"Amsterdam - Photo Report" by MM Explore Series

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I will go straight to the point as most of you all know about this place. Amsterdam is a must see and one of the best places one can find himself in. It does not matter if you are young or old, want to see culture, architecture, sightseeing or partying…anything you can imagine wrapped up in this lovely medium sized city with its mixed and diverse culture, people, food and art.

First thing I would recommend to anybody going to Amsterdam to get “Iamsterdam City Card”, that gives you free entry to the city's top attractions and free public transport for the duration of your stay as well as free one hour cruise in the city canals. It can be bought for up to 4 days.

Here are some of the attractions we have visited. It’s been for five days so it’s kind of hard to visit everything as there is so much to see and do around in the city. Even the walks especially in the dawns are amazing.


We were walking around a lot, just enjoying the architecture, streets and concrete...the canals have something so soothing and calming. People are so friendly and happy, city center is packed with tourist and mixed races and cultures and even with all that salad of people we could still feel that Dutch feeling.

Here are few pictures of the canals. Amsterdam has over 100 kilometers of canals, which surpasses the amount of canals in Venice considerably, even though Amsterdam is made of 90 small islands, and Venice has 118.










In medieval times (sixteenth century) tax was paid based on the on the width of their houses. All houses in Amsterdam are built on piles, drilled meters deep into the wet soil, that is why they are crooked like a drunk man. One thing all canal houses have in common is the hook in the gable. Gables were used to camouflage the end of sharp, pitched roofs, to which a pulley wheel and rope can be attached to move goods and furniture up and down the steep staircases found inside most houses. Here are few pictures of the streets and architecture.






















Next are few pictures from museums and places we have visited. I have included link for all if you are interested in learning more about them.

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam





Amsterdam has around 30 markets wit a lot of food and things to buy as they kept their tradition of merchandising from old times. Today its more for tourism than supply of domestic population.


Rembrandt House Museum


Vondelpark is the largest city park in Amsterdam and is great place to go for a picnic or just rest if you are passing by. Full of people - enjoying a day, dog-walking, jogging, roller-skating, listening to music, people-watching, or just lazing about in grass.





Outside and inside of the [National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam](https://www.amsterdam.info/museums/netherlands_maritime_museum/.



View on the EYE Filmmuseum next to "Iamsterdam" sign.


Inside of the NEMO Science Museum. Whole museum is interactive so its a great place to have fun like a little child.


Hortus Botanicus, botanical garden in Amsterdam





Micropia , a museum based on the idea of distributing information about microbes. This one was really interesting.



Diamond museum because you know, wife. Bling-Bling!


For sure if you ever find yourself here, spare few hours for visiting Rijksmuseum – The Museum of the Netherlands. So much to see, it's huge with dedications to arts and history in Amsterdam.








Van Gogh Museum has strict policy on not taking pictures so I took one incognito and one on the exhibition "Van Gogh and Japan".



That would be all from my trip to or should I say in Amsterdam.

...and one more thing, you need to try this stuff, raw herring...


If you want to enlarge all photos click HERE

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For sure it is on my next see list


Oh,bro, you would like it...whole town is like an art gallery and not to mention museums.


oooo thats the bes thing for me to know


I can all ready picture you like the "Alice in wonderland".


ahaha probably


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These pics are really amazing and showing your effort. I appreciate your effort, keep it up, my friend.
Thank you :)

great photos! although the...uh...provocative couch? took me by surprise there haha


Yeah,it was in the part with modern arts..funny one

I almost feel like I've been there after seeing your photos. I will have to add Amsterdam to my list of places to visit.

Proud member of #steemitbloggers @steemitbloggers


you are gonna love it man..be sure to put it on bucket list

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