#SharkSchool Lesson 1: How To Find Your Voice As A Writer

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Despite my bro-ey attitude on here, I've always been a massive nerd. Most of my youth I was a socially awkward, RPG-obsessed, anime-watching, science-fiction-reading dork with no friends.

When AOL came out and the internet went mainstream, I finally had the opportunity to "socialize" with strangers. Chat rooms were interesting but quickly got boring. A/s/l anyone?

Chaotic Evil boys have all the fun

Eventually, I found a text-based role-playing game called Dragon's Gate. There were no graphics, although that didn't matter because my computer was a piece of shit anyway. It was 100% text, often called a MUD (multi-user dungeon).

For those of you who have never geeked out to this degree, it's basically one of these games where you create a character to build skills, gather inventory and try to level up. You interact with other characters in the game, role-playing as a dark-elf wizard who worships the God of Plastic Spoons or some shit.

The combination of my loneliness and the dopamine released every time I leveled up meant I was addicted pretty much right away. My main character on there was Lii, a human monk who worshipped Taath, the God of Pain. There was a huge world on there with tons of factions, gods, and races. Any of you who've read my posts know that I have a tendency to min/max everything, and this was no exception.

I spent hours in front of a scrolling wall of text, mindlessly building my character by repeating the same skills over and over. I sunk hundreds of hours into that game just to build Lii into a virtually unkillable demigod. He was consistently one of the strongest characters in the game.

On top of that, as a worshipper of the Dark Lord, he had a mean streak and a penchant for hurting people just for his own amusement. I took sick pleasure in picking fights in the middle of town for absolutely no reason. I'm sure I made the game less fun for many people, but it was all in the name of "RP."

Staying home on Friday night never felt so good

Besides, conflict is what made the game interesting. Not only were there wars between factions, but there were wars within factions as well. I remember at one point, the Taathian Temple had a High Priest who wasn't particularly rabid enough. Some people supported him and some didn't, until eventually he was displaced in spectacular fashion.

There were over 10,000 rooms in the game, each with a different text description. No pictures, remember? I learned words that I have literally never heard in spoken conversation, so many that I wouldn't see until years later in some obscure, completely unrelated situation.

Every Saturday, we'd have Gladiator Games - an out-of-character evening where we'd form teams and battle it out in an arena. With 50 players casting spells, attacking each, and trying to give their teammates instructions via text (there was no voice chat back then), the words on the screen scrolled faster than any human was capable of reading. Over time, you learned to recognize the patterns of letters for a given spell without reading it, even if the description was two lines long.

People even formed romantic relationships. I did too. Not something I'm particularly proud to admit today, but it definitely happened. Her name was Jade, a mentally unbalanced Dark Elf thief. We got along great. I mean, she was probably about 20 years older than me in real life, but in game we fell in love.

Ugh.. sounds so pathetic now that I say it. But I was in my own world. We all were. We loved that game.

The game also had a forum where players would discuss the game itself. There was an IC (in character) forum as well as and OOC one (out of character). People would talk massive amounts of shit to each other in both IC and OOC, and sometimes it was hard to determine where the line between reality and fantasy actually was. People would say, "I" when referring to their character in an OOC board. Sometimes you just identified so strongly with your character, it felt like you weren't even playing a role anymore.

Anyone who's ever spent any time on a forum knows that discussions can get heated over there as well. Personalities emerge, little factions are created and there's drama for days.

Mom says it's my turn on the Xbox

This was around the year 2001 or so, long before adding images to posts was a thing. Memes hadn't been invented yet. People still had a reasonable attention span.

What I'm getting at here is that for years, the only way I had to express myself was via text. I spent hours on forums arguing my point of view. I used commands in-game in an attempt to show people what I wanted them to see. I was a text-based performer.

Sadly, players eventually started leaving the game. It just wasn't fun anymore. The high level characters were too dominant in terms of skills/loot. The amount of time required to get on their level was too intimidating to people whose characters were low level.

On top of that, there was never any sort of conflict resolution. Worst thing that could happen is that one character would kill another one. A fight would start, and if it was near the center of town people would start taking sides until it was a massive brawl.

People wouldn't talk things out, they'd just argue until one of them threw a punch. There was no permadeath, no mourning over killed characters. They would just respawn ten minutes later and that was that.

The complainers became more vocal until staff eventually stepped in and changed the combat system to make things more "fair." Previously, a level 1 character would get steamrolled by a level 50. In fact, a properly-geared level 50 could probably take on half a dozen level 45s and still hold his own.

