Launch of Cohort 2 [Welcome Announcement]

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About Our Blockchain Community

We are an incubator powered by the Steem blockchain. Our community is a global and diverse network of artists, writers, designers, musicians and non-profit institutions. Our ambition for the following 4 months is to help members learn about and earn cryptocurrency to empower innovative projects and creative ideas. We use the Steem blockchain as an avenue for fundraising and as a forum to share research across the whole of the blockchain ecosystem.

Learn more about our mission.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing each incubatee individually and share more about their work. Welcome to everyone joining us for Cohort 2! We’re so excited to have you aboard and look forward to learning more about you!

Welcome Cohort 2!

We are very fortunate to have such a diverse blend of creatives from all over the globe. This group is a true melting pot that includes representatives from over a dozen countries; artists, musicians, scientists, designers, globe-trotters, architects, writers, instagram influencers, and a few prestigious non-profit institutions.

@manouche, @jpphotography, @storybird, @kimzwarch, @danieldoughty, @scuzzy, @olaivart, @donnadavisart, @kymio, @mountainjewel, @mariska.lubis, @destinysaid, @compute, @rasamuel, @adelepazani, @travelgirl, @gabriellecd, @benfink, @for91days, @gabyoraa, @vandigital, @somethingburger, @maxiemoses-eu, @joedukeg, @critday, @tristanoliff, @dedicatedguy, @kiwifi, @raj808, @twotoedsloth, @michaelcj, @sambillingham, @cheongpyeongyull, @designkoi, @jamieinthedark, @sunshineyaya7, @kyunga, @aaronhong, @phillyhistory, @asiainitiatives.

Increasing Community Exposure

Each month Sndboxers will be tasked with an article per month (published via @sndbox). These articles will be a strategy for incubatees to broadcast their ideas, projects, call for participation and to build new audiences. We believe that this new approach will better engage both incubatees and the projects they are a part of.

We have a special announcement and new feature coming out this week so keep your eyes peeled!

Making Our Program Public

Beginning this week we’ll be publishing weekly assignments, challenges and contests for all Steemians to participate in (not just those within the incubator program). We’ve heard your feedback and want to make what we do - day-to-day - more accessible to everyone. This will include a range of challenges, Steem tutorial resources and engagement through public events here in New York City.

More about @sndbox

Thank You Everyone!

To everyone who submitted applications for this Cohort - our team appreciates the tremendous time and effort behind your proposals. We had over 300 applications during this round and the process was far more competitive than we anticipated. Beyond the 4-month program, there are many ways to receive Sndbox support (which we will be outlining throughout this week.) Looking ahead, we hope that you will consider applying for the next Cohort when applications open up later this Fall.

Steem on! And stay tuned for more!

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Hello @sndbox

Congratulations on the launching of Cohort 2 program. You guys have been awesome in your unwavering support to worthy steem based projects and programmes intended to expose steem to the outside world.

I am happy to have been part of Cohort 1 and the reach experience I got from there has been helping me in no small measure more especially on the areas of forging social bridges with strangers very easily as well as my knowledge of blockchain technology and improved writing skills. All these I am happy for. Thanks @sndbox for coming to my aid the time you did.

Looking forwards to closer collaboration in the future.

Congratulations to all the members of this cohort 2: @dedicatedguy, @michaelcj, @destinysaid, @maxiemoses-eu and others.


@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities


Thank you very much bro @eurogee. I am happy you were a part of Cohort 1. I can see the great improvement on you and @nairadaddy so far.

I have longed to be a part of this movement.
4 months as a cohort 2 member will be amazing. I wonder how my thoughts about life and blockchain will be like. Lolz


Thanks for the mention my friend!


Funy enough @eurogee he is my grand father on the steem ecosytem

My friend @sbamsoneu will always tell me this and............. that about him

Far back from ponzi days to the blockchain revolution
I forecast a massive collaboration with you in closest possible time.


My friend @sbamsoneu will always tell me this and............. that about him


This is so funny @eurogee


Steemin' on!

Its a pleasure being part of this cohort, hopefully great things can be achieved from this, and amazing contribution and activities can flow from my participation in this.

Wanna thank @nairadaddy for the awesome opportunity.

Congrats to @joedukeg. We love you in @celfmagazine <3


Thank you, Jeilin. I love you guys too. Thank you for everything.

i worked so hard for this and i am happy to be part of the second cohort of sndbox, thanks for that amazing summer camp and for the oportunity.

I am truly honoured to be part of the team for cohort 2. Thank you very much for this opportunity. Ill give my best in my participation for the next months to come! :)




Thank you! :)


Congratulations @kymio!


Congratulations @kymio! You made it! :)

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Such great talents we have in here.
Welcome Sndbros to the Fam!

For them, and for a better quality content for the Blockchain!


