Short story initiative - A story in under 300 words

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I would like to invite all Steemians to write a short fiction story in under 300 words. I will try to read them all. I may vote some - or all - or at least vote the best ones. No guarantees though. It depends on my voting power which I would like to keep above 70%. You can see my voting power here, as well as what a 100% vote could be worth. If I vote you, which is not guaranteed, then my vote will be at least 1% strength, but could be up to 100% if my voting power permits it.

Anyone can participate. The story can be in any language. Please consider the benefits of also including an English translation, using Google translate.

Before, or after, you write your own story, please encourage others - especially newbies


  1. The first tag must be "story-300words"
  2. The story must be less than 300 words long
  3. Your original work only. No plagiarism (copying stories from the internet)
  4. Last day for this initiative is 8th January 2018


From Wikipedia:

  • Fiction is the classification for any story or setting that is derived from imagination—in other words, not based strictly on history or fact.

To get things going, here is my short story. It is 247 words long.

Short Story in less than 300 words


Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 15.36.33.png
It was midday in the scorching sun. The road was long and deserted. Two adults and a young boy had been walking for 3 days.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 08.11.57.png
Image Source

For food they had eaten olives, berries and leaves. The water bag was nearly empty.

They came across an olive tree and lay down to rest in its shade.

Image source

Presently, a Roman Centurion and his young son passed by. They also took refuge under the olive tree.

Image Source

The Israeli boy started to play with the Roman boy.

“Don’t talk to Romans”, warned his mother. “It’s Ok”, replied the Centurion, “On this road, we’re just people”.

The children ignored their parents’ comments.

“I see you are out of water,” said the Centurion. He lifted his water bag and poured some into the couple’s bag. It was an unusual act of kindness. You wouldn’t expect it from a Roman soldier.

There was nobody here to judge.

The two young children carried on playing together, oblivious to their different backgrounds.

As the sun started to go lower, it was time to get going. The Israelis started to gather their things. They thanked the Centurion for his kindness and set off. Nazareth was still a long way to go.

As they parted in different directions, the Jewish boy turned and shouted to the Roman boy, “I’m Jesus. What’s your name, by the way?”

The Roman boy turned and shouted back, “Thanks for playing with me! I hope we can meet again. My name’s Pilate – Pontius Pilate.”

The End

Word count: 247

Explanation of the above story

At the beginning of the story you do not know the names of the characters. Then at the end, I drop the first clue “Nazareth” - which is well known to be the home town of Jesus Christ. You can maybe guess that the family are Mary and Joseph with Jesus as a boy.

You still can’t guess the other boy’s name.

The punch line - the one which is set to get you thinking - comes when we discover the other boy’s name is Pontius Pilate.

I don’t need to write any more as the rest of the story has already been told.

As many will know, Pontius Pilate, who became the Emperor, was best known for overseeing the trial and crucifiction of Jesus Christ.

At the end my story isn’t finished. It is part of one of the best selling books in the world - The Holy Bible.

There is no suggestion that this incident actually happened. It is fiction. Just a story. It’s not in the bible.

To see all 300 word stories written as part of this initiative, click here.

Please don’t forget to comment on other people's stories rather than just focussing on your own. #story-300words


What a captivating story. It is as if it should not end.

The never ending story. You got my 100% vote for the best comment!

Oh thank you! Thank you!! and Thank you!!! Actually i enjoyed the story,but now i enjoy it even more. I think I've gotten a topic to write my less than 300 words story on base on this early morning blessing. I hope you like my story much more than you did for my comment? Hug

Nice steemit power

Yes ooo. She is a blessing to me.

I am very happy for the work you have been doing to encourage the community to give their best, to be authentic, it is good to be encouraged if they receive rewards, and you are very good for that, may God continue to bless you, I do not know if I am time to make a story, but I hope everyone who participates does a good job. Greetings friend, continue like this, God bless you.

Maybe there is a story you tell to your children that you invented? Thank you and happy steeming...

