Ahe’ey - The Attack (An Original Novel - Part 17)

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“Morgan abandoned her shoes to try to keep up with her long-legged companion.”

The Attack

Morgan couldn’t quite figure out what was happening. First she saw a man with a knife come straight at them. Although the attacker approached from Gabriel’s back, he turned around just at the right moment. In milliseconds, Gabriel turned the knife to face the attacker. It went straight into the attacker’s heart. The man fell to the floor instantly.

    Four others came running towards them with knives. She saw Gabriel dance in the air. He used his right elbow to hit one of the men in the face while his left leg hit the head of another attacker. The way he moved—it was incredible. He was graceful and yet strong. Morgan soon realised that the men were trying to attack her. The only thing preventing the success of the attack was Gabriel, who seemed to be a master of some martial art.

    The two security guards finally came running. Gabriel looked back and shouted, “Protect her! Stay with her!” and as he did, one of the attackers wounded his right arm with a knife. Gabriel was now fighting four men simultaneously. He kicked one of his attackers in the head, killing him instantly. The same kick disarmed another attacker; he picked up the knife and threw it at the attacker, who fell to the floor, motionless. The two other men stopped, looked at each other and ran away, disappearing amongst the crowd. Gabriel ran towards Morgan and embraced her.

    “Are you all right?” asked Morgan.

    Gabriel nodded. He turned to face the two guards. “Sam! Pursue the attackers and call for backup. I’ll follow you as soon as Morgan is safe. Manuel, I want at least six extra security guards at the hotel by the time we get there—two inside Morgan’s suite, two at the door, and two downstairs. Sir William,” he spoke loudly as he walked in the direction of the older man, “I need to borrow your car. Please do not worry. You are all safe. The attackers aren’t coming back.”

    “I’ll call my driver now. He'll meet you with the car at the front entrance …”

    “Thank you.”

    He held Morgan’s hand as they both ran down the stairs as fast as they could. Morgan abandoned her shoes to try to keep up with her long-legged companion. James and Carl were running up the stairs. “What happened?” James asked.

    “Five attackers—three dead, the rest on the run—armed with kitchen knives probably from the Met’s kitchen. I need you both to stay here, take care of the guests, and do a postmortem.” Gabriel and Morgan kept running to the main door. Sir William’s driver was waiting for them at the entrance of the building.

    “Mark, would you like to join us so that you can bring the car back to pick up Sir William?” The driver nodded. “Okay, but I’ll drive.” Gabriel opened the back door of the car to let Morgan in. The two men sat in the front of the Porsche Cayenne. Gabriel was driving very fast and seemed to be using back roads.

    “Who were those men?” she asked. “Why were they trying to attack me?” Gabriel did not reply. “Gabriel, what is going on?” His silence distressed her.

    The hotel was full of security guards who nodded at Gabriel as he rushed Morgan upstairs. “Morgan, I need you to stay in your suite until I’m back. Please don’t worry. You’re completely safe within these walls.” Before she could reply, he turned around and was gone.

This episode completes Chapter 2 - Gravitational Pull. I will be back soon to post Chapter 3 - Disillusion. Let me know what you think so far. Jamie

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The Pierre Hotel almost seems like its own character in the story!

I love the Pierre. It's a delightful venue.

everytime I am online,I must check your update,awesome.feel free to check my original fiction 2.

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Best story

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@jamielefay I see that you also have audio versions of your work, what feedback do you get on those? :) and do you read it yourself? :) cheers!!!

Hi @cwbrooch. I'm getting great results with SoundCloud. The novel just landed in the other channels so it's a bit early to tell, but I'm hopeful. The voice is not mine; it's a voice professional. Thank you for your interest. J.