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Okay, I think that this one was actually my fault...

For those of you who do not know, a steemian who is both French and Canadian has come all the way down to Arkansas to hang out for the weekend. After spending some time over the past months interacting on steemit, @vcelier decided to come visit the @papa-pepper tribe with one of his grandchildren, @naru-celier.

Life can be rather face-paced at times, and after returning earlier this week from a nine day trip to Texas and Mexico, we were already going to be having guests this weekend. Not only were our guests from out of town, they were from out of the country!


Late last night, they rolled into town. The phone call was displayed as "UNKNOWN" on my cell phone. This was an international call!

@Vcelier and @naru-celier had arrived at their motel, roughly 15 minutes away. I think that it was already past 9 pm, so it was too late to have them out for a visit, especially after a very long day of travel, but @papa-pepper loaded up Pinkie-Pepper and Monster Truck the Pepper for a ride. Soon, we were at the motel.

Armed with a few STEEMIT.COM bracelets that I had picked up in Mexico, we parked and approached the building. Outside, with his camera ready in typical steemian style, @vcelier greeted us while he snapped a shot. We discussed a few things about our lives, steemit, and the upcoming weekend. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, @naru-celier asked, "Did you know that my Grandpa is vegan?" I looked at my friend on the couch next to me and replied, "No, I did not know that."

@Vcelier replied, "He must have missed the last sentence of my last email."


"Vegan?" I thought. How could I have missed that? @Mama-pepper and I had planned to have some chicken drumsticks on the grill at some point over the weekend with our guests... Time for Plan B I guess, but what was Plan B?

Later I looked back over the last email that I had received from @vcelier. Sure enough, there was the last sentence.

One thing I forgot to tell you: I am vegan. Nathaneil is not.

Hmmm... @papa-pepper can often get distracted and miss things, but i should have seen this. Upon reflecting on the issue, I think I realize what happened.

The previous day, @vcelier had mentioned being in "Harrison Hot Springs." I was blown away and caught off guard by what I had read. First off, this was one day earlier than I had expected our visitors. Something seemed off though. Both "Harrison" and "Hot Springs" are cities in Arkansas, but neither should have been on their way. Additionally, they are two separate cities over 180 miles away by vehicle, which is almost 3 1/2 hours away from one another (if you drive the suggested speed limit). Something was up.

Right before he tried to tell me that he was vegan, he had stated the following:

No, we are in Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia.

I think that I was relieved and distracted by "solving" this issue that I missed (or forgot) the next sentence. Amazingly, there is a place called "Harrison Hot Springs" up in BC. What are the odds? Soooo... on to Plan B.


When we me up the next morning, we opted for stopping at a diner for breakfast. One meal done! After breakfast, @vcelier and @naru-celier came over for a tour of our land and a chance to meet some Guinea Fowl, Scorpions, a Black Rat Snake and other animals. After hanging out and talking for a while, it was time for lunch. What was going to be the "solution" to provide a vegan lunch option?

To the garden! Yes! There are many edible things out there that fit in perfectly with a vegan diet. Soon, @papa-pepper and @vcelier were up to our necks in my "garden." Yes, up to our necks and there is a reason for the quotation marks around "garden." Click here for more about that.


Amaranth Leaves

Red Chinese Noodle Beans

Green Beans

Peppers -after all I am @papa-pepper



As a wild-man, I also like foraging. @vcelier proved to be quite a wild-man too, so I thought that he might like some wild vegan weeds with his lunch too. Thankfully, a few of these weeds were even conveniently growing in my crazy, overgrown, wild mess of a "garden." Here's what we foraged up quickly to add to the Plan B lunch.

Lamb's Quarters

Common Yellow Wood Sorrel

Wild Garlic


After gathering our goods, we went to where I was going to cook it up. I got to rinsing and chopping up the edibles.

We heated up some oil instead of butter and @vcelier got to stirring our stir fry. One thing that I really appreciate about this man is that he gets in on the action and likes to help out too. Whether it is capturing wild snakes or cooking a meal... a vegan meal that is, @vcelier is right there doing his part, or just helping you do yours.