Yes, I told my daughters stories, but I do not know if I qualify, since they are simple and short, they would have to put more creativity, but they would take it into account, today I go to my mother to sew, I have to follow the seams, not I know if you have visited my blog, I have shared interesting topics, but they are in Spanish.

I am no longer surprised to read this publication, every time I see your blog
I see the precise progress in the work you are doing for the STEEMIT community. This will make many people do the right thing (create original content). That's what it is about. I really appreciate the time you spend writing a story, and I appreciate much more than what mentions Jesus, the savior of humanity. I will be participating in your project.

That’s really great! I hope you can think of a nice story English/Spanish

perfect, I'll be working on that. I will try to do a mixed work, I will capture a story that did not escape from reality.

I'm very new to Steemit, but I really am touched by how people not only work together with such giving spirits, but also acknowledge the other's attitude. That is a very new aspect to me, in life I mean. So nice!

Hi @swissclive, What a great idea!

It's a way to educate newcomers and minnows to write good and original content. The final prize is an incentive to try to do their best, but i think that upvotes can also came from others people who read their posts.

I really am grateful that you would do that for Steemit community, Without an ulterior motive!!

Resteemed for more visibility, in the Italian community too.

Great idea, if I can come up with something good, I will join :)

For now I can offer a non-fictional story with 256 words - I promise, it's awesome: A little story of how gratitude leads to great things... [EN/GER]

Greets :)

I read your non-fiction story - which is indeed great and I upvoted it.

If you can write a fiction story in under 300m words, please don't forget to use the tag "story-300words", so I can find it quickly and easily by clicking on the above tag.

Thanks for reading it :)
Sure, I will! Already have an idea!

I am not writer but i really appreciate your work

lol I seriously don't know how you are doing this?!? Your last initiative on newbie posts was incredible. I read through your entire post and I have no idea how you could possibly get through everything that came through there. That was pretty amazing to say the least. I appreciate what you're doing to grow the platform.

As for this, it's perfect timing for me. :-) I just wrote my second ever story yesterday for the @STACH contest. I hope you don't mind me plugging it. I can edit it out if you do. Anyway, I've linked it below. That contest is only 199 words max so it will be a quick read for you. Thanks again for all you do. It's much appreciated.

Hi @dagger212 If you edit your story, you can change one of the tags to "story-300words", or just add that tag, and then the story will qualify for entry in this initiative.
I upvoted you here for the time being.

Oh, wonderful! Thank you! Some good stories so far. I've only read a couple but upvoted one at least. I'll try and change/add the tag now.....Done! It worked! What do you know....:-) Still so much to learn here.......

I used to write short stories when I was younger, but reality slowly snatched my creativity away with graceful stealth. I may not have it in me (since I may not have it in the first place), but I'd really like to try. After all, there's no harm in trying, right?

Thanks once again for this great initiative!

Well it's only 300 words. Don't forget -everyone has a story - to tell the children - or to tell your mates. I hope you will participate. Good luck if you do!

Yey! I was able to get my mind running (somehow). My short story is found here. Thank you very much once again for the opportunity!

Such great contest @swissclive, thank you!
And your story is amazing! I enjoy very much!
Here is my short story:

Can I write a second one and post it?

I resteem.
Good luck to you!
Happy New Year!

You can write as many stories as you want. It must be fiction and very original I.e. a story you made in your head, not the re-telling of someone else’s story. Thanks for the resteem.

Thanks, I like originality!

original story writing would be quite difficut i thought... But by reading your story...its was so much simple and meaningful, and to the point..even though my english is weak but then also i understood line by line meaning...i will also try to write it in my own simple words as you use...thanku you for providing us these all opportunities one has this much time to motivate new comers but i have seen that you always come up with new and interesting ideas for motivating newbies...thanku on behalf of all the newbies...

Am definately going to give this a shot, if i win so be it and if i dont well i love contest so i just keep coming back.
Thanks @swissclive for your previous contest you are a darling.

