Let's travel together #71 - Tâmpa Peak, Brașov (Vârful Tâmpa, Brașov)

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It's often said that visiting a new city, a new place, might end by finding a new YOU.
A "you" that is ready to get lost in a foreign city and discover its beauties.
But what about if we could see the city from the top and discover it from the height?

Well, that's what we are going to do today.


It's not a surprise anymore that when you ask people who are not from Romania, what they've heard about this country, many of them remember about Bran Castle from Brasov, or that Brasov is one of the most beautiful places from this part of the world - and I completely agree with that ; but today I won't talk about the castle but rather invite you into a new adventure that will bring us on top of the world.

Brașov it's part of Transylvania and it represents one of the biggest cities from our country, located on a altitude of 625m in the Carpathians curvature.
The city is also known as a place very rich in touristic attractions, so spending a day here won't be enough to visit everything.
If you pay attention to the picture on the right, on top side you will notice a hill where it's written Brasov - keep in mind that peak which is known as Tâmpa, because we are going to climb that mountain and create some cool memories out there.

Tâmpa Peak is part of the Postăvaru Massive and it's almost entirely surrounded by Brasov, being located on a altitude of ~400m above the city.
The name of the peak would be translated as "steep cliff" and is mostly created by calcareous formations which nowadays represent a place very frequented by many tourists from all around the world, that take a trip to this place just to admire the beauty of the city from above.
It's also known that this area it's a home for 35% of the animals that live in Romania, such as bears, foxes, wolves, lynx and many more.


Reaching Tâmpa Peak might seem a little bit difficult for those who are not used to spend some hours climbing the sloping surface or for the old people who don't feel like they can make it to the top, so that's why there are many ways of access:
I. You can reach the peak by going through the 25 coils which were cut by the Forestry Branch of Brasov;
II. You can dare your body by following the steps of Gabony;
III. You can walk on the steps of the Brașovia's old fortress, also known as the Knight's Road;
IV. Or, you can use the cable which makes the connection between the city and the peak. The ride takes no more than 3 minutes until you reach the top of the world and the cost of the ticket is 10RON/adult (2.14EUR) or 6RON/kid (1.28EUR).


The view behind the "Brasov" letters from the Tampa Peak

So I can feel the real effort that I put on to see the city from above, I've decided to take the route by following the steps of Gabony, which represents the most beautiful trail to the Tâmpa Peak being accessed daily by ~500 tourists from all over the world.
The winding steps of Gabony represent just the beginning of the trail which actually is the hardest part of it and along your journey you will find many spots where you can stop by to admire the beautiful landscape to the city or just to take a break until you continue the trip.
As soon as you get over the steps of Gabony, you will reach a bright glade which is inviting you to take a moment of rest while sitting on the benches and table made of natural wood, opening a great view to the city.
Many people would believe that here is the end of the trail but that's completely false as the journey continues with another 30-40 mins through the forest (with a visible easier difficulty of walking) until you get behind the "Brasov" letters that I've showed you at the beginning of the post, bringing you to belvedere.
If you want to go even further than belvedere, there are another 10 minutes of climbing until you reach the Tâmpa Peak where you will also find the ruins of the Brassovia Fortress, but even a few wooden platforms where you can spend a few minutes (or more) to take some pictures or just to admire the beautiful landscape of the city.
The whole journey takes around 2 hours and the efforts are well rewarded once you make your first steps on the peak.


In the end is not about the hours you spend on the way to a touristic attraction, nor about the efforts or the sweat you put on but more likely about the memories you create there and the feeling of accomplishment you have when you make it to the top and add one more achievement on your traveling list.



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The route by following the steps of Gabony is my favorite! Nice post about my hometown. :) Maybe we'll meet next time when visiting Brasov, @gabrielatravels.


It's my favourite too 😊
And yes, I may visit Brașov for a few more times as I haven't seen everything out there 😃

I hope to visit this place , thank you for your information for this place , if i have enough money i will visit this :)


I also hope for you to visit it one day as it really worth it. Thanks for stopping by. :)


I have family i and my wife with 5 children , how much rent the house there , and how much money almost need for one month ?


I really have no idea, it all depends on the season when you are coming, how crowded of tourists is the city and your preferences. But I do know that traveling to Romania is pretty cheap for tourists from other countries :)


Thank you very much , i hope you like this gift for you , i did that


Hawaii? It's on my list haha. Thanks :)

@gabrielatravels'ception :)
I knew there were more of you to actually travel this much..

Keep up the good work!


Haha, thanks Alex :)

Nice place! I love Brașov!!


I love Brasov too :)

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Very good post and fantastic photos!

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Heya, just swinging by to let you know you're being featured in our Daily Travel Digest!

So cool... I feel almost as if I climbed to the peak with you, effortlessly! Lol... Thank you for taking us along... :)


Hahaha. That's too easy, I hope you will climb that mountain by yourself one day too! :D

Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing your travels, Gabriel. Are you a twin?


Thanks :)
Yes I'm a twin :D

Thanks for taking us on a virtual tour of this interesting place so much of interest you shared with us


And a loooot more are coming 😊


@gabrielatravels cool look forward to seeing them

Wow! What an icredible journey. I'm a fan, haha. I hope to visit this place someday :)


You definitely should! 😊