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Heya all, @martibis here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!

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Travel Digest

#1 3-day Backpacking Trip in the Ansel Adams Wilderness

@firealive55 takes us into the Ansel Adams Wilderness in California, USA. Hiking around here, seems well worth it. Stunning lakes and beautiful mountain ranges make up most of this post. Watch out for some of the most incredible sunset shots you'll ever see!

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#2 On a historical journey through Malacca

@steef-05 takes us to Malacca, Malaysia. There is history in abundance here, as the city has been ruled by the Portugese, Dutch and English. If the historical influences aren't enough for you, there is still plenty of cultural diversity, noticeable in areas like Little India and China Town.

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#3 Let's travel together #71 - Tâmpa Peak, Brașov (Vârful Tâmpa, Brașov)

@gabrielatravels takes us to Tampa Peak, Brasov, Romania. There are a lot of options to reach the peak, but @gabrielatravels decides to take the so-called steps of Gabony, steep up for 400metres! On top incredible views await though, making it well worth the effort!

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Thanks for mentioning me :) you're doing a great work, the world map is an awesome and useful addition to steemit. Congrats to the winners!

You're very welcome! And thank you for your kind words!

Thank you for nominating and boosting my post! ♥

You're so welcome, another great post!

Thanks for the feature! Swm is the first tool I used on Steemit and I still love it.

Oh damn, I didn't know we were the first tool you ever used on here! Cool to see you still using it, that's for sure!

Thank you for the honourable mention🍺🍺 Cheers

You're welcome!

Thank you for the support! I really apreciate it. Congrats to all the autors as well :)

You're welcome!

Thank you @steemitworldmap for the "Honorable Mentions". Loving it. 😆

You're welcome!

Thank you for mentioning the @silkroad40 journey! :)

You're welcome, looks like one hell of a trip!

Indeed! :) In Turkmenistan Philipe had to drive the whole day with +47 degrees.

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