Steemit Wall, A Love Story, and Giving Up Comparison: Upvotable 23!

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What are we reading today? Explore a new Steem development idea, a journey in doing Steem part time, beautiful pictures of a new garden, a love story, inspiration to give up comparison, and more of the best posts we found on Steemit within the last two days!

Well worth the read and over 7 days old!

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Jerry Banfield

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If the old social media platforms gave us voice and space for creativity, Steemit gave us a second chance for financial freedom.


Well Said!

i love learning new things on here. @jerrybanfield thanks for the new info. i have taken in a lot in two weeks but again good post, better info.


Thank you very much for your kind comment @johmbcheffin12! Hope to see you post something soon!


Very welcome im sorry it took so long. But i have more good stuff on food if your interested. @johnbcheffin12

Well @jerrybanfield of course I am definitely nominating this one ;)

Please make sure all your readers know to listen to your interview today at 6:00 P.M. central standard time on


Definitely I just upvoted! Albert please include this post :)


Consider it done :)

Thank you again @jerrybanfield for featuring my project! I am working to improve it right now.

And thank you for sharing all the other interesting posts! :)


Thank you so much for sharing it with us in the last upvotable! Keep up the great work!


@mkt you're welcome! Thank you for noticing I shared it here to fast!

Thank you for sharing another amazing upvotable @jerrybanfield I am resteeming :D

Such an eloquent post about living our lives. Such a beautiful outlook and so wonderfully written.


Yay, Love the homesteading post!


This one was exceptional! Thanks! She deserves eyes!

I declare myself a fan of this section. I think is a really good selection inside all the posts out there. Cheers @jerrybanfield ;)


Thank you very much @arturomdg! Cheers

Hey @jerrybanfield sir, You have been doing a great job giving exposure to the minnows. I have read all the posts and they are simply amazing. I love to read all the posts from the upvotable series. They are pure knowledge. Thanks a lot @aarellanes sir for selecting them efficiently.
For the next upvotable, I have a post to submit.
It is a post from @raikuhen . Its a great post telling the significance of posting on steemit. I think everyone should know about this because people are jsut posting unnecessarily on steemit.
Have a look on it.

Thank you.

Hey @jerrybanfield . Great project.

I made you a gif for your upvotable posts. I posted it in your previous upvotable post but I guess you missed it.

Here it is again

Happy to make further ones if you like it.



That is AWESOME! Could you make one for Upvotable 24? We are working on it right now and I will bring this to Jerry's Attention!


Hi. Thanks glad you like it. It's just a bit of fun. :)

I didnt want to stray to far from the original design. I shall update it now. It'll be ready in 5 to10 minutes. Shall i post it here to your reply?

Thanks again?


Here you go pal.


Fortunately my first couple of post on my new animation account have done quite well. So I expect they probably don't meet the criteria for upvotable. But I did put together this post offering to make Steemit .gifs for the Steemit community.

ANIMATE IT | New Custom Animated Steemit Gifs For Your Steemit Posts

Maybe you could give us a shout out if it doesn't meet the normal criteria of your project. Also I'd be happy to make some more for you if your want them.

Cool. Thanks. Look forward to seing the .gif being used in the wild. :)


I am happy to be a part of your followership jerry. You are doing much for minnows. I have a post to submit . The post is about how to gather creativity.
I hope you find it worthy to be shared on upvotable @aarellanes


Tehe happy to find my article here ^^ I didn't expect anyone to submit anything from my work here or Jerry"s upvotable list :) even if it doesn't get picked, you still managed to put a smile on my face, so thanks friend ^^

Much love❤︎.

@jerrybanfield & @aarellanes keep up the good work guys. I would like to nominate this interesting and nicely written flash fiction story on how to handle your 'bad boss' at work by @bigpanda

Here is a post that talks about the Dental Insurance and how it thugs the people? Hope you include it in next Upvotables...


Pretty interesting, Thanks for sharing with us!

@jerrybanfield , thanks for shedding the light over these great projects


Thank you for looking over this!

Good Evening Mr (future) President :) (going to HOLD you to that one!) Thank you ALWAYS for the wonderful acknowledgement of my content. It NEVER goes unappreciated!!!!

I wrote about two things today... one which was pestering my mind... LITERALLY to the point where i felt compelled to write about it... and let it all hang out lol

and the other was a bit of a tribute to the wonderful team that I have working for me...

