Sndbox Weekly Question [Who are your Blockchain Neighbors?]

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Welcome to our Weekly Question Series - every Monday, @sndbox will publish a question designed to challenge and explore new ways of engaging the Steem blockchain.

Explore your Block! The #myblock Challenge

Each and every action across the Steem blockchain becomes recorded within a “block.” These blocks are clusters of data that record the posts, upvotes, transfers and comments of all Steemians. Over time, blocks become linked together to create a "chain" of un-editable data. The Steem blockchain has minted 25 million blocks so far! Today we’re asking everyone to dig into the data and to see who their digital neighbors are? Who’s your landlord (i.e. the witness who minted this block)? What kind of landlord is he or she? Do you have any celebrities in your neighborhood? Robots? Trolls? Let's dive in and find out...

Here's an example live-feed that you can check out via steemdb. It shows a the blockchain in action and all the different parts that go into each block:


How to take part?

  • Publish a post! Write a short blurb, speculating a bit about your block.
  • Once published, it's time to dive into the blockchain... go to (Make sure the URL has username, not ours!)
  • Under Recent History, click the block # your post was published on and do some exploring.
  • Comment on your own post to showcase your findings with screenshots and other interesting notes about your blockchain neighborhood :)

Share a comment below with your #myblock post. We'll upvote our favorites!


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The Weekly Question Series, stems from research topics within the Sndbox incubator. This series is made open to the public in an effort to engage all Steemians and explore new forms of collaboration.

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#myblock research:

This post was minted under block number: 25,037,483
The block was minted by a witness named @someguy123!


My blockchain landlord is @someguy123, and my neighbors are @vinr, @qustodian, @rosethiyada, @tatyanafil, @amritmahal, @hugewhale, @steemarity, @sezenke, @speedvoter, @catheria, @cardboardbox, @raccoon89, @parama, @enhenerid1977, @thesportsguy, @vermillionfox, @soekie, @esteemapp,, @minnowsupport, @ahabib, and @yoganarchista!

Cool neighborhood @olaivart! Your blockchain landlord is the developer behind an anonymous Steem account creation tool -

It also looks like there are some neat DApps on your block - busy and eSteem!

Hey @sndbox :) Great weekly Questions, love those little Community Integrations.

Here is my post for this Question ;-)

and of course, the Neighbor in the Block:

#myblock research:

This post was minted under block number: 25,038,660
The block was minted by a witness named @gtg!

Fantastic idea sndbox! This is a great way to help users understand blockchain technology! I was mentioned as being a block neighbor of a participant, now I want to participate!

UPDATE: I have participated! Cool beans!

Hello! This is my participation 😃 I had so much fun! Thank you for this educational challenge.

I'm so excited about the challenge, 3 months back I thought of on which block was I born?. I even found my twins xD
Thanks for your initiative, so this is my post about this challenge.. There are 44 neighbours in total. Thankfully it wasn't a curation trail so the block wasn't flooded with neighbours hahaha.

Here's my take!

My block :
and this is my post about this Challenges
Thanks so much!

My block :
2018-08-14-화 오후 6-37-04.jpg

Nice! @anyx is a long time fighter of plagiarism on the blockchain. He's developed resources like steemcleaners and cheetah, among others.

A great landlord :)

Cool. I know that Cheetah!!

#myblock research:

This post was minted under block number: 25,036,714

The block was minted by a witness named @xeldal!

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 12.50.21 PM.png

My blockchain landlord is @xeldal, and my neighbors are @acwood, @ronforest, @ngocbich, @melmutkohl, @physics.benjamin, @chronoboost, @hr1, @steemplayroom, @jamesdam6589, @sheezalook, @luxbet, @steemhunt, @rijalmahyud, @hrissm, @imran-aslam, @staticinstance, @smartsteem, @dawa, @jorgeinojosa, @mrf, and @shishir2584!

#myblock research

Screenshot (859).png

my block number : 25177008
the witness of this block was : @followbtcnews

my neighbors are :
@mesutkrgln @josecca @ungger @lopier @nerkamoto @maikitor @tbnfl4sun @raroi @yayatoe @pouchon @pagliozzo @loyati @varolleng @tokino @gopar @balolulae @ssander @thebrightness @yokotint @myoyan @lokimee @bolonaw @yintun @zijovin @takino @jajer @kstop1 @bosjaya @vivoko @roeria @myochan9 @chodo @nyotoka @eimcyee @tokreki @heheli @kokapay @bolufee @lawba @zawkin
there were many ,, i must write all of them???! :D

noticed the last one is @gric <3

it was so fun , and thank you , i love to learn new things here :)

Hi next store neighbor!

hi :D nice to meet you neighbor ! thanks for the response it was funny to find some neighbors ,and there were a lot ,

#myblock findings (screen froze and crashed so had to collect all this info over again grrrr)

So, our "landlord" is @gtg and our neighbors are... @liberosist @goodwithtravels @paulosabaini @dejan.vuckovic @merhesuongos @angelusc @leslierevales @fukumineko @jon24jon24 @seveaux @snowlay @wailay @babylay @toeaung @poetrylover @bors.hl88 @block-buster @miha-sweet @meerkat @radjasalman @radjasalman @charitybot @malmseycafe @decorousoutspoke @smartsteem @anglotrucker @bootyninjas @luxbet @qubes @abdilridha94 @onepercentbetter @kevinwong & @bodiba


Of all the neighbors we only really know @seveaux @kevinwong & @liberosist

Best account name in the list is @bootyninjas

Our neighbors mostly were "voting" followed by "replies" and "transfers".

Thanks @sndbox for the challenge, despite losing this comment and having to do it all over again.. such is the nature of technology!

I've made a post for my analysis, exploring the block that I authored a poetry post on yesterday. It's called:

Block 25068570 - There Goes the Neighborhood
Block 25068570 - There Goes the Neighborhood.png

My blockchain neighbours @ehiboss @heeyahnuh and co

샌드박스님 안녕하세요. ㅇ_ㅇ 아. 외국분이신가요? ㅎㅎㅎ

I am learning how to setup witnesses than I might be able to answer this if I get success

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There's no need to be a witness or a blockchain pro! This post is just an experiment to learn more about how the blockchain works and what kinds of information it holds.

For example, your comment (above) on this post was stored in block 25,037,600 !

Learn more by browsing

Ahhh interesting I will have a deep look into it in few minutes in my laptop that sounds informative.

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#myblock research:

This post was minted under block number: 25,108,292

The block was minted by a witness named @timcliff!


it is so lonely. no any action, I need to wait!
So I find some details at Block 25108291 and Block 25108293,
go to see what did i find in my post comment:

Hahaha nice challenge. It will get
Some people looking at the block pages.

Never been in a block produced by you :D JK
(I know I didn't always keep an eye on it :P )

I know you don't pay the rent on time so I don't allow you in my blocks 🤣

Please I have been trying to apply my hands on this, but it seems to me that I might not have the proper know how.

This to me seems like magic.

I finally struck gold with my trial

Block 25139615
↳ Witnessed by jesta on 2018-08-17T06:36:03

Its so informative.