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Daily Report

Here we bring you the list of Steemians whose posts have been resteemed and upvoted from our channels on 2017-09-14:

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@joythewandererI went Cat-sitting for this baby cat, Oliver. 照看可爱的小猫
@pisolutionsmruFood for thought # 22 - @dreamgirl12 almost SCAMMED on Steemit and how to can protect oneself
@oendertuerkA nice Picture from Izmir Güzelbahce
@jasonrussellPortrait Contest Week 13 With: Sophie ( 3 images )
@lpessinLOVE LIKE HIS - Capítulo 3: Segunda-Feira e Liberdade - Uma história original por @papa-pepper
@ewuosoFear is a major setback and it hinders progress. Overcome your fears today
@pele23Presenting my hometown - Bruges (Brugge)
@miftahuddinThe Role of Parents in Child Education _ Peran Orang tua Dalam Pendidikan Anak
@erodriguezc11#SUNDAYCOINDAY Ep. 8: Basic Attention Token (BAT)



Post Title

@ruth-girlBizarre Natural Phenomena Vol.16 - Picnic Under A Massive Aspen (Pando, The Trembling Giant)
@jasonrussellSun Thursday With: Jessie D
@ruth-girlAcquired Immunity And Vaccines - A Lesson Plan For Biology Class
@ervin-lemarkColorChallenge WednesdayYellow: Sit Down And Enjoy
@aksinyaMyPictureDay Submission. Round #9. We are of One Blood. You and Me. (c)
@theghost1980Macro Guía: Dsound.audio decentralizando la web - Macro Guide: Dsound.audio decentralising the web
@leotrapICONA #02 - 04 BRASIL /// Producción de Moda INTERACTIVA con Google Street View
@nainaztengraDo we judge people by their Appearance?
@dehenneThe SteemPi project is going at full Steem!
@drobinsonWhere were you a year ago? What I never saw coming throughout the year!
@mikegunPhotography: Best of Canadian Rockies
@phunkeThe nigerian community on steemit is already large,why cant we split into cells.



Post Title

@kus-kneeThe Old Dog Asks: Is Gluttony Always a Bad Thing? Have You Hugged a Street Cleaner Today?
@gringaliciousOven Dried Tomato & Cheese Tortellini Pasta Salad (FOOD PHOTO SHOOT)
@dberThe Amatuer Mycologist - Random Finds - Probable Young Ganoderma applanatum - The Artist's Conk [OC Photos]



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@gringalicious♨️ 🚐♨️ Pimp My Suv....... into an SUV -> Steemit Utility Vehicle♨️ 🚐♨️

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