With the new change, they introduced some features designed to make the playing field more level. In reality, what it did was drastically devalue the time sunk into developing your character. Now there wasn't even a reason to try and kill the other person, as the new combat system made it virtually impossible for high level characters to exert any sort of influence in the game by way of force. And whether or not that's "good," that was the law of the land in that game. Power = power.

Is there such a thing as a selfie made of text?

After the game disappeared, I started writing on LiveJournal.com. No idea if that site is still around, but I basically used it as a diary for a few months. Somehow I got the idea in my head that I wanted to write down everything that happened to me, because someday when I was older I would enjoy reading what my life used to be like.

My writing started off terrible but slowly got better. The way LiveJournal worked was that you could invite friends to read your stuff. So on the one hand it was a diary, but on the other hand you were also letting people read it. You wrote for yourself, but you also wrote for an audience. You were able to speak your mind, but you couldn't say everything like you would if it was private.

This alone forced me to improve my writing because I knew other people would be reading it. Sure, I could half-ass it, but as I continued to write, I got some positive feedback from people. It encouraged me to keep going, to further improve. I was hungry for the praise.

Eventually, MySpace became the social media platform of choice, so I switched. They had a blog feature which I eagerly took advantage of, posting my journal entries 5-6 times per week. These were not short entries, either. Long, detailed descriptions of my job, school, even my personal relationships. My storytelling skills improved, not because I read a blog post on how to tell a story, but because I worked on it every single day and developed a feel for what worked.

Easy money is the best money

Meanwhile, in the real world, I was a reckless 19 year old acting like I would live forever. I was smoking weed and popping pills on a daily basis. I was also dealing to support my habit (and make a little extra on the side) along with my entire group of friends. I managed to keep this up for a few years, writing the entire time.

Eventually, I made a contact who was heavily involved in the rave scene. I'd never been to a rave, but I loved doing ecstasy.

One day, I wanted to buy a couple pills so I hit him up. He invited me to a rave all the way in Downtown LA. I lived on the Westside - the nice part of LA - and tried to avoid downtown as much as possible - mainly because I don't like the smell of piss.

But I got my ass in my car and drove down there. Walked by a bunch of gangster-looking black dudes into what looked like an abandoned building - right past a bunch of random weirdos dressed like they were going to an anime convention.

I feel myself getting carried away by the story, so I'll spare you the details and just say that that night changed my life. I bought 100 pills and added them to everything else I was slanging. Spent the next few months going to raves, dealing, and killing way too many braincells.

I continued writing this entire time.

I had to learn how to tailor what I was writing to my audience. After all, I had family members on MySpace and it was possible that they were reading my entries and gossiping about me to each other. I was paranoid, yes, but my reputation was at stake. Nobody knew about my double-life. On the surface I was just a nice boy going to school, hitting the gym and hanging out with his friends.

I wasn't joking about stealing your computer

Eventually, I got into crystal meth and that's where everything started to fall apart. For those of you who have never done it, it makes you feel incredibly powerful for about 12 hours. You're super confident, your physical movements feel smooth and fluid, and you literally feel like you can do anything.

The problem is that once you start to come down, you don't feel so good. So what do you do? Another line, obvi. If you're a real crackhead then you smoke it. I did that too. Had my own little crackpipe and everything.

Three days go by and you still haven't slept or eaten. You have dark circles under your eyes. You've lost so much weight that the sides of your head get that sucked-in starving African look. Everyone who knows you knows you're on some shit, but they always say the same thing.

"You look great!"

Every time. That's how you know you're fucked up.

Then you start to hallucinate.

I'd be sitting watching TV, thinking that a friend of mine was on the couch next to me. We'd be in the middle of a conversation and the door would open. That same friend would walk through the door. The couch was empty - turns out he'd gone to the store and had been gone for an hour.

You start fucking up when you're on crystal. The sense of power it gives you may be legitimate at first, but sleep deprivation takes its toll and you start making mistakes. Eventually, one of them gets you in trouble.

Same thing happened with me. One day it all came crashing down. I got popped by the cops with an illicit pharmacy in my car and a big wad of cash. I had to call my parents to bail me out of jail. My double life was over.

Why James Bond can't work a real job

It was a terrible experience, but looking back it was ultimately for the best. Had I continued down that path, my life truly would have been fucked. A little tough love and some discipline did me good, though at the time I wouldn't have said that. All I wanted to do was have things go back to the way they used to be.

