[vlog #20] Bike Vlogging in Kraków | SF3 | Poland

in travel •  8 months ago  (edited)

Hooray Readers! Bringing yet another fun and crazy video to the community - Mr.P on Video!

Sup guys, I'm not a really big fan of short texts, but this is already a video, which is self explanatory, Doh. Yesterday I went for my first true bike ride in Europe here in Kraków and it felt amazing to move my legs again.

After two weeks recovering my finger and worried about the trip I didn't have a single chance to hop on the bicycle, now we are rolling for good and preparing to hit the road and discover the freezing beauties of Europe.

I hope you enjoy riding with me in Kraków as much as I did recording the video, I wish I could include much more footage, but I won't have the proccessing power to render it. If you have tips for vLogging on the road it'll be much appreciated. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer:  The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust and inquietud. You've been warned.

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Llegaste lejos jaja te felicito, todas las bendiciones y buenas vibras para vos! 🙏

Eeee @exe8422, pero tenemos un problema aqui, no tengo Mate tcheeee! Y esta frio y no hay churrasco!!!!

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I am glad you found a nice weather even if could it is sunny and rainy and/or snowy. It seems that you enjoyed it !!! By the way I found interesting the fact that Brazilian supermarket compared to the Polish one similar or almost eqwal in the costs

It is pretty much the same, in terms of prices. Brazilian money is almost 1x1 with Zloty, which is nice. I believe we were lucky, right? Someone told me that it's generally super rainy during this time of the year.

It is true it usually is very rainy at this time of the year. I experience clouds and rain the first time I have been it was during November. Even if such weather in my opinion it is still the most beautiful city in whole Poland and I guess you spent the national holiday for the 100th Polish independence day

Yeaaaaaah, I didn't see gigantic parades like in Warsaw, but there were loads of people on the streets, super sunny and nice.

Great trip, I am happy that you are enjoying Cracow, it is one of the most beautiful cities in 🇵🇱. I am curious about you trip plan in Europe, if you have Belgium on you plan I will be glad to join you, and show its beautiful. All the best from @browery 😉

Awesome! I thought about Belgium, your pictures really inspire me, however I don't think I'll have time.

Plans are to cycle down from Kraków to Portugal, because I believe it'll be too cold here very soon. Plus I got sick yesterday, fever and sore throat, it'll possibly delay my departure.

Yeah that true 'winter is coming' stay warm and safe. Good luck 🤞

Brrrrrrr, I'm afraid to get caught in a snowy situation, let's see what happens

Thank you for the great tour of Krakow! Cool photos too, looks like a fun place to be with a camera and a bike. Cheers!

Scott, you have no idea! You would just go crazy here with your camera gear, there's so much stuff to see and details on the buildings. It's amazing, my photos don't even make justice to how nice this city is.

Yes, it looks amazing there. Not sure if you know @jarvie but he posted some incredible sunset photos of Krakow.

Oh I haven't seen those, and I'm afraid I'll put my camera into the trash can if I see the amazing photos haha

Hahaha! Don't do it! I dig your photos and vids too much. But yeah, his photos were pretty good...

I'm so happy you came into my IRL!

I'll visit you guys in Valencia, maybe? and I promise I won't get sick!

You're on a bicycle, you don't need to know any traffic rules... haha (and this part just reminded me you had a post about this topic in the past)

AHahaha yeah, but here in Europe if we break the rules the fine just makes us bankrupt! No joke! Plus if they get you on a highway you may go to jail. It's insane!!!!

Whaaaaaaaat!!!!!???? fines... jail time... You made me feel like i'm living in heaven. haha
I'll never go to Europe. haha

Hahahah, but think on the good side, they have basically bicycle high-ways all over europe, they are better paved then our true high-ways in Brazil.

Was so good to finally meet you @mrprofessor - shame we didn't get a chance to say goodbye but best of luck on your cycling trip and make sure to be safe out there.
Stay in touch and if you're ever in England, give me a shout.

Duuuuuuuuuuude, it's a shame indeed, I got so sick! But we'll meet again i'm trully sure. When do you go to Asia? I may appear in the UK and this time I pay the dinner!

Super awesome to meet you!

Welcome to my chest hahaahah you are so brave to explore a foreign land on your bike. But you're a pro I know you'll do well. Do you have videos of you and TF team? Wanna see you guys together :)

A pro? Me? Pro homeless do you mean? loved your comment haha

I have a video of Juergen teaching Remy how to do the curation post ahahahahhaa but if I post it, they kill me.

They can't kill you now 😉

Oh I bet they'll remember it next SF hahaha, but you gotta go to protect me. Deal?

Nice ride with you around! :D

Weheee, thanks for dropping a message! Are you preparing yourself for the next SF??? Let's gooooo

Loving all the logos you have in your videos @mrprofessor - very professional. Will have to pick your brains on a few things on Discord if we get the chance.

Watching it all back makes me miss Krakow already!

That's lovely @goodwithtravels, such nice comment! I'm still learning the editing part but whenever you need just gimme a call and I'll help you.

I'd live in Kraków easly, maybe during the summer? ahahahah