The Crypto Renaissance - Exhibition Event Overview [Thank You Steem Community!]

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Thank You @fundition

The Crypto Renaissance exhibition has come to a close! What an amazing ride. We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who supported this show and who came out for the opening, the presentations, tours, workshops, selfies and everything in between. A special thanks to @fundition. Through their collaboration and campaign support we were able to successfully achieve our goal of raising $5,000 USD to cover the rental and insurance costs of the gallery space. In total we raised close to $10,000 USD which covered additional fabrication / installation costs for the exhibition. Thank you @fundition team, we could not have done this without you!

Thank You @utopian-io

Another special thank you to @utopian-io for their open-source entrepreneurship, ideation support, visibility campaigning, and overall generosity. Over the last several weeks we've enjoyed speaking with @jedigeiss, @buckydurddle and @techslut on Utopian's Open Source Radio via the MSP Waves Network. Thank you for spreading the word and creating such a powerful forum for Steemians to support and learn from one another.

^ love those page breakers

Part of the ambition behind the show was to produce informative materials and share everything (publicly) along the way. All of the graphics (posters, infographics, icons, Steem diagrams) are entirely open source and available for all Steemians to use. Our hope is that some of these graphics could get a second or third life either in a new Steem Application or in marketing efforts / meetups elsewhere around the globe!

Click here for more on The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition

What's The Crypto Renaissance? - This month-long exhibition showcases the tools and resources built for creative professionals on the Steem blockchain and specifically how @sndbox members have integrated them into their practice and daily work. The exhibition will be open to all visitors for several weeks and serve as a free and public space for New Yorkers and others to learn about the Steem blockchain, the world of crypto, and immediately begin converging their creative work with the Steem ecosystem.

The Crypto Renaissance Event

  • Timeline: July 20 - August 15, 2018 (Now Closed!)
  • Location: 100 Bogart Street | Brooklyn, 1st Floor Gallery

Archive of Events, Workshops and Outreach

Opening_thumbnail.pngBushwick Daily_Thumbnail.png
The exhibition opened July 20th on a Friday night to an enthusiastic Brookyln crowd. Click here to learn more.We invited a reporter from Bushwick Daily (a popular local magazine) to visit the show and learn more about it. Click here to learn more.

100 Bogart_Thumbnail.pngColumbia Lecture_Thumbnail.png
The event was also featured in the 100 Bogart blog, distributed across a huge network of blockchain startups. Click here to learn more.Our team was invited to speak at Columbia University about Blockchain and its impact on the creative landscape. Click here to learn more.

Author Doug Karr (@dougkarr) and artist Ophelia Fu (@opheliafu) hosted a workshop on their collaborative novel Dwelling. Click here to learn more.Judy Mam, Co-Founder of the art platform @dadanyc hosted a talk and immersive art workshop with the Brooklyn public. Click here to learn more.
SteemPress_Thumbnail.pngNaomi Thumbnail.png
@steempress took center stage during a workshop on The Creative Crypto magazine and the benefits of Steem powered publications. Click here to learn more.@skycorridors aka Naomi Brockwell visited the exhibition to talk about art and the future of blockchain powered social media! Click here to learn more.

thumbnail - icons-01.png

Open Source Graphic Design

Here is a library of icons we used for the exhibition. Feel free to download the PNG files in the table below or you can download the entire folder using the link (includes editable SVG and PNG files).

Click here to download icons from The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition

The Steem DApp Tower Installation

Much of these icons (link above) were part of the DApp Tower - a 9'-0" tall centerpiece of the exhibition. The installation was an educational showcase for Steem applications, highlighting a handful of social applications built on the Steem blockchain.

Boards on the tower included introductory graphics and language designed to help newcomers learn more about Steem. QR codes linking to each featured DApp. We also had a Steepshot Selfie Guestbook - visitors were able to log into Steepshot using a tablet connected to the @exhibition account.

Another fun feature of the Tower included original Steem-inspired artwork made from our amazing followers and through the Crypto Art & Design Challenge that we hosted earlier this summer! Each art piece included the names of each 19 artists.


