Ahe’ey - Playing by Her Rules (An Original Novel - Part 20)

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“You know, it would be much less trouble if you were willing to bat your magic eyelashes.”

Playing by Her Rules

Pierre Hotel, New York

He left Morgan’s room as irresistibly charmed by her strength as he was angry and frustrated by her attitude. He knew what was driving her behavior; she was too blind and hurt to look at the bigger picture. He had the skill to change her mind, to make her heed, and yet he was incapable of using it to force her to comply. He stopped, looking at the closed door that stood between him and Morgan.

    “Your gaze is very powerful, but trust me, it won’t open that door,” said a familiar voice behind him. Gabriel felt a large welcoming hand squeeze his shoulder. “You all right?”

    “Bastian, what are you doing here?”

    The tall blond man smiled openly. “Is this how you welcome your most beloved kinsman?”

    Bastian embraced him. Gabriel’s younger cousin had grown to become bigger and more muscular than him. The Ange’el was engulfed by the playful clumsy warmth of his dearest friend’s body.

    “You should have changed.” He looked at Bastian’s conspicuous kimono-like green-gold tunic, embroidered with the symbol of the sun. The same sun-shaped design adorned some of his large rings and bracelets that rattled as he moved. Bastian wore his hair in a similar style to Gabriel. He had half his hair pulled back in a ponytail, but he showcased a couple of braids on the sides of his head and adorned them with rich golden beads. The Ange’el was tense and stressed, and yet the blond man could not help but smile.

    “I need to go, Bas. I need to track some guys.” Gabriel turned and prepared to leave.

    “Not before you tell me what’s going on.”

    He ignored the Ma’asai and attempted to walk away, but his cousin had a tight grip on his arm. Bastian smiled and, after a moment the Ange’el stopped and nodded. They took the elevator to Gabriel’s suite.

    “Why are you here Bas?”

    “Because you clearly need me. Look at you.”

    “I’m fine. I just need time to think.”

    “Sage told me you went to the Sacred House and didn’t stop by to visit her and the kids. She’s very distressed. This is completely unlike you.”

    “I’m sorry. Will you tell her? Tell her that I’m sorry and that all is well? Please?”

    “Is this about that woman, Morgan?”

    “Her life is at risk; she needs protection. She is speaking at an outdoors event tomorrow in front of thousands of people.”

    “So it's true. Zanus is trying to have her killed.” Gabriel nodded. “Just tell her not to do it. Make her. Use your powers; you are justified in this situation.”

    “I won’t.” Gabriel let the despair on his face express what he struggled to put in words. Bastian sighed and put his hand on the Ange’el’s shoulder.

    “What do you need brother?”

    “An army.”

    “The Ma’asai will stand by your side, but you know that Sky will have us both for lunch if I bring my men to Manhattan.”

    “Thank you.” Gabriel’s tense shoulders dropped, reassured by his cousin’s support.

    “I’ll talk to Sky to try to get the support of the Yi’ingo. If Sky is willing to help, I won’t need the Ma’asai.”

    “Well, thanks for that.”

    “You know what I mean. I don’t want to cause a rift between you and Sky.”

    “I should go with you to see her. You two will get—”

    “Best you stay out of it. We will have a problem if she denies me and commands you to remain at Ahe’ey. I don’t want you to have to challenge her rule. We have enough problems as it is. You both need to trust each other.”

    “Hey, irrational and impetuous activities that anger Sky and Amalia are usually my forte. Plus, she loves me, even when she hates me. It’s my charm and sex appeal. You know?” Bastian said boastfully.

    “Still, I’ll try to keep you out of this, if I can.”

    “I’m here for you brother. Just don’t lose your mind too often, one of us needs to be the responsible one.” Bastian pointed at Gabriel who smiled. “You know, it would be much less trouble if you were willing to bat your magic eyelashes.”

    “I know. If you don’t hear from me, meet me here at dawn. I need thirty of your best men. Hide the swords. And please wear your farm gear. No shiny stuff.”

    “Now you’re pushing your luck.” Bastian joked. “Consider it done. I’ll be at the farm.” Bastian headed for the elevator.

    “Bas! Thank you.”

    “I don’t quite know what’s gotten into you, but let’s hope she’s worth it.”

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I was wondering when Bastian was going return. Sweet.

Bas is a very important character, he'll be around. :) J.

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