~ 96 ~ Walk With Me in Snowy Nova Scotia, Canada

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We Woke Up to a Winter Wonderland

Except for us adults, the wonder has worn off, the kids are still loving the white stuff though, as far as they are concerned there hasn't been enough of it yet this year.



Bed is calling, I've been up for an exhausting 2 hours. My huge book awaiting me...it would be the perfect day to just stay inside and hide under 10 blankets.


The orchid is unhappy at the prospect of having to look at me for another 8 hours, so I get outside instead.
I don't want to kill another orchid.

Snow Day











Sticky snow, Kiedis and Stryder are trying to remove it from the bottom of the sled so it will slide better. Mind you, we don't have much of a hill. If the snow is still around tomorrow the kids and I will head over to @amymya's house, they have a nice big sledding hill there.


Everyone's favourite Roo, Mr. Pendock. He will always let us pick him up, though I don't think he whole heartedly approves...


Why do I put up with these humans?


A lot of the chickens are hanging out in the big greenhouse, there is still enough poly which hasn't ripped off to shelter them in the front area. It may make it through the winter yet!



Some Pretties


Pure snow, so nice when it's undisturbed.





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Damn Lyndsay!
Where my snowman at?
This one was built to look like Justin Trudeau I’m told!


An uncanny likeness to a lot of politicians I know! 😂


Lmao. hahahahaha.. this is so very funny and you both are correct some are just big ***** and at when they need to step up for us are just flaccid and small like Lyndsay says..great snow****


HAHAHAA they wish!! It needs to be much, much smaller, and extremely flaccid, then I'd see a resemblance.


Good call!!! 😂


A warm day will adjust it's posture sufficiently I would think, so it's just a matter of time.


Bwhahahaha!!!! 😂


The picture is brilliant art, lol
The ideal one is not too big and not too small.


Do you like this Photograph?


Really beautiful picture...Seems boys has lot of fun with snow... we don't have snowfall in my country so everytime i saw such pictures it make me feel good..Thanks for sharing..

Wow stunning shots today @lyndsaybowes I'm still a big kid so your snow pics are making me very jealous lol I could also do with some time off work this week and that would be the perfect excuse lol

I promised some stained glass and here you go .. she is very talented!




Oooh my God!!! That's not what I had in mind at all, this is NEXT LEVEL ART!!!!!!!!! WOWWWWW!!!!!!!!


Hey I'm glad you appreciate .. I think they're amazing, she is so talented and equally only started working with glass last year. A lovely lady as well!!

great photos & story
but I have to contradict:

We Woke Up to a Winter Wonderland except for us adults, the wonder has worn off

For me it's still winter wonderland. I love the beauty of snowy landscapes. All these suspenseful differences: the dark black branches vs. the white snow; recovering in death; silent fight for life; Well I'm completely addicted to all seasons and winter is one of them.
Two stories out of my life:

  • I remember a winter when it did snow heavily and I walked through a forest. And suddenly I recognized that I couldn't hear anything. I said something to make sure that I was still healthy. I was but I still couldn't hear anything. The reason was: The fresh snow absorbed any sounds. That was an astonishing experience.

  • Several years ago I walked on a path surrounded by hazelnut bushes. It had been heavily snowing for hours and thus I walked through a tunnel of snow and I somehow felt safe.


Wow, those both sound like impressive experiences! You are right, there is still much magic I could find, I only have to be aware and look for it. The silence of the snowfall is a thing of magic. The hazelnut bush tunnel sounds incredible! Bless you for sharing your memories with me!

Nice snowy pictures, actually I liked it, a welcome relief from so much rain. So glad to see my little Salty Dogs having so much fun. It looked similar yesterday in Lower Sackville. I posted about the run, the charity was a huge success. Here is a pic of First Lake.

So what is the big book you are reading? I have been reading a little book called Joyful Militancy (an anarchist studies book).
Eddie should have a show on Animal Planet called The Chicken Tamer. 😁


I'm reading the series "Malazan Book of the Fallen" again. Once was not enough! 11,000 page series, I didn't nearly get to know the characters good enough, there are so many of them too, Erikson is a mind blowing author...

Your anarchist studies book sounds intriguing...

I will pass the message onto Eddie, definitely something he'd be interested in ahhaha!!

dear @lyndsaybowes always... We enjoy walking with you... but when does this snow disappear? We're cold when we walk with you...lol
Anyway, I missed my friends... I hope they're good.


