Competition – Bring Ahe’ey to Life

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Calling all artists! Prize = 100% of the author’s payout earned by this post.

Competition – Bring Ahe’ey to Life 

Ahe’ey is a vast world. The manuscript is currently 159k words long, roughly 420 (paperback) pages that I have divided into three distinct story arcs. To date, I have shared with you 55 (paperback) pages introducing Ahe’ey’s key protagonists. We haven’t yet spent much time in Sky and Gabriel’s birthplace. I can’t wait to show you the villages and the people of Ahe’ey. 

Morgan, Gabriel, and Sky have many external obstacles to overcome. And yet, the biggest barriers come from within—their flaws, the vulnerabilities that will hold them back time and time again, until they learn to overcome them. If they ever do. I won’t say much more; I will let you discover their Achilles’ heels, hoping they don't end up sharing the fate of the doomed Greek hero. 

My journey here at Steemit has been amazing. I have to thank both readers and curators for investing time in my series. Let’s face it, the themes I cover in my novel are a little different than the subjects usually discussed in crypto-related forums. 

I'm proud to see diverse content trending at Steemit every day. The variety of successful posts shows the deliberate and thoughtful approach to curation by the entire Steemit community. We are all working hard to ensure that first-time visitors feel welcomed and finds something of interest that will keep them coming back for more. 

I’m keen to continue to contribute as much as I can and to share the spotlight with other creatives that have complementary superpowers. So, with that in mind, I’m kicking off the #bringaheeytolife prize. 

I want to bring Ahe’ey to life with illustration, comic strip, painting, mixed media, photography, film, or any other creative craft. Hey, maybe even interpretative dancing or smoke signals, who knows! Choose a character or a scene and use your superpowers to make it come alive in your unique style.

Here are the detailed vision boards for each main character. You can click on the image to view the details.

Competition Details 

1. Submissions 

   Use the tag #bringaheeytolife to participate in the competition.  

2. Scope  

   Illustration, painting, comics, film, photography, or mix media that depicts the characters, places or scenes of Ahe’ey.  

3. Prize  

   100% of the author’s payout earned by this post. Bounty excludes Steem Power and curators’ payout. 

4. Jury  

   It should not be a surprised that I am the devoted guardian of the world of Ahe’ey and the final decision maker. I will take into account the votes and comments from the community, but in the end, the winning submissions must reflect the spirit and vision of my story.  

5. Timescales  

   Prizes will be awarded at the end of September.  

6. Announcements and Communications  

   I will post updates often, sharing some of the submissions and linking to the creatives. I will also provide ongoing feedback on any works that have potential, and keep you updated on the size of the bounty.  

7. Winners  

   We will have two winners, each will receive 50% of the total bounty.  

8. Commission and Grant of Rights  

   The winners will license the work to Jamie. 

Are you having trouble selecting a scene? Check out the action in episodes 9 and 17, the great venue in episodes 10 and 12, or the sparkling romance in episodes 14 and 16.

I will keep my fingers and toes crossed. I can’t wait to see Ahe’ey come alive due to your amazing work.


p.s. Ahe'ey is back on Monday.

Have you missed previous chapters of Ahe'ey?

You can catch up here on Steemit or any of the channels bellow. New episodes are released here on Steemit first. Once a full chapter is released here on Steemit it is published in Amazon, IBooks and Smashwords for your reading convenience. You can also listen to Ahe’ey on Alexandria, iTunes podcast, Stitcher podcast and Soundcloud.

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©Jamie Le Fay, 2016. Reproduction is strictly prohibited.


Nice bounty. I can't draw, but I have some photos of central part and the met from the last time I was in Manhattan about a year ago. Can I submit photos?

Absolutely. I would love to see some photos that depict Central Park, Bethesda Fountain, Pierre Hotel, Metropolitan Museum, etc. J.

Great idea so everyone who wants on steemit can get involved.

Awesome! All these competitions are really spicing things up here.

Yes! Exciting times! J.

What a great idea to involve the Steemit community!

Nicely done :)

Thank you I'm very excited about it. We have so many great creatives in this community. I hope they come play :) Fingers crossed. J.

I'm sure they will. It's a win-win for the artists and creatives. They get their art showcased on one of the most respected Blogs on Steemit (my opinion) PLUS there's a chance to win stuff too :)

Bless you for your kindness. :) x

I say it as I see it :) <3

with the competition... u can be the best, support...

@jamielefay I like the idea! too bad i don't have any talent of that kind :(

Hi @cwbrooch, I'm sure you you do. Perhaps you can get your students involved too. You look like a creative and fun group.

Totally doing this @jamielefay! Graphic novel approach! What a great idea. Can't wait!

Very exciting! Hurray!

Great contest, I look forward to seeing everyone's vision!

Hi @vegascomic, I just saw your message via steemd, thank you. I just checked the site and it looks really interesting. I wasn't aware of the platform. J.

A great place to develop characters.

In response to your message. I am struggling to navigate that site. Can't find those characters. The search results show tons of different assets. The functionality looks awesome, but the UI is a little clunky, don't you think? I really like the idea of it, but I'm struggling to understand how to use it effectively.

I do agree it's cumbersome until you get use to it. I can send you links directly to what I was referring to when i get a chance.

Sent you a message

"Sent you a message" Thanks, will look at it in detail later today. J

"I do agree it's cumbersome until you get use to it. I can send you links directly to what I was referring to when i get a chance." Thank you so much. I'm on chat if that helps.

Great idea!

Thank you, J.

Great idea to find illustrations Jaimie! Well done!

Thank you @serejandmyself. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for submissions. J.