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Hello, this is @kyunga.
Today I am unveiling an amazing tool “ Enhancer”. “ Enhancer” is a Chrome plug-in application that will dramatically improve your authoring experiences at as well as the legibility of your posts.

As a visual designer, I could not stand with the unbearably poor appearance of the articles on It was very annoying to see nice stories results in a cheap looking post. After researching huge amount of hours regarding the markdown, I finally managed to invent 6 markdown templates and shared with them everyone in free.

Although those templates were very useful, it was still not easy to use as it takes quite meticulous manual editing. @bramd and I had a discussion about the problem, and decided to implement a Chrome plugin that blackboxes the cryptic syntax of the templates so that the users can enjoy the templates without any concern.

We invited @yjiq150 who developed steemit font changer to implement this plug-in application, and he finally finished the work after several weeks of the hard work. A huge applause to him! Enhancer: what can it do?

Editing templates

You can choose and apply 6 writing templates in Steemit posting page: book review, travel, newsletter, gallery/image archive, recipe, vintage style for essay as below.


What is more, you can now check out the preview page not under the writing box, but right beside it. Which means now you can see the writing box and preview box side by side!

Optimize Legibility

It automatically sets the most optimal text size and line spacing.

Various Fonts

You can choose from various fonts. Currently we have three Korean fonts and many English fonts. Upgrade your reading experience with the fonts that best suit you.


How to Install ‘ Enhancer’?

➊ Go chrome webstore through the below link.

Go to enhancer install page

➋ Click 'Add to Chrome'


➌ Use it at steem posting page. That easy!


Additional info.

  • Available only on PC
  • Support at chrome browser

Made by
Promoted by @bramd
Developed by @yjiq150
Designed by @kyunga

This program was created without commercial support. Cheering is very helpful to our team. Also, we wait for your feedback.



pc chrome enhancer

check this later.

Hi @easysteemit, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I found out that @yjig150 doesn't exist on Steem. Maybe you made a typo ?

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리스팀 완료!

리스팀 했습니다 :D
일본어도 해야하는거 아닌가요?


Can it be installed on mobile?
So that we can use throw mobile phone.

Can it be installed
On mobile? So that we can
Use throw mobile phone.

                 - luckys

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hi, @luckys.
Unfortunately, It is only available on PC.
Try it on your PC! 😉

A huge applause to him! ha ha

Great contribution! Will give it a go.

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