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  • Introduction

    Welcome to the 123rd edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!
    As always all posts featured here will be put on our Editors Choice Map.

    Hi. It's @choogirl here. Something strange is going on with the map again. There was a couple of hours yesterday where no posts were being pinned to it. We are aware of this and looking into it. If you experience a problem please let us know in a comment.


    #1 Csiksomlyo, Romania

    First up, @adonisabril describes his experience at one of the biggest Catholic pilgrimages in Europe—in Romania’s Harghita County in the town of Csiksomlyo. Although reluctant to attend at first, his interest was piqued when he saw the photos and was offered accommodation in a Communist-era apartment. Each year, tens-of-thousands of pilgrims come from as far away as Australia to gather and pray to a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary. But it's not all about the potential religious miracles; there is plenty of food and local beers to be consumed as well.

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    #1 Csiksomlyo, Romania

    #2 Leshan, China

    Next, @mrspointm gives us a tour of her home city Leshan, China. She starts at Mount Emei and takes us around the beautiful Baoguo Temple. Next up we visit the Leshan Giant Buddha, which is not only a popular tourist attraction, but also the city's eudemon. She then shares some background information on typical local dishes including Qiaojiao beef, jellied bean curd, Bobo chicken, and special pancakes, before discussing the difficulties other native speakers have in understanding the local dialect.

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    My 2018: A Tour Around My Town - Leshan, China - 我的2018: 乐山乐水乐逍遥

    #3 Yarra Ranges, Victoria, Australia

    Finally, @thewam takes us on a day trip to the Yarra Ranges National Park in Victoria, Australia. She starts in Healsville—a town popular with tourists and Melbourne day-trippers alike. She points out the numerous cafes serving artisanal coffee and brunches, a gourmet burger place that also caters to vegans, and an upmarket wine bar where she feels very out of place. Activities in the area include a gin distillery, Yarra Valley wine tours, forest trails, the Puffing Billy steam train, and of course, Healsville Sanctuary.

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    #3 Yarra Ranges, Victoria, Australia

    Honorable mentions

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    thanks once again for the mention - resteemed!


    You're welcome. Thanks for continuing to pin great posts to the map!

    Thanks for the feature!

    Very interesting to see the steemitworldmap filling up! I've always been fascinated by the haunting beauty of Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet world. You had me at Romania. And I've made @jurgan (in the Honorable Mentions) a must-read going forward for my Ukraine fix.


    That street art is pretty cool.

    I appreciate the honorable mention. It's really great to find all these quality posts.


    You're welcome.

    I’ll have to start using this. Can I add photo centric posts or is the map more article focused?


    You can pin photos to the map. However, for Travel Digest we would only include a photography post if there are sufficient words to describe the place since the focus is on travel.


    Fair enough. Thanks!

    A Honorable mention is more than just honorable. Thank you!


    Thank you for using the map!

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    Apologies for the stupid question, but what posts belong in the map? In my area, I see some local landmarks, but also some temporary sculptures? Do restaurants belong in it?


    Not a stupid question. You can pin whatever you like to the map--what you've mentioned are all fine. However, for the Travel Digest, we focus on high quality travel posts. Sometimes we will include a photography post if there are sufficient words to describe the place, and restaurant reviews if they are exceptional.


    Thanks, seems like a good job for me. There are no pins in my area. Only about 50 km away in a different town.

    thanks for sharing😊

    just WOW!!!

    Thanks for the mention!😊

    Well done everyone for being featured and getting recognition for quality content!

    Thank you again @steemitworldmap for the feature; best steemit day ever! Love Lali xx

    This is another great feature. I look forward to the next one. :)

    BTW i also have some travel blog hope this can reach your channel