This place, people like you and all the rest of it.... sheeeesh... I am just LOVING life right now!!!!! There is just SO much to embrace!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!! (feeling SUPER UBER BLESSED!!!)


No "I" in Team!

Hey @jerrybanfield, nice talking to you on steemspeak last night.

Bravo you are simple man and genius...

Thanks for sharing those Steemians, Will take a look to their profiles!

Jerry, can you jump in steemspeak sometime soon?
Have a question for you

Nice post, resteeming! ☺️

Off topic warning: Thanks for sharing your history in that post about sex. It really helped me. And I know it will help many others! Thanks for being so open. Have a great day!


I take my hat off!

Thanks bro really i like your blogs

Hey jerry again you have rocked the surface of steemit. I haven't read all these posts yet but I am looking forward to read all of them. You are doing hell of a job. Thanks to Albert as well . For next upvotable I have found a post and I think people should know about it. Many women can get advantage from it.
It is written by @greenlife500eu.

Thanks for sharing such a valuable information @ jerrybanfield


Thank you for commenting and look at what we have to share with you!

thanks jerry

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful steemians with us. Maybe i can help to find some undervalued work on steemit. Please consider this wonderful art from this cool contest here! Art Explosion Contest I would nominate one more, it's about the pursuit of a memorable life

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is ready to "Learn to Draw with Friends" - drawing in pencil

Upvoted Jerry :)

Upvoted and also resteemed!


Your the best!

Hi Gerry! I have such question to you. Do you have acquaintances who well speak RUSSIAN?


I would pick this if it showed how to make the bike!

Hi friend, I like your post, they are very interesting


Thank you for your kind words :)

Hi, today I have posted another addition to a series that I do entitled "In Retrospect", where I take a look at the most classic albums of the modern music era, and talk about their writting and recording process etc. My Steem account is dedicated to music-based content.


PS: Thank you for the opportunity!

Hola Jerry, propongo este post para los upvotable #24. Saludos.

Hi Jerry , i find @fishmon's Steemit cards to be great , But they do not get great feedback as he is a minnow . I'm sure you 'll like them , i enjoy following his work
This is one of his posts

U5dshudRd3zPV4Yy19yPbkDbaANRs3H_1680x8400 (1).png

Nice blog with nice posts
10 Ways To Love Yourself: by Louise Hay - The Power Is Within You!
A Safe Place


I liked the "why staying healthy costs more" but it had a lot of resources.

Hello, I wrote about the creative district of Bristol, I recommend it for you to read. Thanks:

when i thing go to the jerry account this thinking make crusty for me what is new.and i learn new thing thanx

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I made a dark mode style for Steemit. Here's a post about that:

hey dude i ve used steemit by seeing video of yours on facebook will you plz upvote me and help me to see is it really worth it

Posting bagus

Hey @jerrybanfield your posts are great. I follow you on Youtube. Infact it was through you that I came to know about Steemit, and you inspired me to create an account. It would mean the world to me if you could check out my posts and provide feedback. Thanks :)


Great to hear! Best of luck on steemit!

I'm not sure why i didn't get picked when i gave vikbuddy's post about quiting smoking in upvotable 21 but it's ok. I know you have a lot of work to check them all. Maybe you should check picked posts if somebody mentioned them in earlier upvotable Jerry's post. Here is a great post from vikbuddy -
You are intelligent too! and one positive article about how age doesn't matter for success



Thank you so much @jerrybanfield for put my poem up there. It took a lot writing that.

😊 grateful

Nice post


Its over $10 :'(


haha that darn awesome TeamSteem must have gotten to it lol

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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You really give us staggering information on Steemit @jerrybanfield and I personally appreciate it a lot. The people who have really helped me understand Steemit platform better is you, @minnowbooster, @feruz and @good-karma for his knowledge and the eSteem app. Thank you all 👍


I agree 100% with you!

Hey Jerry yesterday i saw your AD about steemit i lost my investment in business i started please help me out in steemit

Well, I'd like you to consider my favorite animal guy @trumpman! I can't get enough of his posts!

Pacific Barreleye: Meet the Fish With the Transparent Head!

Great post selection! Here is my post today about similarities I noticed between Steemit and Linkedin. Also a tip to implement from what I learned.

I'm promoting this post by the inspiring @patricksanlin. I am so motivated by his photos and words in all of his posts, but this one is spectacular. Very unusual content leaving not a dry eye in the house. I hope you like it.