#ulog 2: More Than 800 ULOGS Have Been Created Since The Birth Of ULOGS Less Than Two Days Ago. Let's Discuss This And More On The SteemGigs Discord Talk Show, 11 PM Manila Time (3 Hours From Now)

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Please digest this post and like me, join in and become a Ulogger today.

#ulog is just one or two days old and has already created 811 ULOGS as manually counted by @ankarlie. This is magical.

We are talking 811 steemit posts containing "YOU", served to the search engines, promoting steemit as a home; a real community and a place where you are allowed to be a ULOGGER.
We are talking 811 steemit posts that are fresh, current, authentic and very "human".

I don't have the complete data yet for the number of comments generated under #ulog, to give us insight into the level of engagement but i am in the community; "active" and i know the sound of #ulog and "it is buzzing". 

The sound on this #ulog is "excitement".
Dormant accounts are waking up. It is a beautiful sight!

There is happiness, humor, comedy and sometimes this is what community needs the most and the steemit community at this particular moment in its evolution;


Do You Want Some Glimpse Into This New Buzz And Excitement That Uloggers Are Creating?

Kind open this post below in a new tab and digest the fun:

 #Ulog Day 2: My boyfriend got jealous with @surpassinggoogle! :D 

That ULOG alone has a thread of 55 comments.

Me Today!

Today didn't go as planned and yesterday as well. Hahaha, because my yesterday entered into today and there has been too much busi-ness. 
Not much eating. Not much sleeping. 
Like normal, i had chats to tend to. Challenges to solve etc. 

A friend has been wanting me to re-visit Cebu, since the last time i visited some 12 days ago to attend the SteemSummit but i haven't been able to. Thus today, I decided to send him a small gift instead, once i got up from bed. 

That friend is a young boy. This boy can carry on "days of conversation" with me and we have maintain friendship because "intense conversation" is scarce where i am at etc. 

He sent me a thank you video hours ago and it was special:

He got a hair cut too.

Next, i had to tend to a chat, to help solve a steemit account issue. In this case, the account holder was thinking they got hacked but i doubted that to be the case and we fixed it. 

She could post, comment, claim rewards etc but she was having issues accomplishing a transfer or powering-up, so we sought on getting that tended to. 

She was using her posting key, which ofcourse is a good thing. 
We had her use her password instead and she was able to do her transfers as she desired.

I also opened several steemit accounts on behalf of a young steemian who is building a community of creative youths. I do this using a delegation from @steemgigs

Next, i visited other chats too and shared in the joys and moments of a few. Then got on steemit.com.

Well, on the steemit side of things, #ulogs have kept me extra busy in the past two days since it started. Ulogs kept turning up really fast and many new ULOGGERS born. 

This is amazing as #ulog is just a day or two old.

This has kept me extra busy as i have spent this one or two days, thinking of ways to be more effective with reading ULOGS and inspiring Uloggers

I have also had to look at how to be more effective with curation and tried to speak to a few friends too, who love curating to consider joining in, during their spare time to look at "#ulogs".

I am also already thinking of how i would craft ULOGS into a steem-based website, based on the feedback it has stirred. 

I am also thinking of how to get #ulog to trend in the real world and of how to grow steem further by saying to the world; "oh, you can now join steemit to become a Ulogger". 

Well, that has already started! Look at this screenshot:

#ulog has really buzzed and brought about excitement. It is evident that several steemians tire out a bit, which is okay. 

It is okay to "go into-the-box, only to come back out anew", which is what we have managed to do with the birth and on-going success of #ulog or #ulogs

Hahaha, i had way more curation to do and have had to spend time, thinking of how to manage this new tag with utmost efficiency. 

However, "help" has also been forth-coming as other amazing steemians with SP to spare have joined in, in curating the tag as well. 

This is pleasant!
Yes, there are still tons of curators who want to distribute rewards on steemit. 

Today, i got a chat from a friend who will later become a ULOGGER. He had spoken of how he had tired out as well as he no longer gets upvotes as much as he used to. He was going to restore his drive by becoming a ULOGGER later in the day. I gave him some insight into how the current state of the steemit community in relation to curation.

