Watercolor challenge: I refresh the challenge proposals. Summary of my paintings so far.

@inber pointed out to me that the description of my watercolor challenge was not found. Excuse me for the for the omission.
Now I repeat it here, and I'll repeat it in each of my watercolor posts:

A new challenge has started now, and anybody who loves painting, can join! I encourage anybody to begin watercolor painting. No matter how skilled you are! Just use the tag:


Find a theme or just a photograph, and paint it with watercolor. The goal is to learn some technique, colors, composition from each other. I'm a beginner in watercolor technique, but I want to improve my skills.

In addition: similarly to #colorchallenge, this is continuous, there is no deadline. I suggest 1-2 picture per day for a week, or more, and a weekly summary of recent paintings with links. Topic suggestions are welcome. For the time being there is no STEEM reward yet, therefore

Sponsors wanted!

Please resteem this article to know about it!

Here is a summary of my watercolors so far:












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I find this the hardest medium. And I will genuinely give it a go today.


I have the same opinion. Thanks for resteeming!

Amazing paintings. @aishwarya check this out!




Yes I saw this and i am so excited!
thank you @firepower :D


Welcome! :D

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Very nice! :)

watercolour is a very difficult technique as there is almost no way back if you made a mistake... I always intend to think some of the process through before starting the painting so I can avoid making a mistake big enough to destroy the whole painting.

You are very talented at watercolor @kalemandra and your finished material speak for themselves