Hello, Swissclive, nice iniciative and thank you for reading some of my stuff.

I intend to do the same for the spanish community. Ive being into writing a long time and particulary in making content to help other people understand fiction writing, history-making and persuation. If i may, i will leave a post of how to approach writing short fictions, this migth help anyone, and specially the ones with little or no previous experience. I really think its useful information and migth help people to jump in the contest:

I'll upload my history for this contest in a couple hours :)

A great contest, which will motivate people to create excellent and small stories. I will take part, and I am interested in reading the stories of other participants.
About your story I can say the following ... you definitely have a skill in writing, because it reads all this is easily interesting, you can continue to write interesting stories, many will be interested :)

Great initiative. You, as always, do a lot for our platform. I have a small question, should history necessarily be artistic? Good luck to you and good. Resteem

Великолепная инициатива. Вы как всегда, много делаете для нашей платформы. У меня маленький вопрос, история должна быть обязательно художественной? Удачи Вам и добра. Resteem

Please everone, try and read other people's stories and comment on them as we should think of the work of others, and not just our own.

If you are of a nervous disposition, I urge you to avoid reading this one:

It really gave me the creeps.

Very nicely done. It's difficult to tell a complete tale in so few words. I tend to over-word stories so I like the discipline required of short flash like these. We have this post over at the Isle of Write Discord server, courtesy of @geekorner. I'll be joining in and encouraging others to do the same. Best of luck and thanks for the great idea!

@jrhughes Thanks for the discord link which I have now joined. It looks like fun!

Wonderful! See you around :D

This is the whole point. It is very difficult to squeeze na story into just 300 words! Good luck!

Good idea!

I would like to note that it could work out fine even if the #story-300words isn't the first tag, because the abominable tag system doesn't really care one whit where each tag is placed. It only cares about the first for when you open the post or when you view it on a feed...

Thanks @geekorner. You are correct. To get in the feed for this initiative you can actually put the tag anywhere. As there is another short story initiative currently running (which I did not know about until just now), it would not surprise me if some don't add both tags.

Great initiative! Thank you for thinking it up and thanks to @miti for sharing it with the Italian community: you might end up with quite a few stories translated from Italian 😉

I liked your story, too, although Mary comes off as rather harsh. I wouldn’t expect her to “snap”.

@imcesca . Very good spot about Mary. I changed the word to "warned". You could be a good proof reader.

I hope you will particiipate!

LOL Editor is one of my dream jobs, actually (but I studied Law so I do other stuff) 😜

This is a fantastic well-written story! I'm going to participate in this. Thank you for providing this opportunity.

Done, and submitted! - Is there any bonus for speed? lol

25 minutes from start to finish...

Good piece of work. I upvoted it 100%

I noticed ! thanks for that - I had fun writing it.

I am going to participate in this! Thanks for the opportunity :)

It's a great idea, this contest will motivate people to create original small stories! I resteemed it for more visibility, I hope people will take part. I have a question : can be the post both in English and Italian ?

Yes no problem in multi languages

Just in case anyone needs any explanation to understand the punch-line (last line) of my above story, I will explain it here:

"Pontius Pilate is best known for the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ"

Thanks @swissclive for great contest and for all the work you have been doing!
Here is my short story:

Thanks @swissclive for this great contest!
Here is my short story.
It is a absolute fiction of 299 words :)

Thanks @swissclive for such great contest and such wonderful your story! I was enjoing when I was reading it!
After reading your captivating story, my two stories about Executors of Words seem pale and poor... Am I right?
Those Executors of Words make whatever you say to be true!
I have a continuation, two more stories about them. Can I publish them? :-)

Sorry if I am a little late in getting to your story. I’m planning to read them all and have so far read 70%, but unfortunately I am around 48 hours behind, so please be patient.

In the meantime, it would really please me if you would take the time to comment some of the other stories written here. People really appreciate the feedback.

Thank you for the comment.
It really is so - it's nice to read comments and reviews.