Since leafier foods like Kale and our foraged "weeds" tend to condense when heated, we added things to the stir fry in stages so that we could fit more in the skillet. I kept chopping and @vcelier kept stirring.

With the amount of stirring that he was doing I knew that this was totally going to be an excellent stir fry. We finished it off with a little salt, pepper, and some Bragg's Liquid Aminos and it was ready!


Honestly, I write this in a half-jest type style. I know many people with many different diets and have no issues with any of them. Heck, @xtrodinarypilot even eats Hornet Larvae now and he used to be a vegetarian!

I believe that accommodating your guests and catering to their preferences is appropriate. Remember, if you are not a good host, you'll lose your parasites. (Another joke, I hope that you get it.)

Back to something that is not a joke. This incredible steemian @vcelier just traveled across a large portion of North America just to hang out with my family. This is part of the amazing, strange reality that we find within the steemit community. Strangers from around the world sharing interests and friendships to the point online that they even make the effort to meet face to face. Between STEEMfest, the steemit meetups, and these "one on one" visits, steemit is having an incredible effect on this world that we live in.

Hopefully this post has helped curb any "fears" you may have had about varying dietary restrictions or preferences. A few of those at our lunch may have added some cheese to the dish, but let me tell you, this was one tasty and nutritious lunch! For almost nothing other than a little effort we quickly pulled together a delicious meal that everyone could enjoy, and we had some great fun doing it together.

The times, meals, and experiences that we share are what make up our lives, and these are some pretty precious times for us. Enjoy your weekends friends. Sure, it could be your last, but even if it isn't, why not live it to your fullest and put forth some effort to not only enjoy yourselves, but to bless others as well! I'm off to bed, but tomorrow, I awake to adventure with my friends!

Both @vcelier and @naru-celier should be sharing about their time here too, so keep an eye on them. It has been very interesting and enjoyable so far!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Hello @papa-pepper . I translated this post in Russian. Translation here: https://steemit.com/vegan/@igor-steem/kogda-ty-vnezapno-uznal-chto-tvoi-gost-vegan . Thank you!
I hope your friends enjoyed it!

Good job of @igor-steem ! Oh, the @papa-pepper , as always on top, can go out with honor from difficult situation

What a lovely vegan meal you all pulled together straight from your garden! Love it! Wow hornet larvae?! I'm checking out that post next. I had no idea there could be health benefits to that. Agreed. We should always strive to live every moment to the fullest. And every experience that we share with the people in our lives is precious, we shouldn't take it for granted. What a lovely reminder of this, and a nice way of putting things into perspective!

I am glad that you enjoyed the way I tried to put things into perspective. Thanks for the comment!

ha ha looks like you came up with a good meal. I invited a couple once and asked one of them if they had any dietary requirements. She said none, they both ate anything. I made a delicious chicken casserole and turns out he doesn't eat any meat other than beef! I think it made our friendship stronger as it was so funny ... errr awkward!

Awkward indeed!

I have recently went vegan (4weeks) to see if it would help reduce my inflammation from chrons. Sure enough I feel much better by since changing my diet and all the unhealthy food I miss is only a small sacrifice. What a tasty dish you made there!

I have a dear friend with Crohn's and it's really difficult to recommend proper vegetarian fare for him- what works for you?

Nyum nyum. So glad you took such a well-balanced well-humoured reaction to your guests surprise vegan status. Vegetables and especially fresh from the garden veg and wild weeds are soooo goood, there is no need to be sad for sure. So interesting to see wild garlic!!!! Here in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil they have a large tree called the garlic tree (pau-de-alho, Gallesia integrifolia) and the inner bark tastes just like garlic except without the sharp bitter after taste.
Btw, I am tagging you for haphazard-hstead's steemitgame foragingscavengerhunt1 #FSH1-16

That looks too good pappa-pepper, too good!

