A Dollar A Day charitable giving project : July 2018 - summary of donations received and given out

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Despite the general quietness on steem during July A Dollar A Day has continued to give daily donations every day to a variety of worthy causes around the world.

The declining SBD value has impacted the value of the donations but during July A Dollar A Day still managed to give out the equivalent of US$ 513 to projects around the world.

This brings the total donated since the project started to over US$ 3000.

July has also seen great support from @lyndsaybowes through her Walk With Me fundraising post, a significant donation from @hopehuggs through her @steemwithlove initiative, and continued generous donations from @globocop, @goldendawne and many other most excellent steemians.

I am also delighted to welcome new witness @humanheart as our fourth regular witness supporter.

A Dollar A Day has also been added as one of the nominated charities on the new @actifit app - thank you @mcfarhat for that.

Finally I have been working with the new decentralised crowdfunding platform Fundition to help a number of A Dollar A Day projects to get additional support particularly Project Lab, Girls Foundation, The Greens and Women Empowerment.

A Dollar A Day has also just launched a new contest for August - What Can You Buy For 1 SBD :


During July A Dollar A Day distributed daily donations totalling 432 SBD, which was the equivalent of US$ 513.21 at time of donation.

Eleven different projects in eight different countries received donations from the project.

ProjectCountryDonation Total
School For SDG4 @schoolforsdg4Bangladesh42 SBD
Women Empowerment @womenempowermentBangladesh28 SBD
The Greens @thegreensCameroon54 SBD
Girls Foundation @girlsfoundationNigeria42 SBD
Creative Street @aalagenesisPhilippines30 SBD
Project Lab @yanzel4lyfPhilippines42 SBD
Papillon Charity @papilloncharitySouth Africa57 SBD
Dreams of the Ocean @dreamsoftheoceanCanary Islands, Spain15 SBD
One Opportunity @carlagonzVenezuela40 SBD
SteemChurch Venezuela @sc-v / @darlenys01Venezuela40 SBD
Family Protection @familyprotectionWorldwide42 SBD


Donations were received from 22 steemians during July, this included four witnesses - @humanheart, @quochuy, @steemcommunity and @yabapmatt.

SteemianDonations used in JulyDonations carried over to August---
@attoan.cmt12 SBD0 SBD---
@cecicastor8 SBD2 SBD---
@coruscate8 SBD0 SBD---
@cryptocurator13 SBD0 SBD---
@deliberator7 SBD0 SBD---
@girlsfoundation10 SBD0 SBD---
@globocop64 SBD9 SBD---
@goldendawne31 SBD10 SBD---
@hopehuggs (@steemwithlove)8 SBD33 SBD---
@hungryhustle5 SBD0 SBD---
@jasminearch (@tinypaleokitchen)1 SBD0 SBD---
@kryptoe20 SBD5 SBD---
@lyndsaybowes33 SBD0 SBD---
@makinstuff14 SBD0 SBD---
@mother2chicks3 SBD0 SBD---
@steevc10 SBD0 SBD---
@theadmiral010 SBD0 SBD---
@theaustrianguy1 SBD0 SBD---
@humanheart2 SBD28 SBDwitness #212
@quochuy32 SBD4 SBDwitness #127
@steemcommunity33 SBD1 SBDwitness #81
@yabapmatt31 SBD2 SBDwitness #28
@pennsif75 SBD0 SBD---

My special thanks to @lyndsaybowes who did a Walk With Me fundraising post during the month.


During July I am happy to report that A Dollar A Day @adollaraday has received two new delegations. @revisesociology has generously doubled his delegation, and @abh12345 has made a delegation for the first time.

I have also delegated half my steem power (5000 SP) to the account.

The account is being used to autovote once a day (currently at 100%) all the donation recipients to give them extra help.

A small autovote is also given as a token of appreciation to the people regularly donating or delegating to the project.

If anyone else would like to delegate to this account to build up the voting strength it would be much appreciated.

@abh12345100 SP
@cryptocurator100 SP
@revisesociology200 SP
@steevc500 SP
@pennsif5000 SP

My thanks also to Linda @canadian-coconut for her generous upvotes on the project posts. These are being recycled back into enhancing the daily donations.


The success of this project obviously depends on the generosity of the people of steem.

It is based on the little and often idea of giving - a dollar (SBD) a day is all it takes to get involved as a donor.

If you can give for a month, or for a week, that will be fantastic. But if you can only spare a few SBD for a few days that is still most welcome. The project is designed to run on donations of all sizes and frequencies.

If you would like to become a donor to the project all you have to do is send however many SBDs you would like to give to @adollaraday with a memo saying Donation for A Dollar A Day and you will be added to the daily donation pool for however many days your SBDs last.

I am also always on the lookout for new causes and projects to support - particularly in countries where we are not yet giving any support. If you know of any causes that might be suitable please leave a comment below or message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

You can also support the project by delegating SteemPower to the @adollaraday account. This will allow us to support donation recipients with higher daily upvotes in addition to the SBD donations.

For quick delegation just click on one of these links.


And finally of course upvotes and resteems of this post are a great help to the project too.

Thank you for your support.

Previous A Dollar A Day posts :

[ logo by @hungryhustle ]


The best reward is when I see so many smiling faces, thanks to the mentioned Projects supported by @adollaraday. :-)

we are certainly happy to have A Dollar A Day on board. Keep up the great work!

gracias a todas las personas que ayudan estas causas de verdad que mi pais venezuela lo necesita. gracias

Fantastic update - really happy to be supporting such a great project... huge respect @pennsif

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