Sorry if I am a little late in getting to your story. I’m planning to read them all and have so far read 70%, but unfortunately I am around 48 hours behind, so please be patient.

In the meantime, it would really please me if you would take the time to comment some of the other stories written here. People really appreciate the feedback.

Thanks @swissclive for the great contest!
Here is my absolute fiction of 299 words :)

Sorry if I am a little late in getting to your story. I’m planning to read them all and have so far read 70%, but unfortunately I am around 48 hours behind, so please be patient.

In the meantime, it would really please me if you would take the time to comment some of the other stories written here. People really appreciate the feedback.

Here's my short tale:

Thanks for making this happen!

Hello, @Swissclive. You disqualified my text becouse it doesnt have a plot. Here is the link for other people to see and join the debate:

I would like to discuss, and hope that Steem is also about creating valuable with debate and not just about writing "your are great, your are amazing, nice post..." give-me-monney'ish kind of stuff...

What do you understand by a plot? so if i write: "it was a boy, who went into the school, got bullied and became a murderer" that would apply for the contest? that has a plot, rigth? By your definition, many great contemporary authors would also be desqualified, like Faulkner, by following your advice...

Im defending the time it took me to make an idea into its simplest form, and i know thats ficition, becouse ive being 10 years into reading and writing, and i can make an argument with evidence of authors who i got inspired from...

What i think you meant by desqualifying my text, is extension, you want people t write with the extension you purposed... well, then my advice is to be clear... say: at least 100 to 300 words... then, that would make sense...

I dont mean to offend, but to expand, debate and share knowledge... Your contest, your rules, and that's ok... it just feels really arbitrary that someone comes and says: "your art is not art, becouse art is what i understand of art"... thinking as mainstream as that art would never took forms like surrealism, impresionism, romanticism, and we would still be landscaping like 1600 years ago and making counted-verse poetry... dont you think?

i would like to hear a good counter-argument so i can expand my knowledge, and if im wrong, to accept it...

Hi @dicomoescribir. I think you don’t get what I mean by “fiction” or “story”. I invite other steemians to review and comment.


Great idea thanks for sharing I follow you .. Awesome

Very interesting story, makes a lot of sense. Good work

i will trymy best to write a short story

I looked so hard to come up with this story, this is my entry into the contest
Click me

Great initiative, I just wrote in English and Italian. Thanks to @miti for sharing the contest with the italian community.

Awesome initiative, haven't written a short story in ages! Here is my submission, i had a lot of fun doing it:

Good to see you here again! I will be reading your story in the coming 24 hours and I hope voting on it.

Please take the time to read some other people's stories and vote on them too. That will encourage them to look at what you wrote.

i would love to give it a try

Why not? I'm going to participate, I think I have a nice idea for this story :)

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Great contest to inspired people to writting story.

Just posted my short story :-)

Fantastic. I am making my way through the stories and expect to read and vote for every one. I am really glad you are participating.

A question: is it possible to write more than one story for the initiative?

I was going to ask the same question!

You can write as many stories as you like!

I think is a really good news! I love this contest because it's not easy to condense our short stories in only 300 words but I must say, it's working out surprisingly well.
You had a brilliant idea..Just look at the success of #story-300words tag!
Well done, my dear friend!

I wrote my second story! I love it! Thanks @swissclive

Sorry if I am a little late in getting to your story. I’m planning to read them all and have so far read 70%, but unfortunately I am around 48 hours behind, so please be patient.

In the meantime, it would really please me if you would take the time to comment some of the other stories written here. People really appreciate the feedback.

Well, I have some free time today and I was planning to comment some of the other stories.. some of these are really good.

I have taken on these opportunity with both hands. I have already submitted two stories, hope steemiters will love both. I welcome all encouragements, all corrections, all continuations!

Thanks again, all


I will be reading all stories here! I will getnto yours very soon.

I am honored. We all are. Now i can at least post knowing i have an audience out here! And i am giving it my all. I just wrote a third!