I will give more tips related to curation and how it works, during the SteemGigs Discord Talk show, hours from now but here is a little insight:

In truth, curation is a hard task and curators are likelier to lean towards tags, where curation is easier to accomplish e.g if you are a "curator with a very busy schedule" and you still have to worry about whether a post was copy/pasted etc whenever you visit a particular tag, then curation becomes a more tiresome task. Hence, curators who fall in this category, will tend towards a tag that is likelier to produce more ready-made, authentic steemit posts etc.

For curators with responsibilities, an upvote represents more than just a simple vote. It is an action of responsibility, thus, many other factors go into it beyond just "quality content".

Reference this post: Steem  Secrets #12 (Delivered By @maylyn09): Is An Upvote All That Free? Alot  Of Steemit Speed-up Lies In The Answer To This!!! (On Dlive)

With @ulogs, we are trying to attain levels that will attract curators, to where every ULOG is on a white-list for being 100 percent original, authentic and fresh. 

Overall, we want to re-shape the internet with freshness and fill it with our very own evolution. 

"Each day, with "You" in it, carries its own freshness" and if we Ulog daily, we will be re-hsaping the entire internet with freshness. 

We will get there together.

We aren't looking for convenience; that is not what birth @ulogs. We are "adjusting the world" and this is a hard feat but it starts with you digging of yourself and this is what a ULOG represents. 

True celebrities don't rest on their laurels; they evolve each day.
Now, if we are your fans, a ULOG is a "responsibility"; your responsibility to keep on, "true celebrity".

We will look to celebrate ULOGGERS, who look to grow each day and ofcourse one who "digs". In a ULOG or "at least one post a day", you can now afford to be 100 percent YOU. 

Thus, if you are choosing #ulog, please make sure to have "#ulog" in your title and may pictures, images, Vlogs, videos, text, GIFs etc whether old or current, be your own creation. 
We need this, so that #ulog or #ulogs is kept for ULOGS only.

Note that you don't have to change your regular steemit routine to become a ULOGGER.

I planned on doing a more solidly arranged SteemGigs discord talk show this weekend but things changed. I am really sorry about this!

ULOGS took most of my time in the last two days, thus, i wasn't able to draft out a solid arrangement for the talk this weekend. 

However, there is still an interval between this post update and the actual time of the talk, so we can still pull it off. 

We still keep it at 11 PM Manila time for today i.e around 3 hours from the time this post was published.

Kindly join the voice chat here: https://discord.gg/CPh63qq

Voice chats work better using the discord app as opposed to just visiting discord using your browser. So, kindly download the app if you are using a phone or tablet and the software if you are using a PC. 

You can see this video to learn how to set up push-to-talk, so that you can push a button whenever, it is your turn to talk:

The main aim of ULOGs overall is to bring about positive world adjustment, where each Ulogger consciously uses each day to evolve. 

Let's jump on the SteemGigs discord today, in a few hours, to discuss that, curation and more!!! 

The discord talk today can't be very organized once again but it is okay. We will work on that before the next talk.

Today, we can all just talk. We can talk about ULOGS too. Plans for it etc. Then ofcourse, we can talk about anything and together build any noble dream.

So let's say for today, the primary theme for the discord talk will be: 

"The World Needs To Hear From You. Even Steemit Is Calling!" Now, You Can Answer. Create A Ulog. Become a Ulogger Today. 

I really am keen on making the SteemGigs community on discord one of the most active servers on Mama Earth in preparation for the future. 

It is approaching 4,500 steemians and now is a good time.

I have loads of rare knowledge to dispense and i will like to share it. I will like to gradually celebrate each one. 

I want the entire world to know that at the very-very-very least, they have one hearty loving fan

Your Boy Terry

Join the community HERE!!! 


Note: The next edition of "5 SteemHumans; 5 Questions; 10 Pieces of Advice" will resume again really soon. If you missed the first one, this is it:   

We are seeking coders/developers to help, by means of utopian.io or direct contributions. I would like to invite all  coders/developers, to show up on our SteemGigs development channel. 

Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today


Note that on SteemGigs, "everyone has something to offer". At the very least, you can update your profile on our website to open yourself up to more potential possibilities and improve your  general reputation even within the steemit community.  

To create awesome steemit posts, try our "un(dis)talented editor"

Read our detailed FAQ & Answers  

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.              

