The SteemPi project is going at full Steem!

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The SteemPi project is going at full Steem!

We want to share what we are planning to bring to you in the future versions of SteemPi!


Over time people use there big TVs less for Cable content and much more for internet content, the ideology of SteemPi is to bring Steemit to your TV in combination with Entertainment and Smarthome like features.

Google, Apple and Amazon also knows, that we use and want to use our living room TV's with internet content, and they came up with custom expansive TV box hardware and software. (, ...and paid services)

TV-Box products

  • Google - Android TV (Tvs, Nvidea shield, Mii box)
  • Apple - Apple TV
  • Amazone - Fire tv

Logo-03small .png

With the release of SteemPi v1.0 we have made the first steps for Steemits own TV box and we have big plans for it!

In opposite of the above mentioned commercial TV boxes SteemPi is free, open, and much more flexible! and connects with the Steem Blockchain!

For example we don't have any monthly subscriptions and are not planning on doing subscriptions because it is against the ideology of SteemPi, We offer you our software for free and it will work on a variety of inexpensive hardware which enables many people to own one.

We are working on the next release, and SteemPi will become more functional and pretty, and with your support and feedback we can make it into a even better TV-Box.

Ideas and features

Ideas and features we are working on and thinking about to implement into SteemPi.

  1. Pre assembled SteemPi boxes
    SteemPi Software is free, and you need to install it by yourself, Some people maybe not want to do the setup processes, and not want to go out and find and order all parts left and right, and for them we are also thinking to offer a pre assembled and installed Steempi box.

  2. Giveaway(s)
    We are looking into a SteemPi giveaway, so be sure to follow @techtek and @dehenne if you want to get one for free.

  3. Steemit
    One of the most important SteemPi features on your TV is to have a useful Steemit interface that focuses on: The things you like to read and view, and allows you to keep track of your favorite Streemians as well. Interacting with the content could be a later step in the development.

  4. Led Notifications
    Also a very important function, and works even when your tv is turned off. We want to implement more LED light notifications for different Steemit account activities. For example led notifications for: Upvotes and Transfer.

  5. Crypto dashboard
    Stay up to date with the latest new, watch bitcoin transaction, see live price ticker info and more.

  6. Entertainment
    We would like SteemPi to have more entertainment as well and are looking at hometheater and game console functionality (Kodi, Emustation)

  7. Webinterface Settings
    We want you to be able to do most of the configuration from within the webiterface (no coding needed)

  8. NAS (Network Attached Storage) functionality, SteemPi could be your personal cloud / fileserver. You could expand its memory with a big SD card or USB-sticks.

  9. Text to speech
    SteemPi did already speak her first few words, but we want to "expand her vocabulary" by connecting her with the Steem blockchain and make her read out the things the moment they happen.
    SteemPi could maybe in the future say: "Hi dehenne i have a new message for you, Techtek replied to you: Great post!"

  10. Interface and Navigation
    Beside mouse and keyboard, we also look into controlling the interface with USB gamepads and your TV-remote.
    We test and optimize the interface to work smooth on your tv and other mobile devices.

To integrate the above ideas and features in the best possible way, the next version of SteemPi will have a lot of new system improvements. for example, the interface will be much more attractive and engaging and works smooth but its will not be demanding the resources of the Pi.

Technical details about the upcoming version of the SteemPi interface

The new system improvement are:

  • We developed a new and better module system. Which can enable other developers to create and extend the features of SteemPi. A Tutorial how you can write your own modules can soon be found on our new SteemPi Wiki.

  • We have completely redesigned the User Interface. It's now much more flexible and prepared for the future, and it fits very nicely on top of our modular system, which allows and ensures better integration of new extensions and functionaries.

  • With the new gettext integration the SteemPi Interface can be set to multiple languages, besides German and English, we will release Dutch and Mandarin as well. Translations are now a small thing and we hope we can offer SteemPi in many more languages.

  • The first modules needed to be rewritten and are now adapted to the new API

  • The biggest new improvement is that we have integrated a feed module which connect with Steem to get content from the blockchain, the feed module can present this data in a nice way into the new SteemPi Interface.

