Weekly Update For 100 Days of Poetry Challenge (Week 13)

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100 Days of Poetry Challenge
-----Weekly Update [Day 87]-----

New Assignments - Week 13
Leave your comments from last week's assignment below.

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Hello everyone - pardon the late update. We've arrived at Day 87 on the 100 Day Poetic Journey. Week 13 (out of 14) officially began two days ago at 6 PM GMT on May 30th (Day 85). Here's the basic spreadsheet showing the calendar dates for each day of the challenge, as well as when weeks begin, if you'd like to reference it. The final "week" has two extra days in it since 100 does not go into 7 evenly.


Comments and Weekly Finds

Please comment the results of your Week 12 Assignment on this post. Here's a reminder for what it needs to contain (structured however you prefer):

  1. The names of the two poets to whom you were assigned to leave impressions.
  2. Links to the poems you chose to leave them feedback on.
  3. A link to your "Weekly Find," which is one poem by anyone in the challenge in the past week you found notable.

If you'd like to get a poem of yours critiqued live during our Critique Thursday session you should DM Guy (Thunder_God#4441) on Discord the links to feedback you left in the past week and a poem of yours you want detailed feedback on by the Wednesday before. (It must be 250 words or less due to time constraints.) Even if you can't attend class you can get a piece reviewed because there will be an audio recording of the class for you to listen to at your leisure.


Assignments for Week 13

The next assignments are listed below. Note for those that use a smartphone to access Steemit: you may only be able to see one column in the table. Please log in using a computer to view both of your assignments. Every week I use a different method to pair people up. As a result, there's some overlap from previous assignments, so if you have the same person as you've had before, it's not an error.

Week 13 Assignments

Poet name IAssignment IAssignment II

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Class Schedule Reminder

The days for poetry class are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Mondays we look at various published poets from different time periods, from classic to modern to contemporary. On Wednesdays we have flexible sessions where we can share our poetry or hold discussions on various topics related to the arts. Thursdays remain our Critique Sessions led by @geekorner.

The time for all of the classes is the same as before: 5-7 PM UTC in the Steem Schools Live Class section of the Discord. Please join when you can, and let anyone interested know they are welcome to participate!



Please comment the results of your Week 12 Assignments and Weekly Find on this post, even if you already left the comment somewhere else. Read the directions at the top if you need a reminder on the relevant info to be included. Please check your assignments for Week 13 which you will have one week to complete. (You will leave the results of that assignment on next week's update on Day 92.)

Send links to your feedback to Guy (Thunder_God#4441) on Discord if you would like your poem (250 words or less) critiqued in our live sessions. The deadline to be included in the critique class is Wednesday at noon (UTC) the day before. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

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I recognize & honor
the same divinity in all of you
that is within me, and all things.

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By @d-pend

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My assigned poets for week 12 were @tygertyger and @marlyncabrera.

My critiques for each poet respectively:

All Caught in the Game Majestic


My pick for the week was by @d-pend. I love how he takes historical monuments and looks at them with the mind of a poet.

Is There Anybody There

My two poets were @sansoncarrasco and @corderosiete

Here is my feedback for @sansoncarrasco: https://steemit.com/steemitschoolpoetry/@mamadini/re-sansoncarrasco-ssp-100-days-challenge-day-85-shrikes-take-em-20180530t214043484z

Here is my feedback for @corderosiete : https://steemit.com/poetry/@mamadini/re-corderosiete-salt-water-splashes-my-face-original-poem-100-days-poetry-challenge-day-82-poem-81-20180529t030335056z

Because of a conflict of interest I have decided to opt out of the last two weeks of Critique; yet, I shall see the challenge through as it seems many others are doing without participating in this bit as well. I am feeling on the outs, sadly, and it’s not a lovely thing. This was something I desperately wanted to avoid. It also seems that I am not heard in private so I am making this known and clear here. I can see (and read) the writing on the wall.


I'm glad you are not leaving the challenge. I'm sorry you feel on the outside. Know that I love having you at our stuff, and I highly value all your input.


I'm just going to carry on in an organic way, which seems to be okay, and that's all I was asking for with the clarity. When I was at university the rules of assignments were not mutable and I have been a bit indoctrinated by that system, sadly.
You've been wonderful and very active, I have very much admire that and I am glad to call you a friend in this sense. :) Thank you.


Is Saturn strong in your chart? Or is Virgo prevalent? Lol. I find your remarks strong and to the point. But also playful.


Is Saturn strong in your chart? Or is Virgo prevalent? Lol. I find your remarks strong and to the point. But also playful.


::giggles:: I really admire the way you think. ;)

I have black moon Lilith in cancer. Leo moon (for the drama of it all, all the fixed fire and showmanship) with Mercury rising (Gemini ruled, which the rising is how people generally perceive you, me in this case), with mercury in the 12th house (which is ruled by Taurus in my chart, my Sun sign). Mars is in the 11th house which plays out in the ways one communicates in organizations, for example, this, steemit and this challenge.

My 7th house is ruled by Capricorn and that surely is some of what you perceive, also. lol.

I have a great chart to be a writer and artist, but also, I have all that dark stuff that brings in the occult and rebellion side of things as active and predominate; and all the classic “Witch” stuff that some people dream of having, which is not actually that great.

Most of my friends that have known me in real life a long time think I come off as aggressive in text too and they know me, and know it’s not actually the truth, it’s just that my words and ways of presentation are strong (again, all that Witch stuff in the chart).

I could talk at length about this, but I’ll stop here.

This week I was assigned @ehisoria and @sayee - two wonderful poets!