Let's Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag "steemgigs". Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented).  Join the Steemgigs Community on discord: https://discord.gg/CGuPyyT  

"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?

 created by @jason04 

I created my first Ulog yesterday and the feeling was priceless. I can't trade that feeling for anything. My friends were overjoyed to read everything about my day in just one post.

I didn't stop there, I proceeded to spread the good news of Ulog using every avenue around me. Screenshot_20180506-132712.png

I take this publicity personal because Ulog is too good to be missed by anybody.
God bless you @surpassinggoogle for telling us about ULOG


@penking, your advert about ulog is lit. That's a great deal. Thanks to @surpassinggoogle for always finding ways to add value to steemit and reduce the boringnness of the internet

Hi @surpassinggoogle! You good sir amazes me. You generate ingenious ideas and give off a kind of genuineness. I never really thought of the depth of the potential of steemit but I believe you're one of the people who keeps expanding its limits. Steemit has and will become boundless because of your efforts, ideas and authenticity.

I'm officially a fan. I admire your character and commitment to making this a better community (and to make a huge claim, the world as well).

I'll be joining the fun then. 😊 Go #ulog!

Like @surpasinggoogle will say, YOU ARE A CELEBRITY @arc.angel and that's what @ulog #ulog is aimed at. Keep ulogging.

You too sir @uyobong!
Let's keep up the #ulog spirit!

I am definitely going to make my first Ulog one of those days! Thats what I actually love, sharing my stories and opinions instead of that from others :)

Hahaha we spoke on that casually. Hope dad is good

This is really buzzing sir #surpassingoogle and for this platform. I am sure you will achieve success in this superb mission. Best wishes

#ulog us really a fenmonial idea and great platform of sharing the inner life of people and this kind of ideas can only be in the mind of great person like @surpassinggoogle the greatest witness ever we will see on steemit and @surpassinggoogle i have asked you before about the SMT launchment but you didnt replay!

This is really buzzing sir #surpassingoogle and for this platform. I am sure you will achieve success in this superb mission. Best wishes

Thanks a lot @hazelalex the bold words of your is my concern now, just to inform you that in less than 2 days on #ulog, #ulogs we had 811 clients, in the history of steemit it my boss @surpassingGoogle only as break the guinness book of record

Please do make one soon too, so you can tell us about Dad too.


Try to make yours as soon as possible @xsasj.
this really superb sir,for everyone to catch the fun. #ulog has been a successful trend.
I have made my first day #ulog and it's made me to be excited when I was typing it. So, I am advising everyone to hurry up to experience the fun.
Mr @surpassinggoole I can't wait to join you at the #steemgigs talk show, what are you waiting friends.... Stay blessed and God bless you sir.

Wow, in just two? That is great. Thanks @surpassinggoogle for giving everybody idea of what to blog on.

I missed the last talk show, I will not miss this for anything

Just as @surpassinggoogle said The next talk show starts in less than 3hrs on the discord channel. Stay put am sure its gonna be very interesting

Yeah and we’d talk more on this in the talk show on discord. This is interesting. Kudos to @surpassinggoogle on this one

Wow,this is really awesome,another master piece of work from @surpassinggoogle,just heard of #ulog some few days ago,really awesome and its already making tremendous progress.

It's something very important to attend to.

Keep tuned in on steegigs discord chanel

This is a topic for the next Sunday school, cose it was only Jesus who had such break through and today we have a boss and a frd who as given us bread and fish without much sermon.
Thanks my boss @sirpassingGoogle the Lord will carry you through IJN. Amen

The main aim of ULOGs overall is to bring about positive world adjustment, where each Ulogger consciously uses each day to evolve.

This is another unique arrangement from the stable of @surpassinggoogle. I love #ulogs because it is 'fresh and natural', no additives and I tell you it is going to enhance users engagement on here, seriously because 'You' is involved. I poured out my heart with no inhibitions , thank you for the opportunity to explode.

Whaatt?? That's me on the screenshot, Sir Terry. Haha!

Your #ulog is a success and will be a very successful trend soon. I am pretty sure of that. Congrats to everyone who joined and will join.

