! I live in the San Juan Mtns in Colorado!!! Stunningly Gorgeous!

On the quality waters of the San Juan River. Love the gem tone colors of the waters.

Taken between Durango, Colorado and Silverton, Colorado.

Awesome idea! I only needed one more excuse to photograph :D
My first entry: - have a great weekend!

📷 ColorChallenge: FridaySkyblue- Parachute Man
My First Challenge, hope you enjoy.

Hello today we started here, interesting challenge, I hope you enjoy it.

Hi dear, here's my first entry for this colorchallenge. I hope I can start from Wednesday :D Much love!

Great post will pass on the info

Excellent will definitely be entering!


Tuesday Orange (when I wasn't quite able to get out of work, but wanted to share)

ThursdayGreen- A little bit of nostalgia for all that happen upon my link... :)

Oh boy this is very neat. So I can start whenever and go for 7 days because it is recurring? I dabble in photos but also paint. I will try to participate soon.

Followed you. Thanks for organizing a neat activity. ^_^

OK. This looks fun!

I'm new to Steemit, but can't wait to get involved in things like this!


Feel free to participate and post pictures daily!


I have submitted my first photo for Saturday Indigo

My sixth entry - ColorChallenge: SaturdayIndigo - Indigo car.

I just start the challenge today Here is my first post
Thanks 😃

Here is my first entry...
Tagged it wrong, but I'll do better next time. On that note, anybody know if you can change a category/first tag after the fact? Tried to change it, but it didn't take. Thanks!

Here is my entry for today's SundayPurple. Thanks for the challenge!

ColorChallenge: TuesdayOrange - A beautiful orange rose. Have you ever heard how roses sound?

Hi i´m new on steemit, i like to join you but cant find a way to resteem, can you help me?


You cannot resteem this article, because it's older than 7 days.


Ok thank you. I´m lerning.
This is my first official colorchallenge. Thanks for the cool idea! Upvoted and already followed you!

Cool stuff @kalemandra - I see i need to compile soon a complete overview of the more and more ongoing challenges at steemit!


That's great! Steem on!

Love it!!! I'm in... :)
Wednesday Yellow my first post I hope you like!

My first time posting here on this blog:
ColorChallenge - WednesdayYellow - dandelio

ColorChallenge: FridaySkyblue - Arch of Friendship of Nations against the background of a beautiful sky. I'm in a mood to dissolve in the sky.

Nice challenge! Resteem to help you reach more people

My first entry for: Friday sky blue, just had to be a sky :)

Nice challenge. I guess, I'm going to participate, if I'm in the right color-mood :-) Resteemed!


I'm looking forward... :)

This is great ... am in 💕
Resteemed followed upvoted , shall post soon 😃

My entry for:
Colorchallenge TuesdayOrange.

I like this challenge for it makes me learn posting daily.
So it becomes more of a routine.
They say after 30 days the routine sticks.

I'm having lot's of fun learning this new routine.
Thank you :)


ColorChallenge - MondayRed: Santa Claus! Do not miss this fleeting time - be a magician ...