My Friday with Women Empowerment ( 4 May 2018)

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Dear steemians,

After Tuesday, @WomenEmpowerment had another class left for the week. I had also wish to organise lunch program for @SchoolForSDG4 on Friday but it was not possible. So I shifted the lunch program on Saturday. But on Friday, @WomenEmpowerment had a busy working day.


I am with @WomenEmpowerment . Some were learning machine sewing and some were learning measurements of clothes and cutting.


Everyone then learning how to sewing with machine. It was actually women's neck round sewing which was difficult for our beginners.


We were facing problem with machine suddenly. I went to a find a machine repairer while they were getting training. The engineer came to fix the issue within few minutes and he solved it. Our training started again.


Shabnaj was absent last Tuesday, so another trainer was helping her. She was cutting a cloth after measurement.

@WomenEmpowerment is working with these underprivileged women to support them by skill based training. I am trying to support my community by empowering some of the women and also providing free education to their children for last 2 years through @SchoolForSDG4. My work is rewarded by steemit supporters. It encourages me a lot and I will continue to develop my social ventures.

Sorry for any kind of mistake in the post. I am at hospital again for my dad and enjoying another sleepless night. The network is very poor here. And it is already morning and sun is rising slowly ☆.

Check more details about women empowerment by visiting @WomenEmpowerment.

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I'm glad the sewing machine was quickly repaired. I hope your dad is feeling better and is out of the hospital soon!


Oh yes. It was good to find someone for help quickly and hopefully he will help next time too with few charges. His workshop is near to our school campus. Dad still waiting for operation and hope it will be on Thrusday . Hope he will recover soon. Thanks for your prayers.

Thank you for sharing with us what @WomenEmpowerment has been busy with. I love that they are learning about measurements, cutting and sewing. Keep up the great work! The support you give these women and children are very inspiring and just heartwarming. Thank you for all that you do~

That's good @azizbd
You have a big influence on improving the generation for be better in the future😉