And, really LOL -1°C is not that cold Haha. Mind you, i am sure the humidity does make it quite crisp!! Today, i woke up to glorious sunshine 🎶 aaaaaand, -23°C. Hoping it warms up a little to get another #walkwithme in soon! 😄


Aww, hiiiiiii @yagoub!! The chickens give you little wing flaps to say hello! xoxoxo They are all doing great. We haven't had much snow this year, only a few times, so they are going to be okay, and the boys are in heaven!

I see your champion is very excited to play in the cold snow area. the most handsome are my fans and my hero.
I also see eddy with a chicken holding, does he also really like chicken?
I entrust the introduction greeting to eddy :)


Eddie is a master chicken tamer. He has tamed a lot of our chickens, so that anyone can pick them up. He's a very special boy.


Wow, he is so cool .. I like a loving man and close to pets.
I think eddy is very loving and loving animals


But, really! How cold is it?!?! LOL


LOL @yogajill...um...maybe -1 hahahaa!!

Excellent! Fairy-tale nature and fairy forest, when there is so much snow!
And your chickens also like to ride a sled? :)) I think they will be nevodny, if you do not take them with you :))

Your Mr. Pendock is also going to enjoy with the children with snow?:))
Your children can be happy - you have a lot of snow. Not all countries have such a gift of nature for children - snow :))


You are right, we should take the chickens for a sled ride! How cruel of us to leave them out of the fun hehehe!

I hear you! This is the time of year where I'm asking mother nature, "really? we still doing this winter thing?? UGH!!!"

I don't know about you, but it feels like Christmas was 6 months ago!

Helllo My lovely friend @lyndsaybowes, Top Class Photography made by you here in #walkwithme '96' in very cold Snowy weather. You are real creator and artist. every where is packed with ice. your children and your cute Chickens enjoyed here a lot. I enjoyed much these all awesome scenes. Take Care & Stay Blessed.


Thanks for visiting me again and again dear @rabeel. I really value our friendship. You stay blessed, always! xo


I enjoyed your amazing photography and your Lovely words. all the best dear.

I can see that the children loves playing in the snow while you would prefer to go to bed. Different strokes for different folks hahaha....... Mr pendock liked being cuddled, the can see that on his/its face. Beautiful as always. T you ma for sharing.

It's like a black and white backdrop with colour splash people and chickens!

I see today Kiedis and Stryder are very happy @lyndsaybowes, in addition to being able to make other people happy but you have been able to also share the family, that is a lyndsaybowes, amazing. rarely such a person, the spirit always. i love lyndsaybowes kanada.


I'm happy you enjoy our family photos in the snow @abirifqa :) Thank you for telling me.


Mr.pendock looks really fun today, I really like this @lyndsaybowes, hopefully one day I can meet you and Mr. pendock. really fun there friendly atmosphere. thanks lyndsaybowes. for the good of us all.


That would be great, Mr. Pendock says "hello @musliwadi!" :) :)

I see your post and i feel gitty! Haha!! Always great to see you in my feed @lyndsaybowes 💜🖤 loved seeing pics of the kids! And, the chickens. They are SO photogenic! Just awesome photography girl!! Good for you! When i think you'd be more cozy resting in a blanket fort someone cooking you soup and buscuits 💖 oh this crazy life girl. This crazy life!! Peace! & Hugs 🌺


Oooh I'm making up for it today Jill hahaha!! I'm not doing nothing, well except chores, and making buns...and probably supper....and lunch.... hahahahaa!! But mostly I'm under my blanket enjoying the quiet xoxoxox Thanks for letting me know you like my photography <3 *Heart Smiles <3


Would ya check out that .06 upvote!!! Haha, it's growing!! And, it feels so good 😁 I really appreciate your upvotes on my posts 💖🙏 Thank-you greatly for taking time to stop by. Your comments, support and encouragement mean a lot!! I hope you get to enjoy your rest time today! And, that you can enjoy a good chunk of your book among your regular contributions to running a functional household and being a champion social media guru!

Hugs and Hearts back atchya friend. 🗻


I'm loving it!! And I love your giving heart Jill, together we're gonna be able to give so much and prosper too, I'm so glad you joined STEEM!!!!! It's just incredible to be here hey??!!!


Yes!! It is seriously incredible here!! am so glad I jumped onboard --- in hindsight, just wish i'd done it sooner!!

I was curious as to how/ who brought you to steemit? I am so glad you joined!! Haha, need to thank that person for inspiring you 💙💜💖

One of the best pictures so far i got ;)

Pendosck does not care He is getting publicity or what, he is not interested in anything except the Chicks :P :D :D

But let me tell him that He is the most beautiful creature of the God, and we all love him <3 <3


I will definitely pass your message along to him, he is going to have an even bigger ego though! We should be careful... hehehe....


