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Seriously Nice Humans Required – please read on - if you fall into this category!!

This post is about joining a curation trail where you can be really nice, really easily!!


You may have seen the great progress made by @pennsif with the @adollaraday project over the last three months: the project has distributed over $3,000 USD towards projects helping improve lives across the globe. As a community – I am sure we can do much more – please join the scheme or help raise the awareness of the scheme with a resteem.

The premise of the project has been for Steem Humanitarians to donate STEEM or SBD to @adollaraday and for these funds to be consolidated and re-distributed to worthy causes on a daily basis. Well done if you are already contributing– you are hereby declared a Steem Humanitarian!

Contributions have arrived in all sorts of shapes and sizes including:

  • Uniform “One Dollar Per Day!” Donations
  • Monthly Contributions
  • Random Lump Sum Donations following a fundraising activity

Here is the official report from the month of July - documenting donations received in and then paid out, well worth a read.


If you have any spare STEEM or SBD please donate to the worthy cause and see the funds trickle on to some great projects carefully chosen and dotted all around the world, including;

School For SDG4 @schoolforsdg4Bangladesh
Women Empowerment @womenempowermentBangladesh
The Greens @thegreensCameroon
Girls Foundation @girlsfoundationNigeria
Creative Street @aalagenesisPhilippines
Project Lab @yanzel4lyfPhilippines
Papillon Charity @papilloncharitySouth Africa
Dreams of the Ocean @dreamsoftheoceanCanary Islands, Spain
One Opportunity @carlagonzVenezuela
SteemChurch Venezuela @sc-v / @darlenys01Venezuela
Family Protection @familyprotectionWorldwide
ScholarsPH @scholarsphPhilippines
San Miguel Central School @sanmiguelcsMake a Better Learning Environment for ALS Students in Philippines
Tazewell Animal Rescue Centre @tarcUSA


You can now support A Dollar A Day by using the SteemAuto) curation trail!!

This means that your account will follow the curation of @adollaraday and upvote all the posts carefully rewarded by them, and this will happen automatically by the weighting you choose.


  1. By upvoting the A$AD curated posts, you are guaranteed to be helping good causes and humanitarian projects built on the Steem Blockchain with the Steemit Community.
  2. Don’t forget that these posts often get a great response, especially if these good causes also have a @fundition project attached to them, meaning slowly but surely you also earn your own beautiful curation rewards!

SteemAuto is an incredibly useful tool built by Steem witness @mahdiyari. I have found it easy to use and it has many configurable options to make your life on Steemit easier, including scheduling posts, rewarding your fanbase and joining curation trails.

Please see below some screenshots of how to navigate the website.


Using Steem Auto does not prevent you from manual curation. And furthermore you can set a limit so the automatic votes are restricted. For example, it can be very useful to prevent automatic votes when your voting powers gets as low as 80% and I personally have set a limit to stop automatic votes when my VP is 84% (you can see this settings screen on the last image above).


Please read the instructions on SteemAuto carefully and make the right decision for you.

Once you have determined this is the right option for you and you choose @adollaraday from the list of trails, you will automatically be supporting humanitarian good causes dotted around the globe. You are now verifiably a seriously nice human!

Thank you for taking the time to looking up this project and please pay a visit to SteemAuto and dedicate a little bit of voting power to the projects focussed on helping improve lives around the world.

Please drop a comment below on how you choose to engage with this project. It would be very nice to hear your views!

50% of Author Rewards on this post will be heading to A$AD in 8 days time!

Sources: Screenshots from SteemAuto. A$AD logo designed by @hungryhustle

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This is a great idea! I would also like to see donations go towards Play Well Africa.

That sounds like an excellent idea @pwny do you know if they have a Steemit account?
I happen to know quite a few eminent Steemit advocates in Uganda(@yohan2on is a @steem-ambassador there) if this is a typical destination for these toys. Maybe this is the beginning of a whole new collaboration to bring a new charity into the Steem Blockchain?? Surely this blockchain has so much to add to bring a whole new revenue stream to a charitable cause!

I didn't find them on here. I'll try sending them an email telling them to create one.

That would be a great idea!

I will absolutely follow this voting trail. As the Director of @tarc, I can't stress enough how valuable this campaign is or how much it helps. It's a beautiful project run by beautiful people, with beautiful results. I'm thrilled by this opportunity to contribute, however meager my vote!

Well that is fantastic to hear @rhondak - such a resounding commendation of the project - I am sure @pennsif will be delighted with the feedback. I look forward to seeing more of your posts from @tarc where I can see you are really on the front foot working hard on your great cause.

We've recently set a goal of one post a day introducing the dogs we have in rescue, but haven't quite been able to keep up. But we're not going to stop! One by one, we're going to introduce every single pup in our care. :-)

There is nothing like a Key Performance Indicator to motivate you - A Pup A Day - very similar to A$AD!! :)

Done @cryptocurator. I love humans and especially those who are helping others in any way they can. A$AD is one of my favorite projects on STEEM Blockchain and I totally admire what @pennsif is doing with it.

Great human this @hungryhustle fellow..... :) Good work Batman. Thank You....

It's really a beautiful idea and an opportunity to help the less fortunate. Congratulations for the project.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting @paololuffy91 - do you use SteemAuto?

Thank you for choosing our advocacy in your list. Many artists shared their knowledge and skills among the children we are helping :)

This comment was made from

I'm sure the art is very inspirational and entertaining for the children you help. Bets Wishes to you. Many thanks for commenting and resteeming. The auto trail now has 7 followers so a little extra will follow the upvotes of @adollaraday.

thanks @cryptocurator for this insightful post, i will join the trail immediately, we at @backtoschool have been in search of an awesome means to put smiles on the faces of students through the steem blockchain, i have a feeling that this is the way to go.

Good for you @iamchijamz - I wish you all the best of luck with your project too. :)

thanks, my regards

Hi @crytocurator, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Join us on Thursdays for Pimp Your Post Thursday at 11am EDT or 7PM EDT in the Steemit Ramble Discord or:

If you’d like to nominate someone’s post just visit the Steemit Ramble Discord. If I use the post, you earn a portion of the rewards.

Pimp Your Post Thursday is a live curation show where you get to know others and they you. You can promote your post or the post of someone you think needs more notice.

Hi there - thanks for this. I appreciate that joining an "auto- trail" might be difficult for your account!! But I appreciate you picking up the post and sharing it with your followers. What do you think of the @adollaraday project?

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