It was SUPER GOOD indeed!

Wooaaa hahaha I laugh loud when I read that you missed to read some P.S down there hahaha good to know his grandson Nathaniel say it and @papa-pepper ur a quick thinker tnx to the "garden" lunch is serve. But it is so inspiring knowing steemians and meeting up with them or visiting us is a very heart warming, go steem.

I am very glad that you enjoyed it. I enjoyed living it and sharing about it!

Yeah reading it is fun imagining how did ur mind flies when u know it. By the way I know ur a kind hearted man sir @papa-pepper if it is.not too much for you I would like to ask favor about my post if you can please resteem this it would be a.big help in our side. Just for once thank you. But I do also understand if it is not to be resteem sir,.no worries :)


Thank you for the reply :)

Very cool post! Reading these kinds of things make me all the more excited to be getting started on Steemit!

I didn't know there was a wild garlic. Where does it grow and how do you identify it?

I made a post about it last year: https://steemit.com/food/@papa-pepper/the-edible-outdoors-10-garlic

There is quite a bit in the woods where we live in Arkansas.

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply. I'll be on the lookout for some!!

Papa, it looked like a delicious vegan lunch. I love the way that you took the unexpected vegan requirements in your stride. Once, years ago, we had a few children over, friends of my sons'. Now to understand how I was completely taken off guard, I need to give just a little bit of background. I was brought up in the apartheid era of South Africa. The idea to invite friends of other races into my home, let alone to embrace other cultures and diets, was unthinkable. But I am a with-it mother, and we absolutely welcomed all of our children's friends from every race and culture. But wow! how that opened my eyes. It was actually such a simple thing. One of the friends was a catholic. Being a staunch protestant, the idea of anyone with another religion in my own home was...well, unthinkable. So here I cooked the most delicious meal that Friday evening for all the friends: meat, meat, meat, potato salad with bacon, homemade bread rolls - with bacon...you get the drift. Only to find out I could not feed one of the children because it is Friday, they do not eat meat, and definitely no bacon. The poor child went to bed with a few slices of store bought bread. But I learned my lesson. Now I always ask the preferences of guests. And also, since then, having my mind opened up, I have experienced some delicious cooking from other cultures in our beautiful land.

What I actually want to say, is that we are all enriched by learning about people with different beliefs, culture, race, backgrounds, etc. And steemit is the ideal platform. Thanks for your beautiful post, as always.

What an interesting story. Thank you for sharing it!

This is a great improvised lunch chef! Lucky that you have the garden with the vegetables at your help though!
You cook great food too mate! Amazing!

Any pokeweed down that way that's not too blown in dark forest areas? We still have some up this way.
There is NOTHING like poke and lamb's quarters done up right.

And you're right about proper hosting- it's actually considered holy in many. many spiritual traditions.

We got pokeweed for sure!

Awww I love this! And I think its great that you turned it into a fun and memorable experience for all. Life is for living and loving. Awesome post!

I think it was a good opportunity to have some fun with varying diets and share in a way that makes people how it is not a big issue.

Gathering with family is one of the best moment and that's is the real quality time

You are a man of many skills! I think I would have a tough time going Vegan. I like meat too much but could enjoy some Vegan meals once in awhile!

Also, I made it to Mexico! That happened a lot sooner than I thought it would!


Yeah I saw that you went to Mexico! I never thought about getting my contacts down there as well. I will have to do that the next time I'm down there as well!

I was in Mexico on holiday last year and cracked a wisdom tooth. The hospital and dentist were frankly amazing. Great work and inexpensive compared to the rip off merchant we have in the UK.
Cracking post buddy. Vegan food can be wonderful, like you I love meat however that shouldn't preclude trying vegan cooking.

Mexico can be a great place to need dental work! Similar experience for me many years ago.

I eat my meat, but this was still a tasty meal!

Approaching situations like this with non judgmental attitude keeps the peace and harmony! Much respect!

Nice post great combination of wild vegetables.

