A Dollar A Day : targetting US$ 5000 by 31 December - can you help?

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When I started A Dollar A Day in May I really had no idea how it would go, and whether people would be interested to help.

But with 1 SBD being worth over US$ 3 when I began, the project got off to an excellent start raising the equivalent of over US$ 1100 in the first month.

Despite the value of steem and SBD taking a continuous tumble in the following weeks and months, with growing donations coming in we have managed to maintain a total of over US$ 500 each month.

This has taken the total given out to date to over US$ 3250.

I am now setting a target of US$ 5000 by the end of the year.

To reach the $5000 target, assuming 1 SBD remains around the US$1 mark, we will need to up donations for the remaining three months to US600 per month. That is a 20% increase.

Can you help?


I think we can do it - it is only an additional 100 SBD per month - or an extra 3 or 4 SBD a day.

There are three main ways I will be going for this...

  • Increasing Individual Donations

  • Getting more Witness Supporters

  • Making more A Dollar A Day posts

Increasing Individual Donations

I will be looking to reconnect with past donors to see if they would like to pick up on donations again.

I will also be on the look out for any opportunities to appear as a guest on radio shows and podcasts to tell people about A Dollar A Day.

As well as straightforward donating, a number of very kind steemians such as @lyndsaybowes and @coruscate have done fundraising posts for A Dollar A Day.

Currently @pechichemena and @paintingangels are donating the SBD rewards from their Week of Thoughts posts - do hop over and give them a few votes if you can.

If you host any sort of radio show or podcast it would be great if you would like to follow the example of @globocop, @d-vine, @darrenclaxton and @onemedia who raised funds for A Dollar A Day on their shows.

Donations, fundraising posts and suggestions for raising funds are all welcome.

Getting more Witness Supporters

I am delighted that a growing band of witnesses are supporting A Dollar A Day with regular donations of 1 SBD a day.

The newly rebranded @steemcreative witness (@swelker101 and @isaria) has just moments before this posting become the latest Witness Supporter to come on board.

They join @drakos, @followbtcnews, @helpie, @krnel, @noblewitness, @quochuy, @steemcommunity and @yabapmatt.

Witness Supporters are particularly important for A Dollar A Day as their committed regular donations provid a solid underpinning of the forward planning for the project.

I would love to get at least 30 witnesses backing the project. Any witnesses that would like to know more please do message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

Making more A Dollar A Day posts

I am very grateful to everyone who upvotes A Dollar A Day posts - particularly @sniffnscurry, @canadian-coconut, @drakos, @steem-ambassador and @adetorrent.

The SBD post rewards are added to boost the daily donations.

I am hoping to get to one post a day. There is plenty to write about.

If I can manage this and keep good votes coming then that will really help to up the monthly donation totals.

If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions for raising funds do let me know - in the comments below or on Discord (Pennsif#9921).


The A Dollar A Day project is based on the simple idea of people donating one Steem Backed Dollar (SBD) each day. Those SBDs are pooled to give to a bigger daily donation to a good cause around the world.

If you would like to support the work of A Dollar A Day there are five ways you can help :

1. Donate SBDs to @adollaraday

Just send SBDs for however many days you would like to support to @adollaraday.

2. Donate steem to @adollaraday

If you don't have SBDs send steem instead to @adollaraday.

3. Delegate to @adollaraday

A Dollar A Day uses SteemAuto to vote on the posts of all the projects currently supported to provide an extra regular income. The aim is to achieve sufficient steempower to provide a $1 upvote to each project each day.

Delegations of all sizes are welcome - you can use these links for quick delegations :


Delegators (and regular donors) also receive a small auto-vote as a token of appreciation.

4. Follow the @adollaraday curation trail

We have recently set up a curation trail for the @adollaraday account. You can follow this to help the projects A Dollar A Day supports. @cryptocurator has made an excellent post all about the A Dollar A Day Curation Trail :

5. Upvote @adollaraday posts

All upvotes on @adollaraday posts are welcome. All post rewards are ploughed back into supporting the project.

If you can add @adollaraday to your auto-voter even better.

Thank you for your support.

Previous A Dollar A Day posts :

[ logo by @hungryhustle ]


Excellent initiative @pennsif, is a wonderful job that will bring blessings to your life.

A Dollar A Day is delighted to be supporting your great work.

The A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.

I upvoted your post.

Keep steeming for a better tomorrow.
@Acknowledgement - God Bless

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Will try to check and see if our account can back at least a 100% upvote or not. And hope it will sustain.

Thank you for your surprised giving @adollaraday ! That was a real surprise and we are thoroughly grateful. If only that can be linked to fundition.io 's donation accumulation link that would be even cooler!

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