Thanks again for the initiative. I see stories coming in thick and fast!

Alhamdulillah your initiative is way better ... Insha Allah you and some people can make steem very much delightful and very much fun...
Started writing the story..... Salam

I constantly see you taking an initiative to help out new people on steemit and I always appreciate you upvoting my posts, I'm really glad there are good people on steemit, I have too, not started long ago. I am defo participating in this contest. Thanks for the opportunity!

Nice initiative! I will think about sthg and post it asap!

Thanks once again @swissclive for your work on steem it is greatly appreciated. I have a story to submit for you but the hash tag is slightly wrong. Let me know if there is anything I can do if you have any ideas?

It’s easy to fix. By clicking “edit” you can change your second, third, fourth or fifth hashtag. You can’t change the first one.

Make your second tag “story-300words” and then everyone can see it here.

I would like to thank you @swissclive for this great idea for newcomers like me (I'm steemian since one month). I also thank you for your upvote to my story and thanks to @miti who tell,in our Italian Community, about this wonderful opportunity. I'll always follow you!

enjoy to read it

a very awesome story, but until now not over ...

Great initiative. I will definitely look to produce something. And I have a question...should it only be a fiction or non fiction too?

The idea is for fiction. A story. But if it something which happened to you, thats OK too.

Only fiction. I.e a story you made in your head. Not the re-telling of someone else’s story.

I had a story from a family member... And that's not fiction too. It happened to them.

Wow! This is writing in pure class. Starting off by getting people's attention, to revealing tiny clue, to dropping the bombshell and also leaving people to allow their inagination run wild. Perfect. Thank you. I am definitely participating in this contest. Less than 300 words it is.

300 words story contest is great , great opportunity for short story writer. I would be join it.

I will be reading your story with pleasure.

Thanks a lot for the contest!! Here is my entry: Chatting At Work.

You really do a great job here on the platform. That's curation at its best. I hope, I'll get into the same position soon. I can't wait to fund contests myself^^

I am looking forward to reading your story. I am getting through 5 to 10 a day, but there are still 30 or so unread, so bear with me. The strength of my vote represents a personal opinion based on lots of things, not just how much I like the story, but also things like the quality of the writing, the amount of imagination used, and the blogger's interaction with others.

By the last point, I have noticed some people have been very helpful to others commenting on their stories, or providing guidance on writing style and so on.

I also take into account how well I know the blogger. Thoise who have interracted with me before in a positive way will be looked on more favourably.

Of course, I only have a limited number of votes I can dish out and that means I can't vote everyone at 100%. Voting at less than 100% is necessary for everything but the most outstanding stories.

I hope to finish the voting in the coming days. It may take 3 days to get to your story, as mostly I am working on the oldest unread ones first.

Very nice initiative... I will relay it to my followers and hope to get them involved!

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I wrote my story yesterday,after seeing your post. You are doing a very great job here,giving confidence to the new accounts :)

I wrote my story in about 45 mins after reading your post. I hope you like it :)

Thank you so much for the generous vote 🤗❤

Thank you so much for hosting this initiative. I am hosting a daily prompt/ writing challenge called the 5 min freewrite and always try to share information with the freewriters. May I post a link to this post in my next prompt?
And here is my story

Great initiative @swissclive
God bless you
Have a great new year.. I hope you will like my story

Very good;)

@wisher (54) It seems that you find a lot of posts to be "very good" or you have left similar short comments on lots of blogs. Some people would think you are trying to draw attention to yourself or fishing for for votes, and flag you for it.

For the time being, I will spare you that, but I would be most grateful if you would clarify exactly what is "very good".

A maximum 300 hundred word answer would definitely show a level of commitment that you haven't previously made.

Hey, swiss man, I want to ask you what do you think about @steem-network? They have been flagged by steemcleaners, I have warned them and flagged them and they still don't stop. I have used more then a half of my voting power but it's useless. I have even written a post about them asking people to support with somw flags. Can you please check on then and look at their comments and please tell me what do you think? Thank you so much, I really hope you will see this comment.