That can be quite a shock! But you handled it well. I would not know aht to do, I don't even have a garden

Reading about this visit has been awesome! It looks like you guys are two peas in a pod.
That stove of yours is pretty bad ass!

Yeah, I even picked up a hat on my Texas trip that looks similar to his fashion. It is getting off to a great start.

I think he means you're two Red Chinese Noodle Beans in a pod. :P

Catering to guests to make them feel at home is the best part of hosting and having a plan b makes it oh so much easier! Thank God for your fertile garden! Glad to see you and yours had a great time!

Thanks! It worked out well and gave us a great chance to indulge in what we've been growing!

Sounds like a great Steemian meet up! Harrison Hot Springs! That place is awesome, camped on that lake a few times, golfed near it. Stayed at the Hot Springs Hotel a number of times. They have an amazing Copper Room for Dinner and Dancing. The Hot spring pools are excellent as well. We spent a day in the spa there. Also stayed in a couple of the b and b's. The village is pretty cool as well. Sightings of the sasquatch are common ;)

Sounds pretty cool man!

I hope you and your guests enjoyed the vegan meal :)

I think that they did!

Wow, you have an amazing garden. I'm not a vegan, but the food picked looked delicious! Papa-pepper the chef, has a ring to it! Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

I think that it does have a nice ring. Do you garden?

In do not, my parents however love to. We have chickens and a small garden in the background. My parents would love to walk through your garden. They are Brazilian and have deep roots with the farm life. They grew up in the city but had plenty of family members that were farmers.

Wow you did amazing getting that meal together - looks like it turned out very well! Really neat that you both were able to connect and visit! Thanks for sharing the adventure!

Yes, we have connected very well. Having a lot of fun and adventures so far.

looks like everybody is enjoying everything or as much as they can :) have a fun filled weekend thanks for sharing

Making friends on steem is something beautiful :)

Great work @papa-pepper, way to be a great host!

Gotta be a great host, even if it just trying to get your dog to play fetch, right? LOL!

I just loved your post!) interesting, colorful and amazing)

Saved by the garden. both on the occasion and for your health probably haha. Thanks for all the pictures and the cool story. Steemit is an amazing entity! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe!

We will try to be safe, but were kind of close to having to go to the hospital earlier! More on that later.

That was a fun read! I love the pictures and the whole story! It's a nice coming together!

It is coming together very well. What a great time it is to meet up with steemians and have fun together. Glad that you enjoyed the post my friend!

U have got a nice garden, helped with plan B
Seems u had a wonderful day , and the children too

Have a lovely day tomorrow 😊😊

It worked out very well!

At least you didn't need to go to plan C ..... come to think of it what you plan C be????? Great post thanks for sharing...

You made a post about vegan food entertaining somehow. :) Great job accomodating your guest's needs. I'm a carnivore, but that dish looked pretty tasty, even with just veggies!

I can kill something next time you are down if you want. Papa is here to help, feed people, make memories, etc....


Your the coolest. Whiped up a meal in no time!!!

Papa cares and does what needs to be done! Thanks @alao!

If I come to see you sometime, don't worry; we'll do chicken! Yum! Great vegan story, though! You're a very accommodating host. :)

Sounds good, I'll keep that in mind.

Thanks for your advices. All my guests are vegan

Good Post keep it up :)

Glad to see steemians visiting each other. Am sure you guys had fun gathering all those veggies, cooking and dining together. The pics look great :)

It has been a lot of fun!

I have been working on eating organic foods more often, thanks for the motivation!

You fellows! I also like simple food. And your children are just a miracle! Such a nice hospitable family. @papa-pepper How would you feed guests from Ukraine?))

How would you feed guests from Ukraine?

However my guests wanted to be fed!

Wow Nice post

What a wonderful lunch, please follow me back @abraham01

Hey buddy you make some great post with very meaninful content to me. I have recently joined steemit and I'm very pationate about Permaculture and sustainability in general. So I will keep an eye open for your posts.

