Ahe’ey - Greek Gods and Amazon Warriors (An Original Novel - Part 23)

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“The goddess-like beauty was like a free, spirited, untameable stallion. Intimidating, unapologetic, and stunning, all strength and power.”

Greek Gods and Amazon Warriors

Pierre Hotel, New York

Morgan looked at her reflection in the mirror. The makeup team had done a good job. A healthy glow hid her pale complexion, and her cheeks were bright and rosy. Morgan attempted a fake smile; she was pleased with the result. No one would know how she was really feeling. She straightened her head and shoulders, trying to ignore the nausea and panic she felt inside. Her hands were shaking so much that she decided to leave her speech notes behind. I won't be able to read them anyway.

    She left her suite and walked toward the elevator. Her palms were sweating, and her heart was racing. Clearly, her emotions were controlling her. Did I just decide to speak in front of thousands of people, in a public park, knowing that there is a contract on my life? What’s wrong with me? Morgan was tired of people trying to manipulate and push her. She was determined to show them that she was in control of her own destiny. The terrorist threats and the advances of manipulative men would not undermine her commitment to her mission. She was as furious as she was afraid, more than afraid—she was terrified.

    She arrived at the lobby, and several security men got up to greet her. She nodded at the men and walked toward the door. She stopped, taking a moment to find her composure before walking outside to face Gabriel. As Morgan looked through the glass door, she noticed the surreal scene emerging outside. She saw three figures. It was like looking at the statues of three Greek gods. Who are these people, and why do they look so different from everyone else? Gabriel was wearing grey pants and a silver tunic with long sleeves. The tunic flowed freely outside his pants, perfectly framing his lean body. He shimmered in the light, and although he dressed more casually than the two strangers, his natural ethereal glow made him stand out. His jaw was tense, and his brows heavy. He took her breath away, and she hated that feeling. She felt that she should hate him.

    At his side was a blond man of similar height, yet he was bigger and more muscular than Gabriel. The two men leaned against the limo, probably waiting for Morgan to arrive. The blonde man wore a brown cape that wrapped around his body. He playfully nudged Gabriel with his shoulder. The two men did not notice the Amazon warrior princess that approached them from behind the Limo. Well, that was what she looked like to Morgan—a tall red-haired beauty with intense chestnut-coloured eyes. Dark braids adorned her long hair, and she wore part of her wild mane high. The woman looked proud, defiant, and angry. She wore leather pants and a leather tunic that hugged her athletic body and full chest. Her cape flowed as she walked, uncovering the sword she carried at her back. She was almost as tall as the men.

    By the time the men saw her approach, she had grabbed Gabriel's tunic by the collar and was yelling something at his face. Her elbow hit his jaw with full power. The blonde man wrapped his arms around her body, pulling her away from Gabriel as she kicked and screamed. Gabriel raised his hands, palms toward her in a pleading gesture. She turned to the blonde giant that towered over her and kicked him in the groin. Gabriel jumped between them, facing the woman with his palms raised toward her again. He lowered his head slightly in a gesture of submission as his companion recovered from her blow behind him. The woman placed her hand over the grip of a small dagger that hung on her waist in a scabbard. Gabriel made no attempt to defend himself. His supplicant eyes surprised Morgan.

    Before she could process her actions, she found herself walking toward the door, signaling the guards to follow her. Outside, the strange woman shouted.

    "Where are the Ma'asai?"

    "At the venue, in the Great Lawn in Central Park. We enclosed the perimeter and created some security checkpoints," said the blonde man.

    "You betrayed my direct orders, Bastian."

    "I received no such order my Sky. Please! We are already here. It's just for a few hours. We don't want another incident like the Met where he disclosed his skills to protect her. Let me prevent further—" The blonde man stopped talking as he saw Morgan and the security guards approach.

    The woman wrapped her cinnamon coloured cape around her body, fully covering her weapons and her unusual outfit.

    How odd! They look like they belong in a sci-fi TV series, thought Morgan.

    "Morning!" Morgan said loudly. She flashed a theatrical smile, trying to defuse the situation. "Hey, nice outfits! Is this Comic-con weekend? I love Comic-con. What character are you?" She looked up to meet the eyes of the fearless Amazon. The woman looked at Morgan with an expression of cold indifference.

    For one moment, Morgan felt like she was looking into a mirror. She recognised the texture and the fire of that hair. How strange, she thought. The two women could not be more different. Morgan was little; she had an oval face and huge brown eyes. She rarely raised her voice, and her tone was agreeable and somewhat musical due to her accent. She had nothing in common with the statuesque, irreverent, and athletic woman in front of her. The goddess-like beauty was like a free, spirited, untameable stallion. Intimidating, unapologetic, and stunning, all strength and power. The security men were staring with large eyes. She was sexy, sexual, and they wanted her despite her evident despise and disdain. For a moment, Morgan wished she was that woman. She was not envious of her looks but rather of her attitude. The woman transpired self-worth; she was the portrait of complete self-possession. I bet you aren't fooled by the charms of good-looking men, she thought as she turned to face Gabriel.

    "Morgan," said Gabriel, "these are my cousins—Bastian and Sky." In a heartbeat, Morgan saw him turn from a broken, desperate man to the perfectly charming and composed gentleman she knew. A mask that no longer fooled her. Not even his glow could hide the red and blue marks left on his face by Sky's elbow. However, he smiled briefly at Morgan and turned back to his companions.

    "Sky, walk with me to Central Park?" said Bastian, pulling Sky by the arm away from the group. The two odd caped figures walked away, and as they left Bastian turned his head to Gabriel, smiled and blinked both eyes reassuringly.

Competition – Bring Ahe’ey to Life

Calling All Visual Artists!

I want to bring Ahe’ey to life using illustration, comic strip, painting, mixed media, photography, film, or any other creative craft. Choose a character or a scene and use your creative superpowers to make Ahe'ey come alive in your unique style. I'm delighted with the talented artists that have already pledged to participate in this challenge. The competition details are available here. The winners will be announced on the 30th of September.

You can check out the first competition entries here. Please do stop by, comment and vote for your favourites. Thank you to @gavicrane, @elias15g, @michelleh82, and @skapaneas for kicking off the bring Ahe'ey to life challenge with some great submissions. I will soon be posting a competition update that will include their fabulous artwork.

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  • A helmeted Amazon with her sword and a shield, 510–500 BC. Public Domain.
  • Amazonomachy battle between Greeks and Amazons, relief of a sarcophagus – c. 180 BC, Louvre. Public Domain.

©Jamie Le Fay, 2016. Reproduction is strictly prohibited.

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All the art work! So great, i'm loving the bring ahe'ey to life competition. Well done.

I'm loving it too. So much fun. J.

The two submissions with the Phoenix are pretty great.

@natsbats, thank you for providing feedback to the artists. I appreciate it. You know my characters well :) J.