Oh, did I mention that I kept writing during this entire time? Yep. Kept posting that shit on MySpace for everyone to see. Didn't care at that point anymore. I mean, my life was already fucked, right? So might as well let everyone know.

I was also taking a creative writing class in college at the time. Every assignment would be something related to my current situation. Something about raves, drugs and eventually getting caught and how fucked my life had become. Even though I stopped going halfway through, I emailed my assignments to my professor and he gave me a decent grade.

In exchange for bailing me out, my parents told me that I had to move in with them and get my shit together. I agreed because I had no choice. Things were tense and we hated each other for a few months. I won't go into detail, but there were lots of screaming fights. They took a big hit from hiring a lawyer for me. Worth every penny, especially since I wasn't the one who paid.

I spent the next eight months living with them, effectively under house arrest. I was allowed to go to the gym and my state-sponsored rehabilitation classes every two weeks and that was it. I had nothing to do except watch cartoons.

And write, of couse. I put it all out there. Everything I was feeling, all the anger at the world for being so unfair. I knew it was my fault - I was just pissed that I got caught.

I secretly dreamed of the day when I'd be free again. I knew exactly what I'd do, too.

Eight months later I finished my "rehab" - watching anti-drug videos for two hours every two weeks - and my case was dismissed. I'd repaired the relationship with my parents and regained their trust. They gave me the green light to move out and finish my degree, so I moved back to LA.

Pride goeth before the fall - but it will raise you back up, too

The first thing I did was go to Electric Daisy Carnival, one of the most anticipated raves of the year. Back then, they still held it in California. I managed to get up to all my old tricks, this time without getting caught. Stupid, I know. But try telling that to the 21 year old me.

I could go on, because some even crazier shit happened after that, but this is already longer than I intended.

I wrote so often for an audience that eventually I figured out how to say what I wanted to say. My typing speed increased and I began to see the paragraph structure as a standalone object, not a bunch of words strung together. My goal became creating structures on top of structures that are appealing to the eye at first glance, just like in the Gladiator Games. I wrote from the heart because I was writing about my favorite subject - myself.

And I did it all for free. Nobody ever paid me a single cent for anything I wrote until a few months ago. I did it because I liked getting attention from people who liked what I wrote. That desire for genuine praise is what pushed me to improve my work, to write a 26,000 word journal entry in two days, even when I didn't feel like it. I knew that someday it would pay off.

More than that, I always held the belief that someday I'd want to read about how my life USED to be from an in-the-moment perspective, not after it had been warped by memory. Granted, I've had some experiences that are somewhat unique compared to most people - but that's only encouraged me to write more.

That said, I believe that my life has become more interesting BECAUSE of my writing, not the other way around. Many times I've pushed myself into an uncomfortable situation, only because I knew that when I sat down to write about it, it would make for an entertaining piece.

So, how do you find your voice as a writer? I don't know, maybe just fucking write a lot or something.

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A wiser person is one who forgives himself for his mistakes, learns his lessons and tries again.

In reading your blog, I can only say: Well done!

I told my mom I want to be like @haejin when I grow up

lol! @yallapapi i don't know what you mean haha. but how to become @haejin?

it is amazing and memorable for my friends in your buddies steemit ..

Hopefully we can be good, I am happy to be friends with you#$

You are very kind, happy to be friends with you


... and beware the stories you read or tell, subtly, at night, beneath the waters of consciousness, they are altering your world. ;) As always a compelling written story here!

I know how that goes..

Well done! Enjoy reading it too

yes thats true @haejin.

I fully agree with you one has to forgive himself first then only he can forgive others

Very true...

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Thank you in advance bro, looking forward for your reply

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That's a great deal! You have nudged me to write something after family-time! Thanks for letting me know!

and, oh.. the pleasure is all mine.. I was just sharing a bit of advice.

very intuitive writing, the topic is out of the box! lol!

Hey @yallapapi I can totally relate to the things you went through, my situation was completely different but it always seemed that when I found myself in some shit, that I put myself in, I always got my pen and my notebook and just wrote. I didn't share as freely as you, and even now I'm a bit reluctant to put it out there. I started out early reading a bunch of Stephen King, played D&D, went through some rough stuff, but always had my notebook. The art of articulation eludes me, so I do the best I can, trying to expand my vocabulary, making my words flow, its not easy, and when I read pieces like yours, I realize, I have so much to learn. You drew me in and you kept me there. Thank you.