Hi @mejustandrew . Thanks for drawing my attention to this spammer @steem-network who is acting under false pretences to trick newcomers to the steemit community.

His annoying image has invaded many of the blogs I looked at, and in many cases tricked the newbies into believing he is an official steem representative.

When I check his logs, he had a reputation score of only 4 and a wallet balance of $2.

My first downvote reduced his rep to 3 and my second downvote reduced it to 2.

His main linked post is hidden and if a newby does arrive there they will hopefully see your warning as the second comment.

Thank you so much for your help! I couldn't resist to see them still spamming people, ignoring everything I have told and also my small flags. I hope they will be flagged by other users too, until their reputation goes at 0 or below so their posts will be hidden by default. It is so sad to see them tricking newbies who do not even know how a spam bot looks like. Thank you a lot again for your support!

Hello swissclive, I'm not just looking for attention but above all to understand many things on this social that I do not know, your name came to me through my group steempostitalia, where they talked about your idea that I find very good short story 300, I apologize if I have expressed too little but I hope that with this I can remedy but especially sorry for the delay in response still taken by the joy of the holidays;)


I wanted to ask you what do you think of my book CHAPTER ONE DE "THE NARCISO IMPENITENTE, these stories could be included in your description?
Thanks in advance...

No, sorry. It's supposed to be original fiction stories. If already published, it does not count.

every day I write a page of my book, I wanted to know if it can be compatible with short story initiative to story in under 300 words

No, sorry. Story must be fiction (look it up). A Short story is not a page out of a book.

Thanks for your answers always ready, I'll try to write a short blog fantastic!

@wajid786. I looked at your other comments, and they are all very short, like this one, and seem to add nothing to the debate. For example you made 10s of comments reading “NICE WORK KEEP IT UP. I REaLLY LOVE UR POSTS“. This looks like spam. You are trying to attract attention. You are chasing votes or follows. Usually I downvote people who do that.

Here is your opportunity to explain in less than 300 words what is so amazing, otherwise I am going to flag you for spamming.

It's a very interesting story, and also made me reflect on what is meant by 'story'. Your link to the Holy Bible is obvious, and yes there are stories there, but I never thought about what I write in that connection.
The 300-word limit is a very good challenge - and adds to this thought as well, about what is actually a story? I never write the way you do, I am not good in descriptions, so what I write some people don't consider a story at all. But I like experimenting with it: what can be left out, when is it still a story? I once wrote a 100-word story (a drabble) of EXACTLY 100 words. So your post made me decide to put it on Steemit, as part of your contest (link to the story)
Perhaps it will be of inspiration to someone :)

Those who head over to your "drabble" will soon know what it is.

Nice story, well written, I could almost view the words, like I was watching 📺.

Greetings dear @swissclive, I really like this good initiative that you present to us. People like you in this excellent network are those that are needed, present initiatives like yours so that we can express our stories or experiences lived with quality content, I will do everything possible to participate. Regards and happy new year

Thank you very much. I wish you the highest success!

Hello! I support your ideas you really support the passion for the platform and kindle interest in participating in your competitions ... thank you for this and I took part writing my story ...
it would not be bad to know your opinion of my history

Maybe I'm confusing the Bible with The Life of Brian, but it seems a little out of character for the Virgin Mary to tell her son not to talk to Romans.

It's fiction. (Maybe I was inspired by Life of Brian).

If you have some insight on Mary's character, happy to read it. I don't suppose there is a great deal documented.

Very good gesture on your part, i like the story you tell up, I do not consider myself able to create a story right now, surely there are many people who will do it with a good quality, but thanks for the initiative, it will surely help us newbies to advance more in this network, thanks for sharing. sorrry for the english. Blesses to you.

@swissclive I really love what you're doing here what a nice way of encouraging us newbies. I've resteemed this post and informed my friends and followers about this contest. Keep doing what you're doing. Here's my entry for the contest

This is great!! Probably the first short story contest on steemit!! You should make this a regular thing and hold weekly or monthly contests!!

