Todays Ulog we Unbox New Miners!

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Today we will be unboxing a new Bitmain Antminer S9 & an X3.


This is the X3 it is an ASIC ( application specific integrated circuit) miner designed to mine the cryptonight algorithm which is XMR and several others.


This one is also an ASIC miner built to mine the SHA256 algorithm which is Bitcoin and many others.


Ordered the 1600w power supply units (PSU) from Bitmain.


Ordered 14 Awg power cables to handle the heavy loads!


So lets get to the actual unboxing of these miners!


What kind of knife is that? Opening a PSU box first.


Big sharp knife one might say. Next we open the X3 box.


Even with this big sharp knife we are still opening the X3 box...


Now we slice into the S9 box like butter.


Now lets take a closer look at that X3.


A close look at the S9 barcode.


Last we take a closer look at the PSU.


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Is the s9 even worth buying at this point??? Also where do you plan to keep it?

We will see, i have a grow tent they will mine in.

Is it still worth it to mine. I always wanted to but many say its not profitable.

In time yes but you never know.

I am not familiar with the series of these tools but great to see these mining tools and i hope that you can mine Cryptos more effectively and i want to wish you more profits. Thanks for sharing this unboxing post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thanks 😁👍

Welcome. 🙂

I am a Bangladeshi I can not write good English, I hope to forgive if I am wrong.

You're doing well, I rely on a translator when I communicate in other languages.

We would like to support your blog. Im also new here. By the way please don't forget to vote and add a feedback in our blogs. Thank you.

I will try 👍

Looks like a good set up. I haven't had any experience with any miner. May it be put to good use.

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Hello there I am newly member of this steemit group and I am reading how to post like this thank you.

I just fudged my unboxing video so made gif's out of it 👍😁

Hi how are you ,ULOG #9 its very nice helpful post thanks sir thank you very much for the post.

Thanks for the nice comment, keep on steemin!

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