Think of it like this: nobody is going to read your shit anyway, so you might as well write what you want.

Then someday when you actually learn how to promote yourself, you'll be conditioned to speak from the heart instead of holding back.

on point, now im on ur giant circle rabbits eatin rabbits ish figure out is this the space to put my randomness on, and how to play this steemit business.

Bro you are especially Good gifted as you have the ability to attract people to click on your post and there is one more thing you make the post an interesting stuff to read so everyone wants it to read it to the end. I also wants these types of ability but it's not a cup of tea you know, so it will be great for me to everyday read your post and learn something new from you!

You're right :)

FollowBack every day 100%

lol good conclusion. I think people are attracted to your writing voice because it sounds authentic. Like you really don't give a shit. But you're probably right about the only way to really find your voice as a writer is to write all the time. At the end of the end, it's the only way to be a writer. thnx for the post

I could have made this post 20 words long. But what's the fun in that?

Great .. well done
We must make sure that life is difficulties and challenges to the end
Thank you for your words

Mate, this is not one of that shorts comments that tells you well done, just to get the aprove of any others, or a single vote up but.. i really like this shit.

Found u days ago on the trending page, tooked a look at the post and basically was like a drug that i wanna still reading.

As i saw haejin spend his time letting u a comment too. Seems like you are doing things great. Basically reading you i feel like it is myself who lived the sames things you did.

Anyways thanks for sharing mate, keep it up :)

Just wait until I pull out my A material

I know I am an asshole sometimes, but I speak what I believe, not cloaking my feelings in appreciation. I am sorry if I offend you in any way.

It was quite an interesting story, but a bit too much elaborated I think, that's why I had to skim in between a little.
I read your article to find out my voice as a writer, and there was only one thing that was useful, write a lot.

There are a few things that I have figured out, they helped me become a better writer, maybe they will help more people here too.

  1. Read a lot of books, blogs.
  2. Write a lot.
  3. Find your passion in writing, what you love to write about.
  4. Start reading books and blogs related to it.
  5. Make your own opinion about the niche, but understand things through others who have experience in that niche.
  6. Improve your writing skills by following some good sites like copyblogger.com
  7. Understand how your audience reacts to your stuff, it takes a long journey to build your audience.
  8. Make substantial changes in your writing techniques so that it is easy and interesting to read your work.
  9. The more you think, the easier it will be to ink. The more you think about how you will write your post, and the post idea, the easier it will be to write.
  10. Platforms may change, things will always change, "Skills always remains."

Nobody paid me to write such an elaborate reply too, but I believe that if you want to help someone, help with all your potential, cut the cheesy talk.

Check out Stephen King's book: On Writing. It's also on audio book; a very good source of help for writers.

Now why would someone downvote such informed commentary? If you can't acknowledge the person, at least acknowledge the quality of content! Cheers @haejin, and keep up the good work.

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Screenshot (85)_LI.jpg

What do you think about this analysis?


It's an exceptional book.

But I like Everybody writes more. Inspired by Stephen King's book in her childhood, Ann Handley shared a lot of techniques from Stephen King's book, in her book Everybody Writes.

In fact, some of the suggestions I shared here are from these two books combined.

Both of these books are a must-read for anyone who is struggling to write better or to write more.

Thanks for sharing a good suggestion.


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Time is the most precious thing you have. Don't waste it


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Failures don't define you. it Acts as a stepping stone to success. I enjoyed reading your post .I guess I should start keeping a journal of my daily life maybe it would make for an interesting reading one day.

Nice post


I find my voice as an immature writer and lack experience when I hope to acquire it and learn that life is there to learn and innovate
Thank you for your efforts and wish everyone a happy day

nice poste....deserve upvote and resteem :)

How to be a good writer

  1. Do drugs
  2. Write about it
  3. Do more drugs
  4. ...??
  5. Profit.

Loved the post though. Keep them coming.

Hint: You can replace 1 and 3 with anything

This was too long and I kept skimming look for something related to the topic and could not find it. I thought this was supposed to be a course?

Basically just write a way too long post, so that people start to forget what they read and remember only things that tend to stuck in their head like "he did drugs" and you are done.
I've "read" few of his post and overall... they say nothing. He just grabs the attention by playing the "asshole that doesn't give a F$%K, when in fact he is probably quite well mannered because people who are genuine assholes tend not to have enough grey matter to write such long posts without actually saying anything in them.