Hahahahahahahaha he really needs some outing to see the miseries of life around, he has nothing to do except romance, eat and repeat :D :D

That really is a winter wonderland. Now that I am grown I know what you mean about snow. It just looks like hard work to me now. But as a kid some of my best memories are playing outside with my sisters in the snow. Great post thanks for sharing


I have many good childhood memories of the snow too... <3 <3 <3

Such beautiful photos! They renew my appreciation for snow in a way. After getting 2' over the past day or so here we are kind of stuck on the mountain at moment lol.


Oooh nooooo, and here it was looking like spring for you guys just last week, so sorry Sis!! You all snuggled in though I bet! xoxo


It was but nature likes to throw curveballs so I'm not surprised. At least it's super sunny gorgeous out today! Mhmm it's nice n cozy in the trailer, woodstoves are great ^_^ <3

We got a light dusting of snow this morning, but it's all gone now. It's still cold enough though it could snow more. I'm kind of ready for spring already. 🌷🥀💐


Yeah, you'll get spring soon!! <3 <3 <3 Most likely way before us! Can't wait to see your flower photos!!

@lyndsaybowes, That's pretty awesome photography indeed top classy #walkwithme post. Your blogs every time encourage me.
Of course, Nova Scotia is a wonderland. I'm exciting to see wonderland. Morning time you catch glorious clicks around outside. Orchid flowers looking to see you.
Kiedis and Stryder are doing tough task there. I like snow surfing. But Snow surfing is very interesting but probably dangerous adventure. Do you have experience about it?
Wow......You taken handsome capture of Mr.Pendock. He's king of steemit chicken community. He looking around where're his ladies. Your chicken family giving me big smiling.
Finally catch by you fully snow background clicks. I love those ones coz I've never experience. Winter season gives up most sensational decorations. Totally glorious. Tough task to walking there on the snow.
Thank you for inspiration.


I have hurt myself a lot when I was younger, skiing, sledding and snowboarding. It's all part of the fun!

You're not a true Canadian until you have hit a tree while sledding and get a good bleeding nose.

As always, Mr. Pendock sends his warmest regards to you, he thanks you for believing in his manly dominance.

I love love love the snow, we rarely get more than a light dusting 1 or 2 times a year, but I'm sure you guys get sick of it fairly quick.

Mr. Pendock looks like if he were about 10 pounds heavier and six inches taller he would seriously consider taking over the world and enslaving us all!


I know his mind...he certainly does plot world dominance. We will do our best to restrain him though, don't worry!

I'm glad I found you. Last night at the Steemit Meetup Toronto, I said that I hadn't seen any Maritimers yet. So I'm glad I found one today. :)

Does the greenhouse setup keep your chickens warm, or do you need to supplement it with a little heat?


Right on, my husband is from Pickering, great to meet you @nxtblg:)

The greenhouse is great to keep snow and freezing rain off of them. Chickens are very hardy animals, and can handle pretty cold temps, mind you here in St. Margaret's Bay we don't get very cold weather in the winter. - 10 tops on the very worst day.

It seems the snow won't loosen its grip this year. But then again, it's only mid-Feb 😱 Do any of your chickens have the ground hog skills needed to give us a definitive answer as to when we'll see the last of winter? 😉


The Nova Scotia groundhog said Spring's coming early! Mr. Pendock does not approve of this malarky.


its different in every part of globe @cognoscere ... here in south..... i can feel the warmth of sun in day time.... while america and europe is frozen...haha

So cool how the snow totally changes the landscape around you. I like the undisturbed snow photos best but they all are trippy

  ·  last year (edited)

Any change will definitely lead to a better move and each region must have much difference with other areas.

This is Keudah's chicken from Aceh-Indonesia.


A tradition in Aceh-Indonesia catches wild chickens or chickens that live in the forest to be grown along with the chicken.


This chicken is usually used as the chickens calling the wild chickens in the forest to lure the wild cock enter into the trap.


Oooooh they are very beautiful roosters and hens! Thanks so much for sharing with me!

the white color symbolizes the sincerity, clean and earthy, so that the little boy does not have lies, they are full of affection

Another....wonderful and interesting 'walkwithme" post by lyndsaybowes mam...
Actualy my country never seen snow....I think snow is vest and unforgetable experience in our life...
Nova Scotia lies in the mid-temperate zone and, although the province is almost surrounded by water, the climate is closer to continental rather than maritime. The temperature extremes of the continental climate are moderated by the ocean.

