Introducing Steem Starter - A Wayfinding Plugin for Steemians

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Education & Accessibility

As we dig deeper into the 2nd Sndbox cohort, we’ve been making big strides to hone our resources and make them more open and available to as many Steemians as possible. From our collaborative partnerships (example) to our weekly questions (example), we’re beginning to create more content and voting structures that help new and veteran Steemians alike find their blockchain bearings and get those Steem-powered gears turning.

With those goals in minds, we’re excited to announce our latest endeavor to make the Steem blockchain even more accessible -



Concept Proposal : Steem Starter - An open source browser plugin for newcomers. The "Start" button (shown below) will fit just below the title bar. Here, Steemians will have access to a simple but comprehensive series of tutorials, templates, DApps and fun exercises designed in markdown. As an example - the ABC's tab will contain three pre-formatted posts that allow a complete newcomer to create their "IntroduceYourself" post or a more seasoned Steemian propose a project.


Inspired by " Enhancer"

We drew a lot of inspiration from the collaborative plugin of @kyunga and @yjiq150 - Steemit-integrated templates to help you format dynamic and diverse content. If you haven’t used their plugin yet, we highly recommend checking out their work, here!

Plugin Goals Looking Forward

  • Going full throttle on creative content - We’re in our infancy when it comes to our Weekly Questions, and only recently started to partner with major communities and initiatives on Steem to drive more cross-aisle collaboration (check out the Utopian collab here). Our aim is build up a unique library of motivating and brainteasing content to compliment the more straightforward evergreen tutorials / guides.

  • Tutorial templates of our resources - A solid component of the plugin is to develop helpful markdown tutorials and actionable templates. We’ll be testing some of these out with the Steem community in the coming weeks and incorporating successful tests into the final plugin.

  • Public initiatives and awareness- A big motivation in developing this tool is to make the Steem ecosystem more approachable. Public awareness and retention are still major hurdles for Steem DApps and hopefully, this resource will make it easy for newcomers to discover Steem, find great apps, activities, and even communities.

Special Thanks

We want to thank the @utopian-io and @fundition teams for their support in our recent Crypto Renaissance Exhibition project and now with Steem Starter. This whole effort will be run as a Fundition campaign and wouldn’t be possible without the guidance of both teams.

Stay tuned for more updates on this open-source project!

Lastly, here are some Beta Weekly Questions that will be included in the plugin:


Empower artists, writers, musicians, non-profits and community initiatives - delegate Steem Power to @sndbox (using the links below) or follow our curation trail. Learn more about Sndbox - watch our introduction, here.


Follow us on Twitter, YouTube, and our magazine The Creative Crypto / @creativecrypto

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You guys know that we, in Utopian, are big fans of what you do. I was certainly delighted to moderate the various contributions to your weekly question. And this post is very well crafted. It's well written, and has nice illustrations. The idea of SteemStarter seems like a great and useful thing.

However, there's one glaring issue with it: The project in question does not, as yet, exist. There's no repository. No code. Just mockups. That makes this difficult to judge. It would have been far preferable to wait until some progress has been made. And if some progress has been made, it would have been far preferable to detail it. That shortcoming hurts a post I would otherwise be standing up and cheering.

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Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 22 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for creating such a cool plugin! I am glad our team (@yjiq150, @bramd) inspired you. And I hope that the funding will be done successfully and plugin will be released soon! 😉


great !

Great work @sndbox! This plugin will be so helpful to steem newbies and more established users too.
Can’t wait to try it out once it is released!

nice ♨start logo and click(touch) button :)

I've said for a long time that the steem ecosystem need good tutorials, and this looks very promising.

Sounds cool. Browser plugins are potentially a security threat though so you will need to be very careful. Recently the uploading plugin was compromised and this can happen to anyone, especially in crypto

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Excellent to guide and facilitate management. But excuse my doubt, is it a start-up proposal or can it be used right now? I think it's great!


Not just yet :) it still only lives in mockups. We're going to be posting about the development of it and also share all the graphics publicly as we go.

Thanks for your support! :D

I love your work and this comes to complement and enhance many ideas that remained only ideas in my mind..

I will be looking forward to read more and if I can be a part of it in any way (testing, brainstorming, blogging about it), it will be a gift :)

If in any way it can be of use, I have gathered some of my helpful posts here.
A beginners guide (my point of view) is included, markdown guides, image copyrights, how to write original content etc

Your project will be something to anxiously wait for! All the best!

Stay tuned as we craft the design and development of our Steem Starter plugin! We'll be sharing everything along the way as it develops. Until then make sure to explore weekly updates and Weekly Brainteasers published every Monday :D

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loving the progress! looking fwd to integrating the new plugin when it's ready!