Look out for a title that says "5 ways to find your voice" - when you have more time, look for the one that is titled "20 ways to find your writers voice". Those posts are easier to understand. This one might be way too hard.

I read the whole blog--through the meth, the raves, the enforced sojourn with your parents. I can honestly say I don't relate to any of that, and yet I read the blog to the end. Which means, you know how to write. I do relate to that. I love to write, and I do it as fluently as I speak. This doesn't mean my writing is good, it just means writing comes easily to me.
I agree with your premise--the more you write, the better your writing will be. Also, write with a consciousness of audience. I don't think you need my upvote--it's not worth anything, but I'll give it anyway. Nice, fluent writing.

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Change of pace today dude, enthralling read none the less.

Certainly sounds like you're in a good place now; I'd certainly take dealing that shit over whoring yourself out to pay for it, any day of the week.

Gotta keep em guessing

You lost me here:

Most of my youth I was a socially awkward, RPG-obsessed, anime-watching, science-fiction-reading dork with no friends.

Jk, haven't even read the post yet but I already know that I'll enjoy it :)!

Replace RPG with Strategy and science-fiction-reading with documentary-watching and you'll nail the story of my own youth :-P

I'm sure the right post for me will soon come, but this also is a lesson for all. Right now, what i really need to do is going through all your posts, and that's what i'm gonna do. Thanks for being a blessing to the steemit world.

who is this guy made me laugh for the first time today.im going to his place to choke him out take his money and shit on his keypad lol

I quote “So, how do you find your voice as a writer? I don't know, maybe just fucking write a lot or something”

You kept them FUCKING HUNGRY till the END🤤 Then you did this 🤮
Genius as always 🧠🤑

I often feel cheated when I read his posts
Like he said, he was a salesman, and in someway he still is

In order to be apart of the WINNING TEAM my friend you will have to think like one🤞🏾📈🚀♻️

Thanks for sharing such a nice information with us...

@yallapapi (63) It is very important for the newcomers. I had some problems at some time, but now I can barely. Our younger brother is trying. I hope you will give this direction. Many thanks

Hehehe We have a lot in common. Which means I will make it big just like you.

My master! Give me upvote! Please! : D

Never read such a long post but I can relate to lot of things mentioned here.. Great going

as a follower, I try to read your every post.

Me encanto tu post! Claramente a todos los que de verdad prestamos atención y le damos el verdadero valor a steemit nos ha cambiado la forma de vida y cómo pensamos que es mejor invertir el tiempo en cosas que realmente hagan contenido para el mundo. un abrazo! Saludos desde Venezuela.

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you share a lot true to us..
your story ia just awesome..
you are really a good teacher to us..
@upvote & @resteem done @yallapapi

I always like to read about peoples lives and experiences. I've never dove too deep into drugs, although I will admit to LOVING alcohol. It caused me a great deal of shit, but eventually I learned I couldn't go on the way I was. My writing... well it sucks, but I keep at it, it is something I truly enjoy. My friends and family usually are my writing material, and sometimes just things that annoy or piss me off! So, I have plenty to write about! :)
Just reading this shows me you have a real talent for writing, a gift. I'm glad you are still "with us" and are writing. really enjoyed this post.

Everybody's writing sucks. Some just sucks less

"Everybody's writing sucks. Some just sucks less." - yallapapi

You've got me at anime-watching. Marry me.

That makes two in a row I've read. Anybody else following this series? Keep it up!


You can't still stop writing about your life story. Its brilliant how you introduced the school while writing about yourself. Great piece @yallapapi

This guy gets it

tonight I became a lonely person. without deliberately I read your post from first to end, and can get rid of my loneliness tonight .. i like your post @yallapapi


Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck @yallapapi


Now I know I made the right decision by joining this boat.

I came for the advise, but I'll stay for the storytelling!!

I figure at least if nobody learns anything, at least they'll have something interesting to read

Hello friend, how to try in steemit. Please teach me. Thanks

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Yo master, for the first time ever you managed not to get your disciple hooked... Please who're you? Cause I'm suspicious of this new teacher that's kidnapped, or is it adultnapped my favorite steemian.

This is way more closer to the kind of motivation i look forward to whenever i come across your new posts. Even if i aint got a cent worth of upvote, this shit didnt get my dick hard at all... It aint likethe master's beautiful muffins, hell, it aint like any muffins at all...

Bring back my yallapapi, whoever this writer is... 😏😒😔

In reading your blog, I can only say: Well done!

