Quick Trip Update: We made it to Czech Republic!

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Hoooooorray readers! This will be a quick series to update during the cycling - Progress has been made!

Suuuuuupe readers, when you think I'm dead bang I reappear! Let me update you on the progress of our winter journey on board the bicycle in Europe - We made it to Czech Republic safe and clear!

Thanks to YOU, the awesome steemians I'm at the moment in a hostel called Poet's Corner in Olomouc (CZ), one of the luxuries I'll threat myself from time to time just to update the page and talk to you all. My computer is already working full force on the videos and material should be released today and tomorrow!


Updating Life

Current Position: Olomouc in Zcech Republic.

This city is one of those places where you'd never want to leave, it's so alive and the architecture is amazing, you'll see on the upcoming posts. The hostel is awesome and has a 60's vibe; there's a piano, guitar, good music playing all day on the radio - will I leave this place to go back to the tent?


Click image to enlarge!

Following the Path

The route from Poland to Czech Republic was mostly paved with farms, fresh air, people looking at me suspisiously and specially tiring. Some parts were originally train tracks that they turned into bicycle lanes - smooth as butter and better than real brazilian high-ways. Here I'm resting a bit and freezing my behind when the sun hid between the trees.


Click image to enlarge!

Trails and Forests

Sometimes the path would lead inside forests with gravel roads, lots of ups and downs, loose rocks and wild animals. People chopping firewood could be heard on the distance and the smell of burning fireplaces could be smelled. In front of me the road and the noise of tires going over gravel, I couldn't help but think about my next wild camp and a hot meal.


Click image to enlarge!

Wild Camping

In order to enjoy nature and save some money I wild camp a lot, at 4 P.M the sun starts to go down, which pressures me to find a good spot away form people. Technicaly wild camping is not allowed, so finding the perfect spot takes time and effort. However, once it's done, it's done... the rest is the pure joy of being in nature, cooking and resting 'till the next day. This camp is recorded on video and will be released soon.


Click image to enlarge!

I'm staying in Olomouc until Friday so I can clear the content backlog, hopefully you'll enjoy it - all this is made possible because of you! Stay tuned and I'll try not to disapoint the monsters.

Come with me ladies and gentleman! Are you enjoying?

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~Love ya all,

Disclaimer:  The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust and inquietud. You've been warned.

I'm Arthur. I blog about Adventure Stories, Brazil, Travel, Camping & Life Experiences.

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Stay safe Sniff! And enjoy your rides!

Gaaaaabs, enjoying! Until I find a freaking hill than I'm go full berserk mode hahahahaha

How's Romania, is it super cold? I'm trying to scape the snow

Don't even mention it! I spent the last weekend in Sibiu at my friend and there were -6C and it wasn't even snowing! Now it's snowing from time to time in the whole country and the degrees are slowly going even lower. If you come to Romania bring the sun and the hot weather please! :D

Whaaaaaaat -6, my sleeping bag can't handle that! The other night I slept in -3. I seriously thought about heading that way, but it's way too cold.

Well it all depends on which side of Romania would you go, and what period. As there are cities where are -6C and others where is like 1C. But currently is a rainy/snowy period over here

Yeah, here in Austria too, It's been two days that I cycle below rain. Dang it

Great write up! Safe travels and here's to hoping you find warmer weather soon :)

Caaaaaaaaaaaapt, I'm trying. It feels like snow is just following me, it'll become interesting if I find myself in a forest covered with snow. Plus my Gopro is having a hard time on this freezing weather, battery lasts minutes and it's gone.

But we won't give up!!

Wild/stealth camping is half the fun of traveling by bike. It's nice when they have places that allow it. Have you looked for any places to stay on warmshowers.org?

So yeah, I registered there, but I don't get how it works..for me it appears to be a forum? Any tips?

There should be a map with dots for where each of the hosts are located. You can email from the site, but it's better to call or text if they provide a number.

This came up when I pressed search:


Oh yeah, found it! The ignorant me didn't press the big 'search' button on top hahahaha

Nice!!! Welcome to my homeland buddy! :) I love Olomouc - I often visit this city as I have some good friends over there :) Enjoy your stay and make sure to drink hectoliters of our famous beer! :)) A good friend of mine works in the Chomout Brewery on the ouskirt of Olomouc, it would be awesome if you stopped by to taste their beer and say hi to him :D

Hectoliters? hahahhahaa sad part is that I don't have loads of time to stay in each place, always going crazy to find a place to sleep and all. Next stop is Brno, which I'll possibly not going to stay, can't find a counch =/

I am sure you will find some free couch in Brno - there are good people living there :) So where are you heading actually? Just south? :D

Btw it is funny how we swapped the time zones :D Now it is evening for me but you already have early morning :D It used to be the other way round :)

Hahahhaha yeah, and we swapped the weather too, give my sun back!!

So yeah, I'm heading to Austria then north of Italy, there I'll have to see how my visa time is and make decisions either Africa or continue through Spain and Portugal.

Wild camping is the way to go ;) Even if it's illegal, nobody gives a shit if you're visit goes unnoticed, which it usually does if you have any eye to look for a camping site.

Stay warm buddy!

Oh yeah, and even when they see us they don't give a dang, unless it's trespassing. I slept the other night inside a park and no one bothered me at all.

I just would like to be able to make some fire xD

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Any plans on going to Prague? I once slept in the tent in the wild. It was scary as ****. But you inspire to get things going and not sit and waste life watching it pass by and instead live it!

Not going to Prague, it'll be way too cold soon! Sleeping in the wild, well, the first night is terrifying, but after a while you just say f... it, I'm tired.

Btw, the other day I was wild camping and there were some wild Swans around, talk about a mad animal!!!

Let's keep on going! I'll send you a zap on of these days know how life is going