Open Source Posters, below:

180705 Tool SteemPress - small.png180630 DApp Busy - small.png180629 DApp eSteem-01.png
180626 DApp DTube - small.png180626 DAPP Fundition.png180624 DAPP Utopian-io-01.png

These folders contain open-source assets (adobe illustrator files, icons and infographics) that will be used for The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition in New York City. These graphics were developed and used for signage pertaining to the exhibit and are made available here to the public to use under a Creative Commons license. All @sndbox content CC BY-NC-ND, 2018.

DAPPWebsiteLink to Files
@utopian-ioUtopianUtopian Assets
@funditionFundition.ioFundition Assets.
@dtubeDTubeDTube Assets.
@esteemappeSteemeSteem Assets
@busy.payBusyBusy Assets
@steempress-ioSteemPressSteemPress Assets
@steepshotSteepshotSteepshot Assets.

Click here for more on The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition

Our Fundition Page: link here

Explore @exhibition to See our Steepshot Selfie Station

This account was LIVE throughout the last 4 weeks. Visitors were able to log on and use the account as they pleased. 100% of the liquid rewards from the @exhibition account went towards reducing the cost of The Crypto Renaissance. The account will accrue Steem Power that will then be used for future events and Steem meetups around the globe. Learn more about the @exhibition account and this rotating initiative, here.

Thank you Donors!

This show was a big team effort. Alongside the incredible support of Fundition and Utopian teams we owe a big thank you to our generous donors - @roelandp, @thejohalfiles, @hansikhouse, @voronoi, @opheliafu, @mintvilla, @nanzo-scoop, @ericvancewalton, @leotrap, @firepower, @sjennon, @lukestokes. @bitrocker2020, @aaronleang, @alvinauh, @kymio, @superoo7, @khimgoh, @bree1042, @waybeyondpadthai, @aaronli, @steeminator3000, @espoem, @natureofbeing, @travelling-two, @geetharao, @zamifara, @barbara-orenya, @katalinaooma, @kimzwarch, @iamjadeline, @zord189, @elizacheng, @viverridae, @shortcut, @ciontheemrald, @consciousangel7, @em3di, @vandigital, @voiceoff, @ninjace, @encryptdcouple, @amvanaken, @bulent1976, @abduhawab, @fingersik, @manouche and @icaro!

Special thanks to @aaronhong for the poster design!

Empower artists, writers, musicians, non-profits and community initiatives - delegate Steem Power to @sndbox (using the links below) or follow our curation trail. Learn more about Sndbox - watch our introduction, here.


Follow us on Twitter, YouTube, and our magazine The Creative Crypto / @creativecrypto


You guys did an amazing job at hosting this excellent exhibition. The quality of the display hanging and the Steem DApp Tower was fantastic- you did the Steem community proud.

Thank you so much @opheliafu! Your artwork was absolutely stunning and we were thrilled to provide a temporary home for it in Brooklyn.

Looking forward to catching up and collaborating again soon :)

I rejoice with you team @sndbox for being able to meet your target. Thanks to @findition and @utopia-io.

All the best.

STEM contributor

Thanks for your support!

Great work @sndbox..!!
Even i can’t go, i will support from back..
Thank you for supporting #teammalaysia...

@sndbox Wao... Superb... It's really a achievement... Just checked out all great pics... Will be checking out videos soon... It's really a great success...

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Hey thanks for the kind words @vikasgoel1234 :)

@sndbox I really missed. Problem is I am from india and we don't get chance to visit such events as indian policies against blockchain. but I am surely looking forward to attend one of such event soon. It will be all total different experience just watching all recordings and actually attending events and meeting gr8 personalities.

Great initiative to democratize blockchain and Steemit. The only negative point, I couldn't go to see it in NY :-).

Thank you @heroldius! We'll create a virtual gallery for the next round :D

Ah cool, but with your different posts, we could see the exhibition even if we were far.

Great job!!!
Following you!!!

Our team will be compiling a press-release 1-pager of the event soon. This archive is definitely a lot to scroll through :)

Until then, take a look at our website -

You made the Steemit community a comfortable learning environment. Thank you👏👏

I loved all the designs, They are very complete and represents perfectly every platform, also thank you very much for the Open Source Graphic Design :3 Regards <3

this is a great and transcendental point for the platform and the community, wish you more successes in your up coming events

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