The poem from @ehisoria that I decided to share with you and provoke some thoughts is called - In My Head.

The poem from @sayee is called The Test and it's trippy one. Have a read and enjoy!

The third poem that I want to share with you is written by @angelveselinov and is called The Balance Searcher.

That's it for this week! Have a time to listen when your heart speaks!

Peace - Love - Gratitude - @spellmaker

Hello everyone, I trust everything is going on pretty well with the challenge.

Last week I was assigned to poet @hartfloe. I chose to comment on this poem -
https://steemit.com/steemitschoolpoetry/@hartfloe/lies-tie-100-day-poetry-contest-day-80 by hartfloe

And I was also assigned to @adebayopaul. I found this his poem interesting - https://steemit.com/poetry/@adebayopaul/a-dream-in-a-picture-frame-day-78 by @adebayopaul

Surfing through the steemit school challenge, I usually find @josediccus poems amazing. Last week, I found this poem very interesting. This is my weekly find.
https://steemit.com/poetry/@josediccus/withering-an-original-poetry-day-84 by @josediccus


Hi everyone!

My two assigned poets for week 12 were @mamadini and @corderosiete

I left extended comments on this poems:

My weekly find is "Withering" by @josediccus (the kind of poems I like to read and write; rich, hearty and substantial).

The poets assigned to me were @spellmaker and @ehisoria

my comments

Day 77 of 100 - NOTHING

DAY 76 "sanctification "

and those are my weekly finds as well.

Thanks for being so supportive, Daniel
I am now sorry that this challenge is going to end soon


Didn't see this sooner thank you

Un gran saludo para usted @d-pend. Creo que el arte de componer poesias es un don que no tiene todo el mundo, quisiera haber adquirido y desarrollado esa hermosa habilidad en mi vida. Creo que es algo tarde para eso, pero que bueno que hay muchos buenos poetas apoyando esta etiqueta de Steemit. Me gusta mucho la poesía y la disfruto, Es muy hermosa. Gracias. Nos vemos en la cima.

My last week assigned poets were @riahdex and @sammynathaniels

My critique were on this poems:

*A Divine Course | Day 81 by @riahdex

*Zero(Day 84) by @sammynathaniels

My weekly find is A Divine Course | Day 81 by @riahdex

Thank you

I had quite interesting poets to share my thoughts about their poems.

They were @zaleiracordero and @acousticsteveo

I left my thoughts on @zaleiracordero's ¿Stockholm Syndrome?.

For @acousticsteveo, i left feedback on his The Redemption of friends.

My pick for the week is @zaleiracordero's ¿Stockholm Syndrome?. I love his use of metaphor in the poem. Great!

Thanks, poet!

My first assignment s was @zeleiracordero, and The bells of lament was the poem I chose to comment on.

The other assignment was @blessedben, and I chose to comment on If i knew.

My pick was Lift Off by @firststeps. 😎


Thanks for the pick. Glad you liked it.

Oops, looks like I kinda confused the weeks, but all the same I will kindly re-post it.

I was assigned to @hartfloe and @rexdickson

Lies tie for @hartfloe


irony of life by @rexdickson

Great this has been really great so far and my poetry writing skills have greatly improved that's for sure.

I'm really sorry for not commenting earlier I've been really caught up with various activities but all is well.

Now on to the main event

The poets I was assigned to are @spellmaker and @sayee

For @spellmaker I loved the poem

and for @sayee
The poem line of control

My weekly find is also line of control by @sayee


thank you, I am honored


It's my pleasure, besides its your creativity I'm just admiring

Hi @d-pend!

My Assigned Poets were @dmilliz and @hazem91

During the week, I dropped feedback on Thoughts in Time by @dmilliz. Also, I dropped feedback on Something To See by @hazem91

My weekly find was A serrated resurrection from a gloomy action by @mamadini

interesting, I thought I replied to this earlier but I can't find my comment :( so here it is again:

I commented on The Retained Hope by @mrbreeziewrites and fvkery Mind by @dmilliz.

My weekly find is Blood Sacrifice or Enjoy your Stay

Hope you don't mind me commenting here but I am looking for poets that would be interested in having their words put to music.

I am about to start a regular live stream on #DLive utilising a mixture of instrumentals from the Atom Collector Records community, my own music & lyrics from anyone who would like to get involved.

The idea is that it would be as interactive as possible so people can paste lyrics into the chat on DLive during the show and I will improvise on the fly.

If anyone reading this is interested or knows anyone who is then please contact me on Discord. My user name is AtomCollectorRecords.com#8438

Thank you!


Interesting initiative @atomcollector! I will spread the word about your project in our poetry class :-)


Thank you very much! :-)

May we have a comprehensive list of everyone still in the challenge? I would like to give everyone a fair shot when I pick a weekly a poem.


Sure, use the halfway update from Day 50 where it lists the category restructuring. That's the last time I've updated who is still in the challenge. It's roughly 10 more people than you see on this week's list.


Last week I critiqued
Retained Hope
By @mrbreeziewrites which gave a wonderful message about faith.

I also critiqued
Something to see
By @hazemi91 which spoke about the ways of men and things to be aware of.

Find of the week
By @nicholas83 which talked about stepping into the light but learning from the dark.

This post has received a 12.25 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @d-pend.

Great going so far we have came a long way down :D


13 days left to finish the challenge! All have done a great job, especially you that every day brings that beautiful poetry, excellent work :)

here are my assignment

i commented on @ayahkasih here and @sammynathaniels here

my weekly find is by @sammynathaniels titled Don't tell me you believe them