[Blog #45] Visiting Kraków | Outside SteemFest 3 | Photography

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Heeeyho Readers! First day cycling in Kraków, sharing some pictures of the Old Town.

Sup guys, finally I was able to hop on the bicycle and go for a ride after a looooong time, it felt great and refreshing to move my legs again. The weather in Kraków feels so great for cycling; at around 10 degrees Celsius it's not cold enough to completely freese you, nor it's too hot to burn, for me it's perfect, even though I know it's going to drop by a lot in the upcoming weeks.

While eveyone is doing SteemFest 3 stuff I just took the time to wander around aimlessly around the Old Town. The city is incredibly bike friendly with bike lanes all over the place; it's just strange that people do not use helmets!

So anyway, I took some pictures just to get started, which I'd like to share on this post. Later I'll upload the video from this small bicycle ride and tomorrow I'll go back to those places on foot, or with a bike lock, because most of the sites, especially the Wawel Hill complex, doesn't accept bikes inside. Enjoy!

Wawel Hill and the Royal Route

The ride started following the Vistula River until the Wawel Hill complex could be seen. It's amazing to see those old rock buildings and the Royal Castle, the Wawel Cathedral. Tomorrow I'll enter the complex, because bicycles are not allowed inside, and they shouldn't indeed, as the whole thing is dated from 970AD, wow!

Click any of the images to enlarge!


The closer you get to this historical heritage, the bigger the walls become. Can you imagine attacking this place back in the Medievel days, with your troops being stranded between the fortress and the river. Unfortunatelly I couldn't get inside, so the picture on the right is just me going down the street with my tail behind my legs.



On every corner of Kraków I was like woooow, you'll see on the video. It's so much history and information at each new street exploration, the buildings are so huge. Did you know that they are original? Kraków is one of the few cities that was not heavily bombed during the war, so what you see is how it was in the past.




The architecture is so full of details that it's hard to proccess, you could sit for hours looking at the same building, and yet spot some small detail at each time. The domes are outstanding, I can't wait to go inside each one of those buildings.



Before going home I saw the classic love padlocks hanging on the Father Bernatek Footbridge and the acrobatic sculptures. It's interesting that I hadn't noticed all of this when I passed earlier on the same bridge. I guess that the morning fog and the excitment blinded me a little bit.



The days are passing fast here in Kraków and there's still so much to see, maybe I'll have to extend my stay if I find a hostel to exchange work for the stay. Tomorrow I'll team with @for91days to record some awesome videos, and maybe, extract some photography tips from him.

Stay tuned, because this insane trip is just starting! Cya later with the video, peace, love!

Did you like the photos from today? Would you like to see more? Drop a message down below, I love talking to you!

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~Love ya all,

Disclaimer:  The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust and inquietud. You've been warned.

I'm Arthur. I blog about Adventure Stories, Brazil, Travel, Camping & Life Experiences.

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I so want to be there with you and discover those places together with the rest of the TravelFeed team!! Hope to make it the next year :(
Great place you visited there and so cool that you've made time to write about it!! Thank you! :)

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabs, next year you do have to come, Steem will hopefully go up again and we'll all be paying everything in Steem!!!

That's my biggest dream right now!!

Yes, more photos. They do bring back memories. Jarrah had his 5th birthday in Krakow. It's a gorgeous city.

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Video coming soooooooooon, just don't send me food porn please, I'll possibly die hahahaha

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So awesome to see OCD on full power again! Thank you very much for the support.

What about me tomorrow?😢


We are so happy that you are enjoying your stay in our country!!! All the best :))

I've gotta say that this is an amazing place! And the prices are similar to Brazil. Love it so much.

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Oeeeeeeeeeee, I knew I had forgotten something while uploading the post, just now I realised it was the archi tag, do'h!

Thanks for the support and remind!

Alright @mrprofessor, need someone to remind you and we are here to help :P Looking forward to read more of your stories!

Someone to punch me in the face \o\ it's so much going on that I don't even know if life is real anymore.

It is overwhelming for us as well! The pace is insane to keep up for a mere human. Anyhow, we do our best to be relevant and competitive.

You guys do a great job, we gotta keep strong during this low prices!

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I wish I could come for Steemfest as well I have been to Krakow twice I love it!!! Hope you had great time !!!

This city is amazing!!!! Every corner is a discovery, unfortunatelly since yesterday I have been suffering with a bit of a fever.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Not good to hear that hope it did not affect that much your stay

It kinda did, unfortunatelly. But so much happened since then, only now that I'm getting the chance to repply \o\

Btw my health is back on track!

Found your lock? :)

Duuuuuuuuuude, can you believe that with thousands of locks in there... and I'm still without a lock to secure the bike?

That's sad, i just lost my hope in humanity, they're wasting thousands of locks on a fence and not giving you just one lock to secure your bike.... No... That's not fair...

hahahahaha, and possibly most of those relationships didn't work out, shame, shame...

Yeah... many of them are already rusted.

Amazing! Glad you made it there.

Rob! If you see the EuroVelo you'll freak out cycling for ever, you should join me.