Ahe’ey - Used (An Original Novel - Part 15)

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“You treat us like dogs with rabies. Sky takes our rights and our children. When is it going to stop?”



Scout walked alone that night along the forest road that connected the Yi’ingo and Hu’urei villages. The Hu’urei used the road at night to seek sexual partners. The builders of Ahe’ey weren’t allowed to congregate outside their male-only village since Amalia and Sky had instated martial law. Thirty years of gender segregation imposed by the Royal family left the men isolated and sexually frustrated.

    Hu’urei men couldn’t socialise in groups with members of the other tribes. They were permitted to work outside of their village as long as they walked alone to and from their destination. Some of the men had managed to establish relationships with women when they visited Ange’el or Yi’ingo for work during the day. But most roamed the roads alone at night, looking for company. The Yi’ingo and Ange’el women preferred the charms of the Ma’asai farmers, so only a few visited the road at night looking for sex or looking to make a baby.

    “Your name Hu’urei?” Scout shouted with her hand on the grip of her sword. She gritted her teeth, swung her purple crest of hair from side to side and stamped her feet on the ground. She attempted to look menacing as she faced a man much larger than her. The Hu’urei was unarmed; he leaned against a tree smoking a long wooden pipe. His rust-red hair was pulled back into one single braid that reached the middle of his back. His face, half hidden under a long beard, expressed glimpses of amusement and disdain.

    “What do you want, child?” There was the shadow of a knowing smile underneath his beard. He wetted his lips as he appreciated her body. They both knew there was only one reason why Yi’ingo and Hu’urei visited this road at night.

    “Your name?” Scout screamed once again, doing a terrible job of attempting to hide her terror.

    He offered his credentials swiftly, without apprehension. “Joshua, son of Iblis and Gráinne. Grandson of Sathian, Amalia and Michael, and your equal Scout. Half my blood is royal, just like yours.” Joshua’s recognition of the young Warrior only caused her distress to grow.

    “You are not my equal you scum. You are the son of rape and hate. The descendent of evil himself.” She couldn’t help her anger as she recognised the leader of the Hu’urei.

    He rolled his eyes. “And yet, here you are for my seed. Are you not?” He murmured, looking into the young woman’s eyes, reaching his hand over his oversized gut and placing it between his legs. He squeezed the visibly growing bulge that showcased his lust for her.

    “Rapist and murderers. All of you.

    Joshua grew still as the nervous girl barked at him. “I haven’t killed or raped anyone. I’m an honest working man, like the rest of my men. The culprits are long dead. Killed by your warriors.”

    “Filth of the Earth.

    “You treat us like dogs with rabies. Sky takes our rights and our children. When is it going to stop? Why do I pay for the crimes of my forefathers?” He took one step toward her, his eyebrows were bunched in frustration even as his eyes continued to wander down her body. “Want my seed? I promise I won’t disappoint.” Scout put her hand on the grip of her sword. Her heart raced so fast she forgot to breathe. “No? Then leave me be. Off you go young rascal.”

    Scout ran from the man, unable to fulfil Amalia’s command. She was angry with herself. Joshua was a Hu’urei, but he was one of the highest ranking Ahe’ey in the land. His blood was not pure, but it was as far up the chain as Scout could hope for. Above Joshua, only Gabriel and Bastian—the first was the devil incarnated and the second, Sky’s lover. Every single woman in the land relentlessly pursued the two Royal men; women with sexual prowess and desire that she lacked with the opposite sex.

    Scout slowed down, sighing, and turned back to find Joshua, but he was no longer there.

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The contrast between the two worlds is great. Keep it up.

You bet. Thank you so much, J.

Just to be sure, are these two worlds 30 years apart? Guess I could go back and check...

Hi @geke. No, they are not. They co-exist in time. I use flashbacks as a storytelling tool in certain episodes. It enables me to show you the backstory of the characters and worlds instead of telling you via exposition. Thank you for reading Ahe'ey. J.

@jamielefay upvoted and followed! keep it up! I would really value your feedback on the first part of my memoir - could you please have a look if you have time, on my channel?

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Thanks @annesaya. I sometimes collaborate with artists to create the designs. I license some of the photos from Fotolia. J.

Nice novel @jamielefay

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You did promise to challenge the status quo at all fronts. Well done Ms Le Fay.

Thanks lady. I love colouring outside the lines. ;) J.

Thank you for the creative story!

Thank you. J.