I think I am PRETTY talented, Sir Terry. Hahaha

I think it already is. I see it everywhere! There are a lot of posts about it already and It has only been a few days.

SHARE on Social Media with ULOG Hashtag!

Click those Steemit share buttons! Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc. (^_^)

I even have my own #ulog story @leeart. Hahaha

Oohh..heading there now.

I do think it's already a successful trend...
Please do join.
It's been fun all along....


Yeah dear you right...
It has really been fun..

Wow! That's so great! 811 ulogs already??? This is amazing! I should also take part of this!. This should be a great opportunity for people who cannot think of what to post. Instead of posting about something, post about yourself as #Ulog representing "yourself"! Power up!! 😁

I want to write ULOG 😂. I want my ulog to be fun and full of laughter. Hope everybody reads it ;)

I was intrigued with this ulog because it was trending here in steemit. Because of my curiosity, I search what does the meaning of ulog and I got it from reading the ulog blog. It is a fresh blog with different stories. I love reading it and I decide that I will make an ulog blog soon. You really have some fun here in ulog. No need to travel just to get a blog. It's all about you in ulog! You always amaze us @surpassinggoogle!You have a big heart and you're not tired of helping us.

I post my first #Ulog post. And in two day 800 Uloggers I'm very impressed.. @surpassinggoogle thanks for supporting us, steemians.

I will join the discord later! yey to sir @surpassinggoogle

I better read your previous posts to read more. As expected our fellow Steemians has adapted #ULog immediately. :) I'm happy to check this out and I can share mine as well.

I made my first Ulog post last night after I read your post about it Terry. I was so inspired to write my ulog moments everyday to show my different side here in steemit community. It's a great initiative to all Ulogger that can freely express their thoughts. Everyone can be a vlogger.. yet anyone could be a Ulloger's.. Great Job Sir!!

Ulog is amazing. It has made a big difference on my blog. I hope to achieve bigger things on steemit with ulog. With ulogs,we all win. Thanks @surpassinggoogle.

So much excitement in the air. I missed your last post announcing Ulogs, I only got to know about it from a friend, @joshuaetim who called me to mention it. I have curated a couple of posts on the tag since yesterday. It's just so fun and relieving to learn about how other Steemians are going about their day. Alright, I just join the server, I'm sure it's gonna be fun.

Yeah, definitely, it's going to be fun, I can put my right hand on my chest concerning that.
I look forward to reading your first Ulog message. @surpassinggoogle just knows how to bring out the very best from humanity.

Happy Sunday bro!

I didn't made it at the talk last night because of a busy night but still, thank you for this one. I would rather wait for the next talkshow. More power @surpassinggoogle.

Firstly congratulate you again for the #ulog initiative, it is really amazing as in only 2 days this number of users that are already making use of this has been reached.

As you mention it, many have already shared their happiness, humor, and other emotions that are giving life back to our steemit community, and even many people who had moved away a little have resumed their accounts to join ulog, thanks to all the users who have echoed this information.

On the other hand, I am very impressed by the fact that they are building a community for creative young people, it is really a good start, we have many talented people who should be part of this community.
You can see the dedication that is putting him to this new project that until now has been very successful, and we hope that he will be with the support of all of you and creating 100% original content.

I hope God will continue to fill you with blessings @surpassinggoogle and may all your good deeds be rewarded in abundance.

Wow, this is amazing. and I want to be an ulogger. Tomorrow I will start my first day, and for the first step I have supported steemgigs as my witness. my second step is already connected in discord steemgigs. even though I am limited in English, for tomorrow and the first I will promote it in two languages, that is english and indonesia, i hope stemians in indonesia will become ulogger. this will be amazing. Love you uloger and steemgigs.

Best regards @jubagarang

A big WOW....sir terry @surpassinggoogle ,I loved #ulog #ulogs this is very initiative new production you inspire many steemians,including me also hahahaha😁👍thank you so much sir...Mabuhay..😁👍

Thank you kuya Terry 😀💖 I created my #ulog of the day.
Sadly I missed the show on discord.

#ULog is just flooding in my feed. The intensity of the ULog buzz cant be ignored, everybody is now talking about Ulog. Steemit is really amazing world.

U are evolving, changing the world in a dynamic nature....