I have just made my first post in new series in which I will be sharing my photography, I think you will love it we have a lot of comment interest.


ps. I have upvoted and followed you. Please let me know if you have any advice for newbie steemians?

here is some advice dear one


Better not to ask for advice in comments.. You can always POST to ask ;-)
enjoy and keep up your amazing work!

Haha at least you have an understanding family. That look! My father would be like “not in my house every meal is served with meat…” That is really great you are living off the land and can just adjust a meal plan like that without having to take a trip out to a store and pay for something that is just swimming in chemicals.

No kidding, pay for the food and get the chemicals for free? No thanks!

Vegan? Wasn't that the bad alien from the first Star Trek Movie? You know...the one they made out of Pioneer? Yes, I am sure it was Vegan....

They also ate vegan rhinos in Hitchhikers Guide.. but it was a different kinda vegan. I love the part where the cow waiter is offering steaks and they decide on just salad. LOL
And super awesome job papa pepper, I have veggie envies and hunger going on now!

Ummmmm .....Steak

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Starting off with a totally off topic comment but I love your stove. Now that I got that out of the way. I loved how you found a solution so your friend could get his grub on too.

great work Sir!

What a brilliant post, I really enjoyed reading this. You are most certainly the host with the most, after reading your post. Upvoted :-)

You are a "think-outside-the box" kind of guy! Lunch looked amazing. We always have things on hand in our pantry for unexpected emergencies. We have a lot of friends with different dietary requirements. It is really a blessing to have a garden!

A true omnivore can eat like an herbivore at one meal and a carnivore at the next. I try to be like that also. I try not to eat meat in front of someone who is going to be offended though if I care what they think.

I like to tease my vegan friends.

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Nice save, the food looks Delicious.... eat healthy... live good
oh yeah!!!

that kind of reminds me of the time when my parents discovered our guests were atheists

When you buy all of the bacon & all of the sausage & then find out your sleepover guest is a vegan. 😁

Now that was a koool and thoughtful post. I really enjoyed it and what you did for your vegan guest. Most would have made fun but you didn't. You seized the moment ,made it happen and pulled it off brilliantly. Bravo Papa!

Admiro la gente vegetariana y los veganos mas soy una simple mortal llena de debilidades en el paladar y me encanta, la carne roja y blanca te felicito porque resolviste perfectamente el imprevisto buen provecho¡

Truly one of the most interesting posts I've read - STEEMERS from BC to Arkansas - Vegan mishap - Love the Papa-Peopa face to name now finakly as one of my biggest gripes of STEEMIT is - I don't know if I'm taking to a 12 or 82 year old, male or female, or where actually from - Not that it matters at all but as a common courtesy ya know - sometimes I'll end a post with thanks man!! And wonder if that was a dude or not - YOU ARE MY NEW FAV STEEMIT CELEB HANDS DOWN MAN!! Can't wait to look at your wallet - It's prob stacked taller than the Arkansas Mountains!! Don't look at mine man - pretty pathetic but I did miss the STEEMIT bus in 2016 - So sad about that - It's all gravy with no meat tho bro!

Yes . That would be a dilemma . Seems to have worked out though .

I saw the visit a fellow Steemian made to you and your family , love seeing happiness spread !

It is very cool and we are having a lot of fun. Thanks @journeyoflife!

What a beautiful post it is @papa-pepper. Being vegan brings a lot of benefit for health, I say this because I am also vegan and I try to explain to people all the benefits it brings. The idea is no impose someone to be vegan, but at least to give them for example, my point of view. Congratulations, continue like that. Upvoted and followed.

Congratulations @papa-pepper!
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Your vastly growing garden has just about everything in it. Nice to have such great guests come to visit. Hope you had a good time. 🐓🐓

Hey @papa-pepper , would love to offer to come onto my podcast sometime.

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It is audio only over skype. Does this sound of interest to you?

It does sound interesting.

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I am! I am!

I just have to know ahead of time, lol!