I am so happy to be part of @sndbox cohort 2! Thank you!

Thanks for the warm welcome guys! It is amazing to be part of @sndbox cohort 2! Looking forward for some exciting times!

So glad to be a part of the incubator and cohort 2 with @sndbox. I'm really looking forward to exploring some of my creative ideas for building community and encouraging quality in the creative writing fields especially. 🙂

Excited to be part of @sndbox with such talented people. Thanks for the opportunity. It's going to be a fun journey full of creative sleepless nights.

Thanks for the good news! We need initiatives supported by very credible groups like you. @sndbox stands for talent and creativity. I will be looking forward to these challenges and activities in order to participate. Thank you so much

YEESSS! thank you very much and i'm so Happy that i'm in the second Cohort of @sndbox , Great :) <3

This group is a true melting pot that includes representatives from over a dozen countries; artists, musicians, scientists, designers, globe-trotters, architects, writers, instagram influencers, and a few prestigious non-profit institutions.

Sure me over my few days here, I have met a few more people that I wish I knew last year. My infant relationship with this guys has tickled me to my toes.

Out of the many a few have made a quick impression already.
They include @kymio, @mountainjewel, @manouche, @critday, @ @twotoedsloth.

Funny enough this guys are architects like myself and I forecast a collaboration in the nearest future.

how did i miss this? :( lol ... ill be ready for fall!

Wow. This is great! Congratulations to every one who made it here.

Congratulations to team @sndbox for the successful launching of this cohort 2. Your support to steem community is second to none I must say. What a sacrifice by team @sndbox. Thanks and may God bless you guys richly.

Yours ardent follow,
STEM contributor

We are grateful to be a part of the second wave! Thanks for believing in our project @sndbox!

So happy to be part of Cohort 2. Really appreciate this opportunity!

Thank you so much for choosing me, @sndbox! <3 Good luck to all of us! Let's end 2018 with a very fruitful journey!

The project they are carrying out is worthy of note and applause. Talent at its purest! That's what this community is all about: supporting each other and giving talent a chance to express itself. Pending new challenges. Greetings

This is awesome news, thank you so much @sndbox. So looking forward for what to come . Congrats to everyone else that made it to cohort 2 .




Tahniah abang 😁


Hello @danieldoughty! We've been trying to touch base. (I think your email might have been off by a letter or two)

Send us an email -



Will definitely do so. Cheers @sndbox


Congratulations @danieldoughty!!! :)

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Excited to be a part of this @sndbox! Hold onto your butts chimp pics are coming.

so excited to be a part of this wonderful group! it's an honor to be surrounded by such a great group of creators. i know it will inspire to all be better- good company does that. <3 also excited to see it will be open to the public as well.

Appreciate the great work you guys are doing and the vision you have moving forward, so happy to see our @hhtb project in Cohort 2 we are super excited to share what we have coming up! Big shout out to @sndbox and the brother @djlethalskillz who is touching down today in KL!

@sndbox I am lucky enough to be part of this Community.

Congratulations to all the new incubatees. I hope you all have an awesome time in there!

Welcome to everyone joining us for Cohort 2! We’re so excited to have you aboard and look forward to learning more about you!


ok, talking seriously now, I remember a few months ago, when you guys @voronoi, @hansikhouse and @creativecrypto start following my project @celfmagazine and you just drop out a few upvotes in our blog, we couldn't believe it, we have always been big fans of @sndbox, that was awesome and had a lot of impact in us, we kept going in part because of you!

thanks to sndbox I'm hopeful that we can create a new and better world throughout the steem blockchain. Thank you for allowing me to travel that path along with you guys!

Congratulations to all the other Cohort 2 members, especially for those I know in person or I have created a relationship with through steem: @gabriellecd, @gabyoraa, @dedicatedguy, @rasamuel, @mariska.lubis, @maxiemoses-eu.


Hi @sndbox
I cant imagine that I will be a part of this massive movement of steem.............

If not for the opportunity afforded by the @sndbox team, maybe I will still have this opportunity locked up in my dreams.

Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you @sndbox
Your far too kind

Thank you for sharing this, I am new to steemit and I am determined to learn a lot of things about this network!

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Wow i cant wait to participate in @sandbox's contests.

This sounds so exciting!
Congratulations everyone who successfully became a member of Cohort 2 :).

Pulls socks up. Okay, I'm ready. Thrilled to be part of this cohort and can't wait to get started.

Congratulations @kimzwarch @danieldoughty @vandigital @scuzzy for the selection.

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Thank you for the warm welcome!

Hello @sndbox, congratulations to all the users chosen to participate in this cohort 2, with a bit of luck I hope to make it on the next cohort.

My friend @joedukeg special congratulations to you, I know you will do very well and continue to contribute to our project (@celfmagazine) to make us grow as a team.