I think it is flooding everyone else's feed which is amazing! I see posts from different parts of the world. What a movement!

Wow, 811 ulogs is such a good number to be recorded in such a short time and I'm glad my ulogs are among those numbers.

Dear @surpassinggoogle, My heart was warm when I read this paragraph:

"I am also already thinking of how i would craft ULOGS into a steem-based website, based on the feedback it has stirred"

My heart was warm and is still warm. Why? Because this has made me understand that Ulog is not only about what we've seen today. You are constantly thinking about new innovations to introduce into Ulog and verily verily I say to you, this is priceless. May Jehovah bless you @surpassinggoogle😎😎😍😍

Whaooo @surpassinggoogle, 811 in just 2 days is huge, the number is something to be amazed about. There will still be a massive growth if steemians go straight to support Uloggers, I myself is going straight there.

That delegation from @steemgigs is also a nice decision, this is the kind of support communities are looking for out there to support not just new users but the project itself.

If you are not yet a ulogger, you are on a long thing.

Join in, start unlocking the u in you with ulog

Yeah that’s the way it is, whatever @surpassinggoogle is part of us a blessing . Believe me I’d love to read from you if you haven’t done yours . See you on the talk show on discord

JUST WOW!!! It's just tremendously Fab and shocking to hear that 811 #ulogs made in just less than 2 days and within 48 hours. It's unbelievable which showing how steemians are active here and wanted to promote this platform to the next level.

Keep it up and Rock it like this always..!!

Yes, one thing about special about #ulog is that it gives the ambience to unlock the "U" In you.

this is the genius idea of @surpassinggoogle,

Ulogs change the game base on new steemit category,

the originality of his idea
and the creativity on his works is so amazing.

truly terry boy gives us an idea to explore more in steemit.

Keep Your Blogs Posted with Positivity and Love.


Wow! 800 #ulogs? That's amazing!

I am not surprised though. The idea and concept behind #ulog is a real solution to blogger's excuses. And any product, invention, technology or idea that SOLVE HUMAN Problem is usually fast embraced by the society.

Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle, you are truly a solution to this community and beyond.

I am off to my blog to announce about the Talk show that will be happening in 3 hours from now.

I will use new tags so other users can see. I will although use #steemgigs as first tag as it is reasonable. Your works are amazing sir @surpassinggoogle.

You see the first thing I wrote was I have a lot to share everyday, my second #Ulogs post was a song I wrote yesterday, I have many more to share in the futur. This is a wonderful idea. How have you been my friend @desmonddesk

I am awesome! See you at the talk show with @surpassinggoogle.

His works are amazing just loke him.

Stay tuned at steemgigs discord chanel

Wow this is so amazing the number of things you attend to. Please eat well to be Strong for us.we will be glad to see you alway hail and happy. Please make the cout 812 i am going to make my ulog now.

Better hurry I have made my own and I am very happy I did

Ulog teardrops these are one of the most memorable things
That have happened to me more grace to @surpassinggoogle

This #ulog idea is just so awesome, thanks much for this one sir @surpassinggoogle, We can write and post what we are doing daily with full of #KULITNESS. And I already did 2 #ulog post hopefully to post the third one before end of the day (KSA TIME).

long live #ulog #ulogs #ulogger

I have see a lot of positive comments about #ulog, this must be a very nice innovation by @surpassinggoogle

A few minutes ago, I created my first Ulog. I think that is amazing. @surpassinggoogle

I will participate in the talk show.
It'll be great honor to interact with you @surpassinggoogle.

You definitely need to participate, see you there my friend

Were you there? I must have missed you :)

Ulog is trending now. Hehehe

811 ULOGS created in just 2 days of existence of Ulog!!!! This is going to be massive. It's has signs of influencing a huge amount of activity on steemit. I see you've been extra busy lately @surpassinggoogle and am more than delighted that you've been spending this much time on steemit. Responding to users inspires many many steemians to continue their activity on the platform. I honestly can't wait to be a Ulogger.

Very right bro, @surpassinggoogle has really been one of the few people dedicating time to creating a better community, keep it up

It's just the beginning and we have more than 800 #ulogs.
Good will be forced to think who the hell is this #ulog :p
A great success Terry,
My best wishes are with you.

