From takayama to Tokyo, by @japon (tranlated from French)

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This is an authorized translation in English of a post in French by @japon: De takayama à Tokyo

As my primary language is not English, there are probably some mistakes in my translation.

Remember that the person that speaks here is NOT me, Vincent Celier (@vcelier), but @japon, a French guy.

I spent the night in a wonderful traditional ryokan. On its own, it symbolizes all that I had come to find in Japan. The refinement, the carefully chosen decoration, the sense of service and this particular aesthetic.

At 7:55 AM I show up for breakfast. I am made to understand that I am too early: it is necessary to wait for 8:00 AM precise. The staff is busy, and then the doors open. I have a shock.

A room all in tatami, shoji panels on the sides, some tables and zabuton armchairs. That's wonderful. There is a small Japanese garden, and the ryokan manager explains to me that the azalea that stands in the center is over 300 years old.

I sit down at a table, and they begin to bring me the meal. Small bowls, fish, beef in miso paste, some vegetables, rice, tea. It's hearty, it's beautiful and above all it's good. Every bite is an explosion of flavors. I had never eaten things as good as that.

After finishing breakfast I still stay a little to contemplate the place. I am well. I did not want to leave. Yet my life is elsewhere.

I have 2 ½ hours in front of me before taking my train. I'm leaving for a walk in the city, in the cool morning.

Every morning in Takayama there are two markets. I like these popular places. Vendors of vegetables, fruits, trinkets, some takeaway cuisine.

Continuing the walk in the city, I pass next to a temple and its big pagoda. I take advantage of the last moments in this small town that has retained its historic charm.

But time is running out, I return to the ryokan to take my luggage, not without thanking my hosts for a night. I get on the little local train that brings me to Nagoya. From there I take a Shinkansen to Tokyo.

Because the trip lasts a few hours, I buy one of these Bento that are on sale everywhere. I enjoy it as I see the scenery in front of me at almost 300 kilometers an hour.

We pass next to Mount Fuji. It was my only opportunity to see it. I had planned a day in Kawaguchiko, but the weather was so bad that I could not do anything. It rained all the time and the iconic volcano remained hidden. I do not even speak to you about it because finally there was not much to say.

Too bad, seeing Mount Fuji is also a matter of luck. It will be for next time.

At 6 PM, I arrive at Tokyo station. It was a Friday, there were a lot of people. I have to take a train to the Asakusa area where I had booked a hotel. But I cannot find the platform. I ask an agent, who is happy to accompany me on the platform. Ah, Japanese friendliness touched me a lot during this trip.

-- @japon

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Beautiful. The story and photo of such a brilliant place just makes my want to visit Japan increase 10 fold. Thank you for sharing, @japon.

Its useful us.

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