Nova Scotia has frequent coastal fog and marked changeability of weather from day to day. The main factors influencing Nova Scotia's climate are:

  1. The effects of the westerly winds
  2. The interaction between three main air masses which converge on the east coast
  3. Nova Scotia's location on the routes of the major eastward-moving storms
  4. The modifying influence of the sea.

Described on the provincial vehicle-licence plate as Canada's Ocean Playground, the sea is a major influence on Nova Scotia's climate. Nova Scotia's cold winters and warm summers are modified and generally moderated by ocean influences.
Thanks mam...

Your weather is so beautiful Lyndsey! Does it snow all year round? Look at that highway littered in pure white snow. Honestly if I were a child like Stryder or Kiedis and lived in Snowy Nova Scotia, I would romp in the hay all day long Hahaha..... Thank you for another great post.


The chance of snow will end in April, thank goodness <3 We are lucky here because at least the snow doesn't start until December. In other places in Canada I've lived the snow starts in October! <3 <3 You would have so much fun playing in the snow...I hope one day you can experience this.


Oh! It ends in April, that's five months of icy goodness, wow! I hope to experience this someday, yes it would continue to be my birthday wish. Thank you Lyndsey.

Yeah ! Snow day, i love ice skating but i don't know how to do because where i live, there is no ice anywhere, except in "freezer".
I did ice skating first time when i was on a trip to a place in "India, Manali". That was a great experience.

Nice pictures.

Children enjoy a lot, with no worries and with no fear. Thank you.

It is good to see children having fun with their sled.
the Mr.Pendock is very quiet he lets himself be touched, my cock donatelllo
It is not quiet compared to Mr. Pendock.
the images are beautiful more than all the way with the
snow and the trees around.
Children are your children?

Your day to day activities are portrayed in an awesome way
I really like the winter and snow but in my place we should go to an amusement park to see that
I wish that one day I could go to snowy place spend the entire day there itself camping with my friends

Thanks for introducing us a new place that I never seen.It is my new experience.Ths photo is obviously so beautiful.It is tjhe beauty of nature.

strong and diligent children they do not spend the winter by just sitting in the house @lyndsaybowes

I love chicken and duck I like to also play with them after seen your photography I guess you enjoyed the charming winter snow ....your every photography is awesome @lyndsaybowes

today's snow chickens, incredible adaptations, seldom encountered, very comfortable posts to see, I like.

wow ! the place is looking very beautiful .snow have covered all the land with a white snowy sheet which is looking wonderfull.
i also have a dream to see snowfall .its like a dream for me.you are lucky because you see this nature's magic of making lands beautiful.
please call me for see the snowy magic ha ha ha.....

Nice amount of snow. Good for your kids and mum can stay inside where it is warm. ;-)

Even though is cold and freezing i like winter, i like snow i like to play in the snow its wonderful feeling. Sometimes when is too cold i also like to hide under 10 blankets 😃. I like each post You share because you are true and honest.

Nature does not recognize jokes; she is always truthful, always serious, always strict; she is always right; mistakes and errors come from people.

The days were cold the nights were perpetual. Some beautiful pictures some beautiful people. Makes us remember the real fun.

It's really beautiful and amazing photography i like it and i appreciate you. Keep it up.
Wish you avery happy and bright future.

The good nature has taken care of everything so much that you everywhere find something to learn.

If I had that much snow I'd want to be under 10 blankets also. Over here I would just like some rain. Seems like a while since we had some. I blame the chemtrails.

beautiful .. I really want to feel the cold weather like there, Because in my country there is no winter there is only the rainy season and drought ... how many degrees Celsius There


Today around -1 Celsius <3 I'd be happy to send some snow to you but I don't think it would make it!


it feels great fun skating with them @lyndsaybowes. visible from the joys of those who really enjoy with the game.