800 posts??? Wowww to be candid, I expected more. Hahahahahah I remember telling @oladayoamusan that @surpassinggoogle should be ready for millions of notifications with thus #Ulog concept. Hahahahaha

Seems you don't even know how much love wr have for you and the amazing concept. Hmmmm
Can't wait to be part of the show. 2 hours to go


811 in 2days? that's amazing. I think I'll make mine soon. Also, Looking forward to the talk show. Trust it'll be fun

Great job and best wishes @surpassinggoogle

ulog is just like a revolution on steemit, such type of programs encourages the undervalued steemians who provide good content here. I thank you from bottom of my heart. Have a great day. Good luck.

Wow! This is really exciting! Thank you sir @surpassinggoogle Tery for the upvote of my #ulog post!😘

I am officially starting my ulog series today... Wow 800 plus already. This is awesome.
Lemme prepare for the voice discussion, even my village people can't stop me this time. Count down to 4pm in naija time.

wow that was amazing sir @surpassinggoogle ! i posted 2 ulog only.. hahaha your #ulog tag is so famous right now!

The user log (ULOG) is a file to which all messages generated by the BEA Tuxedo system-error messages, warning messages, information messages, and debugging messages-are written. Application clients and servers can also write to the user log. A new log is created every day and there can be a different log on each machine. However, a ULOG can be shared by multiple machines when a remote file system is being used.

The ULOG provides an administrator with a record of system events from which the causes of most BEA Tuxedo system and application failures can be determined. You can view the ULOG, a text file, with any text editor. The ULOG also contains messages generated by the tlisten process. The tlisten process provides remote service connections for other machines. Each machine, including the master machine, should have a tlisten process running on it.

#ulog is such an exciting topic. I had tried making my first #ulog yesterday, it was fun sharing about the important events happening in our everyday activities.
Here is my 1st #ulog: https://steemit.com/ulog/@juwel/my-ulog-1-saturday-day-out-f6205f3b23f87

its a biggest success of #ulog.. Proud to be #ulogger.

I'm really proud of you brother that some from Nigeria can really be of help to many nation. I glad you portray and take high the banner of our land. Keep the good work flowing man. It is so generous of you putting this project in place. It will be of good assistance to a lot of steemian both minnows and newbies like myself.

I will try to post my ulog post soon,can i post about my daily activity or something like that.
If time allows i will try to post it as soon as possible.

Good job sir terry! More power and more blessing. 😊😊😊

well I never able to catch you live on discord but heard friends get in touch with our angel @surpassinggoogle I wish our schedule match to each other :(

Wow amazing, it is Big success for ulog. Sir Terry you contribution towards success of all steamians specially for minnow and untelented is wonderful.

I created two ulogs post already since the birth of ulogs , it hasn’t been supported but I promoted them we are surely it fans , ulog rocks !!! Thanks my brother Terry Ajayi @surpassinggoogle . You’re truly one of a kind . Your mom would be so proud , her spirit joys over yyour good deeds . You’re a hero !!! Yes my hero

#ulog is the number one on trending list. A steemian day is never complete without a #ulog. I believe you still have a lot in stock. Keep going bro

#Uloggers are happy and excited about this development it is our earnest desire that all ears and eyes get to know about what is trending.
Thanks to those friends of @surpassinggoogle who is going to say a yes to help reduce the burden from him
We appreciate you

Unlock the "U" in "You" using #Ulog.
@surpassinggoogle is an embodiment of creativity.

Always having the minnows at heart.

Gold or silver i have not, but prayer is what i have.

Blessings upon blessings on u.

May God wipe away your tears

recently many people tag you their post.
all are positive review and ami also following you and i also realise that you are working good and supportive person.
im going to writing under #Ulog.
thank you dear.

And please join the discord channel and you will hear words of wisdom there.
Thanks for participating on #uLog

can i get the server link?

I spilled out my heart with no inhibitions,Thank you for the chance to explode.You great sir astounds me.You create shrewd thoughts and emit a sort of genuineness.I appreciate your character and sense of duty regarding improving this a community.Congrats to everybody who joined.

Great Post tanks for shar I'm waiting :)

Please Stop - @marcospolos

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Please stop making comments like this and read the ways to avoid @pleasestop and earn the support of the community.

