ZEC Technical Analysis Shows a Potential Reversal IF This Support Holds

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Since February of 2017, ZEC has been traveling within a broadening pattern and thus far, waves A,B,C and D seem complete with E still remaining to go. Usually, these patterns with one more remaining wave can help identify the next overall market tops since once the remaining wave is placed, a sizale decline can be expected and this decline can be translated into the Cryptosphere.

Subwaves cound as a ZigZag with 5,3,5 subwaves for A,B, C. The bottom blue support line has been pierced and thus far could be a candidate for a bull flag. This support line needs to hold. Let's see if price can pick itself off the floor and start impulsing upwards.

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It's amazing how aggregate TA of many coins calls the wider market. Agreed

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Sir @haejin you have nicely explains the ways of flow of market of a crypto currency.
at the end you say that it is not for actual investment and market analysis, but one can understand how to read the market situation.

I follow your account today on the recommendation of one of my friend.
Thanks for sharing nice information

Wow! i need a lot of time to digest this TA. Amazing!

good zec money post thank for shearing

What do parties triumph bitcoin in stabilizing market circumstances which continued to be problematic??

Good one

Amazing post dear thanks for share this

Thanks for posting such an informative post

pls can u talk about chainlink !

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It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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