Thank you for feeling the joy War-TP <3 xo <3 <3

Good job getting your play on, I wanted to bed town too but alas, the kiddos need us <3
I took some awesome pics today too out in the wonderland, its so pretty despite being cold! Ash and I sledded a lil this evening while Duncan and Dor worked on a project together, Good times all around.Dunc has to work tomorrow though.
Fingers crossed the snow sticks for just one more day, haha


Oh yeah my man never gets "holidays" off either...the struggle is real. xo

You've got to imagine really the children do love the snow I see the other one riding a snow sleigh.
The chickens too to be loving it too, thank you for taking me around the snow and the chickens


Thank you for coming over and seeing the kids play @josediccus, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Oh great your photography and great your expression in your blog writing. This work really amazed me. Snowy Nova Scotia, Canada really a great place for visiting. I feel this place to visite in my dream.

the scenery is very beautiful and charming :)
who are the children? if your child @lyndsay .. ?they look very cool in playing ... ;)


I have 3 sons. Ages 13, 7 and 6

<3 xo


It must be very happy @lyndsay :) ...
if me..prefer baby ... I am very interested to baby .. because I don't have it. :D

The chickens look like they don't enjoy the cold so much. The snow is fun when you're a kid and get the day off school, but they still haven't found a way to keep the snow from collecting on the roads.

Amazing your picture. I like it. Your my inspiration .about picture and posting @lyndsaybowes. Thanks a lot. Your great.

i am always love to walk with you

really very fun with the atmosphere in Canada, may happiness you and your family forever. success always @lyndsaybowes

All the photographs are awesome and snow remind me of games of throne.article is fantabolous...love your your creativity☺

great to see the snow beauty , the wonderful view of the snow , the kids are playing with snow are looking amazing and wonderful , and the mock of hens are also the great view , such a nice post.

nice picture, i like snow. but in Indonesia there is have not snow

the children's games are very exciting, I've played like that, but the difference is the kids are playing in the snow if I used to play in the mud.

It looks like Mr. pendock knowing in the photo until she could style her handsome face shows, haha funny once.

What can be better, than a walk with children in the fresh air? They are more when around cooks such snowy beauty)))

thank you for choosing my very simple post. I became increasingly motivated to work on this platform.

i think this is the most stylish hen of the decade ...


ooh i think your life is a journey world.... because you always travel and share your experience with the community.... i enjoy your blogs and the pics are specially astonishing ... :) . do you travel always?

the pics remind me of "alice in the wonderland "....coz everything is just frozen like that ..

extraordinary. Your cock is taking care of it. whether winter has no effect with his breed of chicken.

This is a cool tag and series. I'll be following. Thanks @journeyfreedom

Still cold out there, huh?

It just doesn’t want to warm up out here in Edmonton, either. It’s going to be close to -30 in the wind tomorrow morning!


That is absolutely horrible! I'm so sorry to hear that the temps are so bad still!!!

wow excellent place,,and great photography...


Thank you @sizuka, I know how much you like Mr. Pendock :)


what is the meaning of this..pendock??


It is a made up name :) No meaning. Just a funny name :)

Wow wonderful post. this is great life enjoy and very very beautiful photography. thanks for sharing
Thanks @lyndsaybowes
Have a great day


Thank you for enjoying the photos every day @goldcoin. xo

I see you @lyndsaybowes Have the same mouth and nose as eddie. He is very handsome



Yes, we are quite the twins actually....if you saw photos of me as a child, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference because I was a tomboy and had very short, close cropped hair.


May I see your childhood photos ?


I was gonna say that on the tribute from au7ia. When he had a photo of Eddie when he was a bit younger you could easily pass for each other. Wow

Brr brrr brrr this looks to cold for me. Ha ha I think the orchid would have survived ya.


:) Why, thank you hehehee....

the children's games are very exciting, I've played like that, but the difference is the kids are playing in the snow if I used to play in the mud.


Ah yes, I love seeing all the photos from Aceh of the children playing in the pools and I imagine how much mud there is in the rainy season. So much fun!


it is very true in Aceh much, if the mud and snow mixed, may be more exciting again the game



OMG tha it is amazing, i am so out there to play snow with your family :) :) uemm a beautiful day..I really want to go there :) <3




the chicken very handsome, I am very furious :) :)


I know right!???? I am so jealous of Peter Parker's colours!! He puts me to shame!


HAHA .. they are beautiful animals, they are so handsome, that makes us furious and jealous of them.. haha ;-) ;-)

Thank you so much for posting walkwithme. This is a very good series in which we come to know different places. Thank you so much. Canada is beautiful.


Thank you for visiting us again @mmasim :) Canada is indeed very beautiful, yet as I see the photos from all of the other countries, I know that the Earth is beautiful everywhere. xo

not imagined by me when everything united in your beautiful day @lyndsaybowes from waking up to the amazing natural charm of the eyes, I always wanted to follow all your activities which I think is very amazing and there is always inspiration and motivation to live for others, thanks sharing for others, this is what a beginner always expected me to be