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2018-06-30 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@c0ff33a65Deranged Visions Epic Beards and Photography Contest Entry by me @c0ff33a ☕️
2@tangerinetravels68The Best Of Tangerine Travels (Compilation)
4@zuur47Logo Design for mlconjug
5@jaegar54Seed Game Engine - Spritesheet Texture Rendering & Animation (v1.1.3)
6@rodoli201044Hybrid drawing (Nature) and tips to feel motivated.
7@mightypanda56[hede.io] Steemconnect throws error when amount is entered in .xx format
9@dimitrisp61Steem Bluepaper Greek Translation 79% (~2220 words/79%)
10@smhp201639In the eyes of National Geographic, the world's happiest 10 countries(part-02)
11@josephace13560eSteem Mobile App Version 1.6.0 (iOS) - Notifications not working
12@suniltikar49Coinbase Pro -My observations
13@alan-walker53Bug Hunting-- SteemApp v1.0.3 doesn't show profile after typing title and click next in landscape mode.
14@hadim12329🌳May you live to see the green grass growing over your grave.🌳
15@kit.andres62Copropiedad Integral - Authorized visitors administration - Pets administration
16@joserafaelhf52Cerrando Capitulo
17@jubreal57hede.io display wrong user voting power information
18@yalzeee51Tutorial: Creating a visual cube encryption key using python 3.8(Part 1)
19@ceruleanblue46Let's Learn Python! Volume 2 - Strings, & String Functions
20@snwolak56Steemblr development update 04
21@adelsz37good morning
22@jeezz48saya cuplikan artikel lumayan menajubkan "motivasion"
23@sourovafrin61Though reporting/flagging is working on post preview page, but it is not working on direct post page
24@photoquest53My Art - Cute Simple Girl Bookmark Tutorial [ Step By Step Process]
25@adelsz3710 دول تمتلك أجمل المجندات في العالم
26@sharinglife34Snow On Hunting Island
27@alexendre-maxim56MongoDb Tutorial #01 What's MongoDB , MongoDB Databases , Collections And Documents
28@mightypanda56[SteemApp] [2.0.3] Up voting a post shows inconsistent vote count on BLOG list and Post details
29@adelsz37How to make an ax
30@mightypanda56[SteemApp] [2.0.3] Wrong Page title when opening up own post
31@vinicius7349Vue Page Title, a Vue.js Plugin
33@mrzaky2737Golden hour
34@sharinglife34Maritime Forest
35@josephace13560SteemApp 2.0 (7) for iOS - Youtube videos not displayed in a post
36@elpoliglota52[Translation][Spanish] OroCRM (1040 words) (Part 3)
37@sndbox73The Crypto Renaissance - A Steem Exhibition in NYC [Busy DApp Poster]
38@learnelectronics54SteemAX Update to v0.3 ~ New Features
39@buckydurddle65Utopian Open Source Radio - Episode 5 - Full Show Recording
40@jolugo2344my contribution for a logo for CloudScraper
41@zrumgaar41With DUST we dream, soar and... understand.
42@victory62265Application for Translator role - DaVinci Witness Project
43@adelsz37The exit of the Superstar teams .. Russia 2018 World Cup
44@mcfarhat66Actifit Task: Nodejs script for upvoting, calculating and storing rewards
45@filippocrypto54Translation report part 5: Steem White Paper (Genesis)
46@adelsz37A leader we put in our hands زعيم اضعناه بايدينا
47@kr-nahid58BUG#132: hede.io when switching to desktop mode it want login access again
48@smhp201639 South American Sun's children and their empire
49@mcyusuf58Hede.io: comments on posts cannot be upvoted.

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