You’ve been warned , stop spamming. Make honest comments

811 ulogs in two days!
It's amazing.But i think you didn't check out my ulog.Count it also in #ulog posts.
Thanks dear sir @surpassinggoogle to giving a great idea of blog.
Check it out- https://steemit.com/ulog/@intisar/my-1st-ulog-day-it-s-all-about-me-and-my-family-to-all

I really missed that thing sir. Actually i'm very busy from last two days. 😖 i didn't have the time to see the post of you... Really a nice innovative platform has created again... & Thanks to you sir @surpassinggoogle.☺ You are consequently bring revolutionary change in this community sir @surpassinggoogle. ✌ I'm so happy sir there so much people love & respect you... You done an extra-ordinary work...God bless you sir.☺

omg! This new #ulog project is a wow!.
I cannot wait to start seeing its impact here on the lifes of every steemians.

It's actually good @surpassinggoogle made a post about #ulogs and those numbers are doing great. I need to be there.

This is beautiful I am wanting to be a part of it

Ulogger everywhere. #ulog is now a movement. Great job you are doing bro

This is just as expected, @surpassinggoogle comes up with an idea and it spreads like wildfire. Would definitely hook up on the discord channel tonight to discuss this amazing thing

I love ulog ..very helpful ..special thanks to @surpassinggoogle

you have great idea sir terry @surpassinggoogle because of ulogs many can express their idea and feelings through this platform. congrats

wow in just a few days, #ulog has already reached 800. It was a huge success. Congrats to @surpassinggoogle for this idea.

This is amazing!! The idea of ulog is unique and enables users to express more about themselves.
What amaze me most is the number of post realize in just 2 days. What a great record. Keep the good work going sir Terry.
You great work and attitude towards people on and off this community is what makes you progressing.
Thanks for sharing @surpassinggoogle

Ulog sounds is really exciting, when you read it thingking, what is it all about? When you knew it you smile and saying "this is it". I posted my Day 2 and one commented like this....


Steemians are getting excited and curious about #ulog thank you so much Terry for all the support and hardwork, see ya soon at the live voice at discord for the second time, stay blessed and good more power😊

This is the new style of blogging, to post of life of you and real you and hows life going on everyday.😊 thank sir terry aka @surpassingoggle you are an inspiration to me to make ulogs always, as i do before..but now it will be exciting just because there is a whale like who will acknowledge the simpl ulog.😊 Jehovah bless you!

Oh I love to hear that we are having another chance to hear our angel's voice..We are all willing to listen again Sir Terry.Thank you for the #ulog.It is easy for us to write our daily endevour...Yes to @steemgigs discord.I am learning more and mlre day by day
Thank you Sir for your love to human kind..You love so many steemians so here we are backing you..God bless

wow! I am excited for the discussion later in discord...Anyway, I just posted my ulog today using steemgigs.org in the category of surpassinggoogle - teardrops. I hope ulog will be added in the steemgigs.org falling under surpassinggoogle's bank of knowledge. Thank you.

How I wish I could do my nice #Ulog today! What can you do when fever strikes and you're down.

Well, I managed to read this beautiful article and this brought me more hope and renewed energy. There is special message in this sentence...

Dormant accounts are waking up. It is a beautiful sight!

A message of hope and renewed energy. It forecast great retainment for the steemit community going forward rather than the quick burning out and then eventual dormancy that used to be the order of the day.

With #ULOG now, everyone has a chance to grow in steemit. Thanks dear Terry @surpassinggoogle . you continue to record great feats in history.

Despite my fever, I will still struggle to ulog today however minimal.

I will try to make my ist ulog post one of this days.. ulog? All about me?

I did my ulog post not quite long, it's really a great initiative @surpassinggoogle. I liked it!!!

wow how great and good idea excited very much. I become ULOGS since then I start join this platform. Everyday I learned so much with other's I am very thankful to you sir Terry for having this good news again. No words can explain how grateful I am. Once again thank you and I pray that you will always have a good health and your family as well.

I also got my first ulog,hehe
I'll wait for the talk show sir Terry :-)

Wow! #ulogs is already trending in the platform! Great idea for people like me running out of idea what to post! Thanks for this great initiative sir!

