Sndbox Weekly Question - What would your Smart Media look like? [w / guest host @utopian-io]

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Welcome to our Weekly Question Series - every Monday, @sndbox will publish a question designed to challenge and explore new ways of engaging the Steem blockchain.

The #SmartMediaFutures Challenge

w / guest host @utopian-io

This week we're tapping into the open source power of the blockchain. We're here with @utopian-io, a growth engine for open source innovation, seeking a more collaborative future powered by Steem. Utopian is a massive interdisciplinary community designed to support all kinds of open source projects with community contributions. Their philosophy is centered around the premise that public-facing software development, design and ideation can cultivate better products and a healthier web environment. The cryptocurrency landscape revolves around the sharing of resources and ideas. Many of the 441+ projects and applications built on Steem are open source, many of them through the support of, and even the Steem blockchain itself was published under an MIT open source license.

Looking ahead, there’s an exciting new dimension of Steem that is being developed. Smart Media Tokens (frequently referred to as SMTs) are slated to be phased into the blockchain by March of 2019. SMTs are a new feature of the blockchain that will allow anyone to create their own cryptocurrency. These customizable Smart Tokens will have all the bells and whistles that Steem currently has; 3-second transactions (the time it takes to vote on content / transfer balances between users) and zero fees.

In anticipation of SMTs, this week we thought it would be a fun exercise to do a little open source brainstorming...

What would your Smart Media look like?

If you could customize your own SMT, what would you want it to do? Is there an industry problem that you'd like it to tackle? Would you want it integrated into your existing website or publication? This weekly question aims to get the brainstorm-ball rolling.

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How to Play

  • Publish a post explaining your SMT concept. Explore the exciting precedents and parameters showcased on the SMT website for inspiration, here. What would your token do? What problems would you like it to address? What type of community do you imagine it might empower?
  • Tag your post with #smartmediafutures, #utopian-io and #blog
  • Comment (below) with a link to your post and tell us a bit about your idea.
  • We'll curate our favorites and the posts will also be reviewed and scored according to Guidelines, so there’s another potential reward for the most interesting, innovative and creative posts.

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The hamster that drives the hamster-wheel in my brain has just gone on seed fueled overdrive with the creativity this challenge has inspired @sndbox! Fantastic prompt and I might even try to learn a new skill to make my SMT post that extra bit special.

Need to feed the hamster now, thanks for these seeds of ideas each week. Now to research SMT's and see how they actually work, a task long overdue ;-)

Haha @raj808, there's certainly a lot hamster wheeling to be done over the next few months! There are a few previews of the interface options already available on the SMT website. There are a lot of interesting directions to take this challenge :D

The hamster is tired now... so tired he's going to take a little nap 😉 😴

This is a super interesting mechanism to connect the value of digital writing and IRL publishing. It's like an accelerator coin with real partnerships. I wonder how publishers could implement this or perhaps even integrate your token with their own platforms!

WritCoin a dedicated (SMT) currency to reward only quality creative writing on steemit, while marketing both the token and idea to traditional publishing houses.

Thanks @sndbox

I honestly think it could work as a concept with some more development and the help/partnership of a seriously tech minded person/s ~

lol I'm not a coder and the SMT whitepaper did give me a serious headache but there are skills I know I can deliver on in regards to finding a path to engage publishers. I'm going to explore this concept further for sure!

I love this imagery, I can see the little guy racing round and round with a thought bubble containing the @sndbox logo :)

haha! love the way you've written this Raj :) SMTs have driven me wild as well since I've started studying them. I'm quite thankful for this week's prompt as it gives me some time/space to put it down on paper!

Here it is @sndbox... And with that we announce a collaboration and plans for a Hip Hop Battle SMT!

Bridging the worlds of on and offline performance. This Battle SMT is an amazing project :D

Nice work @walnut! You've got the Record for fastest SMT proposal ;)

exciting! i love how you all are inviting our brains to stretch and storm :)

here is my look at the future of the Natural Medicine token on the Steem blockchain.

With all of the websites out there sharing natural remedies or information, it can be difficult to know who to trust or which natural medicines we can take when we are in a pinch. Let's face it, modern medicine isn't always there for us and it's empowering to try alternative methods.

Through the Natural Medicine token and the skillful Oracles which will only reward and share the highest quality and trustworthy of posts, the @naturalmedicine token will incentivize reputable knowledge and skills shared within the community.

Love this one! It fits perfectly with what our monthly assignment is going to look like ;) Our post is coming soon @sndbox!

Hi @sndbox
This month's question got me thinking to and fro
.........and now this week's question got me thinking
clockwise and anti clock.
There is actually a storm in my brain with this SMT teaser

yas is really wonderfull..

We're looking forward to an interesting brainstorming session! Thanks @maxiemoses-eu

This is a good prompt, and i've been thinking for the past few months of an idea I want to implement with SMTs, i'm just worried there's too many technical things I won't be able to figure out. I think this is a good chance to introduce some blockchain fun into the real world (in my case with music). Hopefully i'll get more of my idea fleshed out this week and enter this contest :)

Thanks for the challenge, expect something soon!

Absolutely! It's a fun chance to think about the possibilities and perhaps even learn more from our blockchain neighbors who are brainstorming internally. With the Utopian squad, we're hoping people feel comfortable thinking out loud / feel free to be SMT adventurous / make mistakes / discover new ideas.

Looking forward to your response :D

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Visit the link to know what the future has installed for education especially in the developing countries with the aide of smart media token.

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Es muy buena información, el post te ha quedado brillante, paso para saludar, un abrazo y que tenga feliz día.

Your weekly questions are good @sndbox. However, I want to say that in each week, you should endeavour to make the interaction complete and worthy of interactors' time, energy and resources by trying out your best to make at at least an acknowledgement reply on every comment or a comment on every challenge entry. Not doing this does not spice interaction you seek to achieve.

Thank you!

Hi @uyobong, thanks for your feedback. We do actively comment on a large number of these entries each week but we typically can't respond to each and every one. Looking forward we'll do our best to keep the conversation going :)

Thank you. Meanwhile, the growth of @sndbox needs more moderators, scouters and feedback personnel (for a more human-minded approach) or otherwise, a bot. I follow your activities and do not hope to get discouraged.

Great challenge and great too
I expect great success and great
Thank you for the great information