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Guess which Canadian Steemian stopped in for the weekend?

Having only interacted online for the previous few months, I had no real idea of what to expect when @vcelier offered to stop in to hang out for the weekend. He brought his grandson @naru-celier too.

They first got to meet Marcel and Nano, the two Guinea Fowl that @vcelier purchased for our homestead. But, those are not the only animals that they got to meet.


Before too long, my 67 year old guest for the weekend was hanging on to a live scorpion. Rumor has it that we may be using some UV flashlights to go out hunting for some at night in the wild in the near future.

Then, when we were doing chores for @bluerthangreen & @allforthegood (who left for the weekend) the @little-peppers saw a Black Rat Snake climbing up a tree. Before anyone could do too much about it, @vcelier was at the base of the tree capturing this wild serpent.

As a #wild-man myself, I was impressed.

Sure, the snake bit him, but the Wild-man @vcelier was unaffected. We are not sure what other adventures will find us over the weekend, but so far it has been off to a great start! Trust me, we will keep you posted!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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I love your Canadian visitor's hat! So classic Canadian. Both my parents are from Alberta and I think one of my cousins wears a hat just like his. Awesome snake grab Mr. Wild-man @vcelier .

Thts nice

The hat is a "Tilley Hat", the finest hat in all the world, insured against loss, guaranteed for life. Made in Canada.
I bought it in Vancouver 20 years ago.

Tilley Endurables in Toronto.

Awesome! Thanks for the lead, I like the hat enough I just might pick myself up one. It seems a good reminder of my roots. Like I said, my dad is from Cardston and my mom from Innisfail. Great people from a wonderful country.

We were just discussing his hat a few hours ago before we saw your comment!

Did he bite the snake back?

Not this time, but thankfully the next snake we found did not bite anyone... more on that later.

WOW hope you guys have a great weekend @papa-pepper! I got to say there is a strong resemblance between @vcelier and @barrydutton (but then again all Canadians look alike to me :)

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Does he was wearing a hat always?

Not sure, but at least lately!

LOL =))))))))

I usually wear a hat when I am outside.

Out of my 15 hats, I chose an appropriate one to visit @papa-pepper.

15 Hats? Wow!!!!

I once heard that @vcelier was bitten by a rattle snake and after 5 days of excruciating pain the rattlesnake died.

LOL! He almost got bit by another Rattlesnake today.... but I share that here only as a teaser of what is to come.

5 days? No way, he died in 3 days!

Hey next time you are coming down to North West Arkansas, maybe I can talk you in to bringing me some Tim Hortons!

I love your friend's hat.

You are not the only one!

The hat is a "Tilley Hat", the finest hat in all the world, insured against loss, guaranteed for life. Made in Canada.
I bought it in Vancouver 20 years ago.

Tilley Endurables in Toronto.

Wow, very interesting.

That is some of the scariest shit I have ever seen! I would never be that daring or adventurous because I'm too much of a chicken!

Yeah, chickens scare me, too. But at least he got to cuddle a sweet scorpion. Oh man, though, TWO chickens at the same time. Gives me the heebie jeebies. They know we eat them and are plotting their revenge. :P

Very interesting. You sound like @naru-celier. He wouldn't touch the Guinea Fowl, Chickens or Ducks and didn't want much to do with the rabbits, but he was all about the Snake and a Cicada that we found!

Also, very funny!

I'm a goose man, myself.

Yeah, it is not what everyone would do, but we enjoy it!

I wish I was a successful steemit user like papa-pepper

Well, I joined over a year ago and have worked my butt off putting out multiple quality, original posts every day for over a year now. You joined this month. Perhaps next year, you will be "a successful steemit user."

Just keep it up and keep improving.

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nice post and A great story
i like it, thank for sharing @papa-pepper :)

Snake bites don't phase no wild man!!!!!!

They sure don't!

(at least not from nonvenomous snakes!)

wow...this is absolutely incredible...and amazing tooo...thanks for sharing..upvoted

It is incredible indeed. People from all over the world not only meeting online but also in person!

wow nice papa-pepper @coininfo

It is pretty cool!

You guys look like some wild men! I'm digging the braided beard

It is one way to keep it slightly less wild on my chin!

As much as I love nature I don't know if I would be grabbing snakes to handle at random. Enjoy the visit and don't get into too much trouble with your fellow wild man !

So far all serious trouble has been avoided!

He looks much wilder and adventurous than you. You can see your past in him.

LOL! Thanks @rocksg! Glad that you think so, we will see!

Yup buddy. Do not take it too seriously. I will like you to have a look at my posts and tell me how I am doing here.

You both are really great ,keep it up @papa-pepper and @vcelier

We are glad that you think so. Thanks @thecrytotrader!

Welcome @papa-pepper keep wildness on.

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You folks are certifiable nuts, but I am enjoying the pictures and video ;-)

Nuts? Like a cashew and a pistachio?

LOL I am thinking more like padded rooms and self hug jackets ;-)

wow! this is so encouraging,and its one thing i love about steemit, the offline meet up, makes it more than just an online community.

I think so too, there has been a lot of offline interaction with the meetups and even mailing things to one another. It is certainly taking things to another level @darkerhorse!

that's a good way to put it!

I'm new here in Steemit and it's nice to know that you could be really friends (see each other and actually hang out) with the people you meet here. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

I've hung out with quite a few now in person including @stellabelle, @full-steem-ahead, @jessamynorchard, @dwells, @essentialoilmom, @mericanhomestead, @despool, @giftedgaia, @sykochica, @winstonwolfe, @xtrodinarypilot, @xtdnrymompreneur, @fungusmonk, @virtualgrowth, @clickinchicken, @goatgarden and others! (actually quite a few more)

It is an incredible thing this steemit here!

That would be fun the future posts with the two of you! Glad to discover @vcelier, I will check him out!
Cheers mate!

Yes, he is a very interesting man and we are off to a great start. It's a blessing to meet up like this!

I'm really enjoying the posts you 2 are publishing since the meet up! It's amazing how Steemit can make strangers meet in real life and have a great moment!

L O frig'n L Us Canuckleheads can get kinda cray-cray! ✌️

haha the way @papa-pepper...
something I'm working on for your approval

You may want to look at it as I've featured your work.
I hope you don't mind, it's a series I started today.
I'll delete it, no questions asked, on your word.

                   ~smiles fer miles~

did he bite the snake back ? :D have a great visit and a fun filled weekend thanks for sharing

Not this time, he didn't want to hurt it (it already had broken a few teeth just biting him).

2 wild men and the little peppers are always finding things to get into. Have a great weekend in the Wild! 🐓🐓

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That guy is awesome adventure lover not afraid of wild beast..

Damn that old guy looks eve tougher than you!
Hahahahaha another fun and entertaing post as usual.
Its amazing to see you in action, I am SURE there is NO one on Steemit who has more steemians as actual friends!

As usual, you never disappoint me! Wonderfully adventurous and funny post! Love the pics too!

Just what you need, someone else help you catch wild animals... LOL I can't believe that you guys are holding those scorpions. Those things freak me out.

There will be no scorpion holding here...

Maybe just a little scorpion holding... Look Mom, no hands!

Ever get stung by one? It can't be fun.

Good advise and awesome post thanks

I would be happy to be there with you. You know about nature , i will learn a lot of things from you.

Where were you at that you can find scorpions?

North-western Arkansas, but you can find them as far north as southern Illinois.

Really? That means we have them in N.C. I need a black light!