Caution while crossing the street (Contest: Zombies)

in #trialbycomics3 years ago (edited)

I stumbled upon another contest which seemed pretty "funny". It's a zombies themed contest by @kommienezuspadt.

So there have to be zombies... But I wanted that there is a certain message to the picture. Well, here we go:

The entry

As the caption says, you should always look in all directions, beacause the traffic could come from any direction.
Be careful, kids!

This reminds of an old joke or two:

-Why did the chicken cross the road?
-Because there were zombies chasing after it.

-Who is there?
-Raghrghrg wh-....

Well, it is pretty late, gotta sleep, I guess

The process (step by step animation)


What would you say? :)

Is it too scary?
How about a cute cat instead? :)


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WAO friend this great your entrance. That picture shows a lot of things I love. I believe you've exceeded my entrance. Lots of luck in the contest.

thank you, but it's up to hte contest host, he has to decide which entry exceed ;)
there were so many entries, i dont think, that I'll make it in the top places.
thanks, good luck for you too :)

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I like this a lot. Reminds me of another variation of a popular phrase: More zombies than you can shake a stick at. Which obviously has it's own potential problems.

Honey! Quit poking the zombies!

I like the full attention on the ones in the cage while the one she should be watching out for is about to grab her. Very nice, and probably a life lesson to be told, with or without zombies. :)

yea... but if you take a closer look, you will see that she has something up her sleeve. Or rather in her right hand ;)
did you see it? there is a pistol ^^

Aha! That's funny. I looked at the picture for quite a while and never saw that gun. :) Okay, so she's poking the zombies but she's prepared. :) Very good. I'll need to be more observant next time.

:D the gun wasnt there as I was thinking aboout drawing this and the very first sketch didnt include the gun.
But the further I advanced with the picture the more details appeared suddenly :D All at once, the girl was not the prey, but a quite dangerous predator pretending to be careless :)

Very nice. Now, we've got a misdirection going. Sweet touch. Poke the zombies, look careless, take out the wanderer when it attacks. Blam!

Okay. I'll calm down. Very nice, and very good addition with the gun. Give her an attitude worthy of a proper protagonist. :)

dont mess with a calmly looking girl :D