Ahe’ey - Submission (An Original Novel - Part 16)

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“She hid her head between his neck and shoulder and let her body move with his.”


Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Thousands of fairy lights illuminated the Temple of Dendur in the Sackler Wing. In front of it, a band was playing Latin jazz. Many couples were already dancing at the centre of the room on an elevated area where the temple stood. Down at the sides of the platform, people talked and enjoyed extravagant canapés and cocktails. All-light sculptures glowed in different shades of blue, casting a blue tint on their surroundings.

    Gabriel scanned the room, looking for any signs of danger, while his companion took a sip of her second glass of Taittinger. She touched the wall of the temple and closed her eyes for a moment.

    “It’s remarkable what the Egyptians were able to build thousands of years ago. I wish I had a time machine so I could go back in history and explore the great ancient civilisations of the world.”

    “This is actually a Roman copy of the original Egyptian temple, a model built by Emperor Augustus around 15 BC,” Gabriel replied. “It is indeed a shame that so much has been lost, although …” He paused for a second, contemplating if he should continue. “I can assure you that humanity is not ready to unveil its full history.”

    Morgan’s eyebrows jumped at the statement and she opened her mouth to ask what he meant.

    “Gabriel, how are you?” interrupted a large and loud man walking in their direction.

    “Sir William, it’s been far too long. I’m well, thank you. How are you? Has your knee recovered fully from surgery?” Gabriel extended his hand to the older man. Sir William’s white hair and soft, well-groomed beard reflected the blue hue of the lights. He placed his hand on Gabriel’s shoulder and embraced him with affection.

    “Fine, I’m walking, but my marathon running days are over before they even began.” He had the most effusive belly laugh.

    “Let me introduce you to my friend Morgan. She’s visiting us from London and is the world leader when it comes to girl’s empowerment.” Morgan smiled and extended her hand.

    “Morgan, Sir William is a dear friend of mine. He is the CEO of an innovative biofuel business. He’s also my partner in a vital and groundbreaking research project that’ll be completed next week. I’m forever grateful for his brilliant mind and friendship.”

    “We couldn’t have done it without the support and scientific insights of the Ange’el Foundation, my friend. How long are you going to be in town, Morgan?”

    “Just until the end of the week.”

    “That’s a shame. Next time you visit New York, you are invited to visit our home to have dinner together with our friend here. We miss him, especially my youngest daughter, Karen.”

    “How is the little one?” Gabriel asked.

    “She’s great, but she’s had little time for me since you introduced her to archery and martial arts.”

    Gabriel smiled and looked at Morgan. “Karen is eight years old and plans to conquer the world by the age of eleven and a half. She is the poster child for girl power. You two should meet.”

    “I must go and have a seat. My knee is starting to complain. It was excellent to see you both. Gabriel, please do visit us soon. We miss you, and I do need to give you an update on our shared endeavour.”

    As he walked away, Morgan began to move her body to the sound of the music that was playing in the background. The band was playing “Águas de Março,” a song by Tom Jobim. Gabriel smiled as she mumbled some of the lyrics in Portuguese. He looked at her, held her hand, and led her to the dance floor. There they stood holding each other, her hair whispering against his chin, no words, just a deep appreciation for that moment. She hid her head between his neck and shoulder and let her body move with his.

    For the first time in a very long time, Gabriel closed his eyes, smelled her hair, and became lost in the moment, a moment where he allowed himself to be just a man falling in love, a moment he would soon regret.

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