I like the way you “disguised” the writing advice inside your “double life” story.
Also I was reminded of my RPG haunted years with Diablo, Neverwinter Nights... once I sat down to play Morrowind in the morning and when I looked through the window it was pitch black outside.

To write and keep writing, about your favorite subject is something most people forget – I've been too lazy to keep at it myself – so I usually feel the “voice” in my head doesn't match my (lack of) writing style on the page, it feels abrupt and choppy when I wanted it soft and smooth like calm sea waves. So I get frustrated and toss most of it into the trash and sit sulking for a couple of months. Which is the worse thing to do, because I know that I should be keeping at it if I want to improve.

Another good book is “Ray Bradbury's Zen in the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity”.

not a bad article. I think it's worth looking at the rest of your messages.

I want to be a Mod, @yallapapi. Thanks.

Wall of text but well Sir, you've got my vote, this is really, really good. It's easy to read, but most important - it's comfortable to read.

I can condense this entire god awful long post into one sentence. Step one use text to speech! Bam, There’s my voice as a writer


Everyone belongs here, but not everything done here is for the good of the blockchain or for others, at least not in the long run. I think there are many knowledgeable trainers and maybe even good blogging mentors already here but some are not teaching yet. If you can join a community, also learn from others, even great teacher need to learn right? Also keep things funny and light, and perhaps don't encourage people always to exaggerate just to get attention, that might be better.

@yallapapi ...thank you for being so open. I can relate to your story 85%....

Great writing! I was so engaged from the start i forgot what the topic was 😂

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So if my English is bad, and I don't like to write alot, and I'm too young to have stories to sell/blog/tell.....well then.....err wait, let me think about this.

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"Starving african look" LOL africa must be very poor.

"IMPORTANT: I need mods for the Discord channel. Leave a comment if you want to be a mod."

What do you need exactly?

This is quite a journey you describe here! Very genuine and I totally get the point - to find the voice, one has to also in a sense find oneself too. The voice eventually finds you as it were.

I can write if pushed, at any time, but unless I am at rock bottom, what I write appears too banal when I review it. It gets shelved or tossed. I have to learn to go with it and just hit publish more often.

OMG you wrote through drugs and raves and screaming parents and I can't write after a mildly annoying day at work. Time to get off my arse.

Writing is difficult if you are too critical. If nothing is good enough all the joy vanishes even before you sit down to write something. I used to be like that. It took me hours just to write few sentences and even those weren't the ones that I'd be proud of. Well now my darling is my mentor and I adapted to writing in a less complicated way. What I have in mind is to write the way to present a picture. Now that we travel we have a lot to write about and focus on giving the valuable informations to the readers.

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nice post @yallapapi

Hahahahahahahaha! Permit me to laugh please! It's worth it.

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kortum ve resteem yaptım :)

Hey , thanks for sharing! So many things out there to be happy for and about. Always keep staying positive! Thanks for a nice post!

to err is of humans the important thing is to rectify and not relapse, and keep going

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Am new here but you have given me motivation to keep on I don't know you but I feel like I know you already

We are same image in post @yallapi check my post i write about mr.crab..love your post

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This is an inspiring piece of shit. I learnt a lot from you @yallapapi. There is no easy way out, we just have to keep moving. Even the rick bill gates works hard to remain ahead of his rivals. We are here to shake off the sadness and manifest hapiness.

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I like how you have all the different topics in one post. It's like a feed of short stories.

I see reading and enjoying, amazingly good postings you, innovative and and add knowledge. Thanks for sharing


We must focus on everything that is good, rectify the damage caused and forgive those who offended us.
Maturing is one of the stages of growing up. Good post. I follow you.
I invite you to visit my profile and if you are willing to give me your support. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing valuable post.
I continue follow your post.
I appreciate your contest

Very entertaining read, I read I from start to finish. I used to play MUD's too - http://www.achaea.com , I didn't hook up with anyone but found myself a mother figure, lol. Weird right? 😄

You are a good writer tho. The story was written so good I couldn't take my eyes off the text. And those headlines are also written in a different way so when I read the text I just wanted to see what's next. I wish you best go on to your blog and you will achieve great success.
You have my vote and support. God bless you, man!!!

excellent post !! Congratulations

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Just had a skim through some interesting tips for someone who is trying to write their monthly blog post.

excellent post, I love your work really seems to me of very good content, keep it up, congratulations I always follow your work

I came across you today @yallapapi, and I like you a lot already. I have laughed through your content and I like the way you tell your story. I must follow.

I will read this later

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