Feed module

We have a lot in mind with the new feed module and it will become one of the most important modules of SteemPi and have a primary place in the interface.
With the Feed module, we want to make it possible to configure your own personalized news feed, with the content you don't want to miss.

Set specific tags and add in specific users and get the latest posts matching your filters, presented on your TV!

Screenshot of the new SteemPi interface:

SteemPi v2 wide.png


SteemPi v2 phone.png

SteemPi v2 Preview2.png

Those are the things we are working on and wanted to update you about, please let us know the features you want to see integrated the first into SteemPi by commenting the corresponding number of the idea / feature. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) or comment a new idea / feature to let us know what you want to see integrated.

We are very busy with the project but also want to do a Give Away, so be sure to follow us, and give us feedback so we can make SteemPi better and better.

The goal of the SteemPi TV-Box is to bring Steemit to your TV and living room...

...Let's bring Steem to your TV and living room!

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@heimindanger this could work well with dtube.

Steem is best currency and soon toches to 5$ and your project idea is very best.


Thank you for the compliment :-)

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Keep up the good work!

Can you get in touch with Heim and get this working with dTube?


Thanks for the reply. We will do it. With the new modul system the integration is a lot easier, now.

it's definitely on our list 😁


That's sounds so good.. I'm a chromecast and Pi lover as Kodi and this Idea is stunning... If U need some help with designing just count on me... you can find me at Discord.


It would be awesome to integrate dTube, what would be the best way to contact him?

Thanks for your reply and lighting up the LED!
(Im watching @dehenne his account with SteemPi :) )

keep up the good work.
100% Upvoted, Resteemed & followed-


Thank you for your support, and lighting up the led !

Im watching @dehenne with the ledscript until he is back from hibernation.

Great post. Lot of effort put in i guess. Keep it up.


Thank you :-) We do our best

Brilliant. Resteemed and shared. Innovation wins the game and makes this community grow. Love it!


Thanks, love your comment.

And it just lighted up the night (and LED :) )

I love SteemPi project


Thank you :-)

Fantastic idea. Can't wait. Ever since getting my first smart tv I only watch tv via the internet. Works well,the only issue I have had is freezing and buffering when watching live tv. No so much when watching recorded (ex Netflix). If Steemit can resolve that technical issue, via the blockchain somehow, that would be HUGE.


Thanks for testing it. The more people use it, the more stable it becomes :-)

Works well,the only issue I have had is freezing and buffering when watching live tv

I do not quite understand what you mean.
What exactly freeze? The SteemPi? or your whole TV?


Should have been more clear. My comments were in reference to other similar non blockchain streaming services and not to steemPi.


OK. I understand now. We will give our best. 😊

Sounds awesome! Keep on!


Thanks for your reply and lighting up the LED :)

This is a really cool project. Would you be interested in presenting it in the BeyondBitcoin Whaletank hangout tomorrow? It's a weekly voice chat group discussing all types of projects for Steemit and more. Tomorrow (Saturday 8/2/17 ) is the next one at roughly 10 AM EST.

If you are interested you can do an RSVP in the comments to present your project here:


Hi Thanks for your reply and invite. (and lighting up the LED!)

I have shared your reply with @dehenne and we will discuss.

Thank you for this opportunity


No prob :-)


Sorry. I did not really have time. Was very short term. But i think it will definitely be a hangout again?


No worries. We have them every Saturday.

Congratulations @dehenne!
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Thank you! 😊

Pretty cool. Thank you for sharing. It is a great idea!


Thanks for your reply.
(and lighting up the LED :) )

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This post is great . Keep working and success will come


Thank you :-)

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Thank you i have the steemPi !


Thanks for using it. We are also happy about ideas and comments :-)

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follow me pls

@techtek got you a $1.3 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
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I absolutely love this concept and I'm really excited to try it out. Not to mention that it is on a Raspberry Pi makes it even better


we are looking forward if you test steemPi. you can also be curious about the next days ;-)

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"pre assembled and installed Steempi box." any chance you might want to donate a couple to my school? we are launching an entire school on the steem blockchain - it would be cool to have some steempi boxes to showcase :)


generally I would say yes. but this is still a hobby project and we develop it in our spare time... and "some" pis are then 500 - 1000$. if we have a stable income, gladly. but at the moment this is not possible for us :(

but I keep this in mind