More power to @ulogs!!!!

Steemgigs discord part 2! Hope I can join later...

Fingers crossed while waiting for the talk show ✌

It will be 800 and counting. Congratulations to all, Ulog is very successfull. thank u @surpassinggoogle..I haven't made my ulog yet, but i will definitely do it soon. I hope I won't miss the talk show later 😊 I'm going to charge my phone right now

Really very excellent project Ulog..... It’s new to me .... very glad to know about it.... thanks for sharing...

I made my first Ulog yesterday and I intend to make this a daily activity with today's too being posted in sometime soon. This was an amazing idea and we all are clearly loving it as seen from the number of ulogs out there.

#Ulog Day 2: My boyfriend got jealous with @surpassinggoogle! :D

hahaha 😂 I laughed out loud hehe

Hey man, Count me in. Will be there in discord.

Yay! Another talk show.. Excited for that :) and thank you for bringing #ulog. Its just become part of our daily routine :)

Proud to be #ulogers! You are a great man and golden heart whale ! You have a compassion to minnow like me! Jehovah bless you sir Terry! @surpassingoggle! We love you!

Terry for president of the world, you know how to get even the lowest of persons feel good about their personalities. Hopefully #Ulog will be great and just more than a tag on steemit but a feat that will shape the world's view of their fellow human beings.

We all need strengthening and ulog brings a form of strength to the table.

I couldn't have asked for anything better in 2018. Ulog is the best thing that has featured in my life this year so far. I've not created any Ulogs yet but I'm closely studying those that have been made and I'm generously dropping my few cents.


Hmm, feels like I'm the only one left, I will join ulogs as soon as I can. And now I watch hours tick pass for another talk show to come crash my defense and help me outta the box, lol...hope network connection has mercy on me today... Thanks @surpassinggoogle for all the help with the accounts opening and setting, and for our daily life record system in ulogs, I can't thank you enough..

Congratulations Sir Terry @surpassinggogle for this success birth of #ulogs !

Count me in Sir on the discord talk show later...👍

More power!😊

Despite all the buzz of the newly introduced Ulog and all the responsibilities attached to the status you've attained, you still have time to help someone create not one but several Steemit account?

You didn't stop there but went ahead to delegate STEEM Power to them.
Dear @surpassinggoogle, you are one of the few good men still existent on Mama earth. The earth could just become a paradise if we have 100 more people like you don't you think?

I am very happy to join the #ulog and #ulogs tags. I just posted using the hastag, and from now on I will promote the #ulog and #ulogs tags to the community friends I build.

More Than 800 ULOGS Have Been Created Since The Birth Of ULOGS Less Than Two Days Ago, this is the reality the steemians are like ulog and love to @surpassinggoogle :-)

Nice talk show
i participate it
thanks for sharing

811 is a huge number considering that Ulog is only two days old. This shows that Steemians have already embraced Ulog with open arms. This may not be unrelated to the fact that over time, you have gained the love, admiration and respect if this community.
Please keep doing what you are doing, dear @surpassinggoogle, we love you. I LOVE YOU and I LOVE ULOG

This is awasome talk show
i miss this talk show
it's really informaative

This is beautiful, and such a great news. Ulogs will continue to excel and grow because it touches the reality of everyday living and gives us all the opportunity to become superheroes and celebrities.
Well done @surpassinggoogle for this amazing project

Oh man good that I was able to get out of my hibernation after eating korean bbq last night which I was supposed to to upload as my first #ulog but being so full I needed a day to digest all that I ate hahahha

Yes the effect has been enormous as more and more people use the #ulog in order to share themselves.

It maybe just the ticket for some who have been dormant lately and getting like minded people to see what they do and gain more engagers.

I will be there later in discord and that is what i want as well Terry to transform Steemgigs discord as one of the most active and supportive group on Steemverse.

See you later then!

I became a ulogger today!

Thanks to @surpassinggoogle for allowing me.

And for the discord talk show later, I will join though it is my first time...😅

I am lucky being one of 800 uloggers. Soon after my first #ulog post, I promote this tag to my friends in my place. And I will promote more to help you @surpassinggoogle growing this tag. I will join the discord talk 3 hours from now. Thank you do much for all your assisstance Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle.

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