Ahe’ey - Illicit Lust (An Original Novel - Part 13)

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“You shame us all with your deviant lust. Your body does not belong to you”

Illicit Lust


Quinn was practising her hunting skills by following unnoticed a small herd of white-tail deer. She laid on the ground hidden by a shrub of Sapote. The animals fled the site as Amalia’s voice resonated in the forest a few metres away.

    “Disgusting creature!” Quinn heard the old woman scream. “Who do you think you are to disgrace your lineage and waste the few royal genes present in your blood.” Quinn looked around to find Amalia standing in front of Scout, who was lying naked on a grassy mound with another young woman barely in her teens. Scout jumped to her feet, grabbed her leather tunic that lay on the floor and held it over her breasts. Amalia pulled the girl’s purple and white hair and screamed to her face.

    “You shame us all with your deviant lust.” Amalia punched Scout’s jaw so hard that she fell to the ground, hitting her head on the hard rocky ground to the side of the mound. Scout’s young companion picked up her clothes and ran away in the direction of the village.

    “Your body does not belong to you,” said the old woman, unsheathing her sword and pointing it to Scout’s womb. Blood stained Scout’s white hair as she moved back, away from Amalia’s sword. She stood up, attempting to cover her body with her hands.

    “Please, my Queen. We weren’t harming anyone, we—” Amalia kicked the girl in the face. As Scout hit the ground once again, and the old woman planted her sword in between Scout’s thighs leaving an open wound on the inside of the girl’s left inner leg. Quinn’s heart pounded as she tried to stay still and unnoticed.

    “The only reason you will leave this forest alive today is to bear children of royal descent. Do you understand girl?”

    “Men are scum; I want nothing to do with them,” Scout spat her words.

    “Yes, yes they are. Still, you will hunt the highest ranking man you can find and take his seed. That is all the interaction you need to have with them. You will do it this year or next time I will not be so forgiving.” Amalia pushed the blade of her sword between the girl’s legs. “Use your lust to our advantage.” The old woman walked away.

    Quinn attempted to leave quietly, sneaking away towards the village. She kept her body flat behind the shrubs that stood between her and Scout.

    A dagger zoomed past Quinn’s ear and stabbed the trunk of the tree that stood in front of the girl. Quinn turned to face Scout who grabbed her, choked her and pushed her body against the tree.

    “If you share a word of what you saw today, I’ll cut off both of your ears and feed them to the pigs.” Scout pulled her dagger from the Kapok tree, nicked the top of Quinn’s ear and disappeared into the forest.

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Stop by tomorrow to enjoy the next episode of Ahe'ey.

Art: Egon Schiele - Nude - Public Domain

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Very touching story, you made to the point that readers will eventually relate it.

@uziriel Thank you June. I appreciate your kind words. J.

Your always welcome, it is my pleasure to read and share your post.

Synchronistic, today on dreamspell tzolkin count is 13 Ahau (Sun), day 260, which is the end of a tzolkin cycle, tomorrow is day 1.

Seeing this graphic in my feed, this word seems very similar. Magic surrounds us.

Happy new year to you!! Magic surround us.

Hello @jamielefay,

I enjoy your story so much!!

Every time I think it can not possibly get any better, you succeed in making it better!

Hi @flowergirl,
Thank you for your kinds words. Hope you are having a great time here on Steemit. J.

People trying to control women's wombs? Only in fiction... ;) Nicely done Jamie. Loving Ahe'ey.

Unfortunately, truth IS stranger than fiction.

Ladies, I have to be super creative to come up with all these completely impossible scenarios.

I am reading this story 3 times. It's touch my heart.

Thank you, J.

Great writing @jamielefay

Thank you, J.

I like your illustration,made the point.feel free to check my designhttps://steemit.com/cn/@kyleb15/cloud-ring-hand-made-ring-original-design

Thank you, J.