Thank you for bringing back some childhood memories. I used to participate in all kinds of story writing competitions and won a few awards too!! Haven't written in a while though. I hope I still have some of that creativity left in me. Will definitely submit a story before 8th January!!

Swissclive, your story is brilliant.

“It’s Ok”, replied the Centurion, “On this road, we’re just people”.

I like the statement above; it's just peace.
It's really cool to see how people are getting creative with less than 300 words. It's a great idea, and I'll give it a good shot.

I'm so joining this.
Anticipate my entry soon

I'm sitting on the edge of my seat refreshing every few seconds, just waiting for this. Good luck on your made-up fiction story.

Hi @swissclive I wrote a story about 5hrs baçk. I'd really love to know what you think about it. I submitted the link in my previous comment. ONE BARBEQUE NIGHT

While going through the comments I saw where you said one person can post as many stories as they wanted to. I would have posted a thousand if I could. Here's a link to my freewrite story

It's a great initiative by you @swisclive and it may pave the way for me to a new found passion in this community and with this initiative by you I think people like me can expand their potential to write stories which is another way of engagement in steemit.

Here is my entry and I tried my best to write this fictional story within 300 words. Thank you.


I've written probably several million words of non-fiction over the past several years, but I don't think I've written any fiction in roughly 30 years. That ends today. I'm sure it will be unpolished, but fiction will flow forth from my keyboard and will live forevermore on the STEEM blockchain.

EDIT: Why that was quite refreshing. Hope you enjoy The Future of Crypto – A Short Story
Thanks for pushing me to challenge myself @swissclive

Dear @swissclive , first of all thank you for your generous initiative. I think that we need more people like you to give a soul to this place and encourage "plancton" like me to write valuable content :-)

Here's my story, It's also part of the 5 Minutes Freewrite, a growing community with loads of positive vibes that I'd love you to visit one day!

@swissclive, I don't know if I'm still in time, but there's my entry.
Like others in this comment section, I'm part of the #freewrite thing, and I learned of this beautiful creative writing contest from the "freewriters patron" @mariannewest.

This is a wonderful initiative. We don't write nearly enough in this day and age and it is such a valuable skill!
Could you launch a 'Steemit Novel', where we launch a theme and the opening paragraph or chapter, and others take turns writing chapters?
Not sure how it could work logistically but I'd love to see what this creative group of Steemians could come up with!

wow!!! I just came across this and all I could say is "amazing story" and the analysis is awesome.
I will go right way and pen my story down, I hope you'll love it

hello @swissclive...may i know what are fiction stories..i am not getting...if i write my own personal experiance of life as a short that will be okay..?.:(

Yes that would be good too.

This is interesting and challenging... I'm generally write posts more than 400 words, so this is going to be out of my comfort zone.

Great initiative! I wonder what would happen if you ever did a non-fiction one, or if you specify the genre to say, sci-fi.

I hope you are not tired of reading all the stories you are getting! thank you so much for doing this! Here is another little story.

Sorry if I am a little late in getting to your story. I’m planning to read them all and have so far read 70%, but unfortunately I am around 48 hours behind, so please be patient.

In the meantime, it would really please me if you would take the time to comment some of the other stories written here. People really appreciate the feedback.

Yes!! I will and have done so. All writers want someone to read their work!! And thank you so much for all you do!

i am going to participate

@swissclive please is this contest over? I just got to know about it

The first tag must be "story-300words"
The story must be less than 300 words long
Your original work only. No plagiarism (copying stories from the internet)

Last day for this initiative is 8th January 2018

So you have 4 more days to go @tolustx

I'm definitely going to give this a go! It's an awesome idea and you're great for giving people the opportunity to even get some money out of it :) I love writing but have always been told that my dreams will go nowhere because 'there's no money in writing'... I will show them all!!

Although I'm not a writer, but you, @swissclive inspired me to write my life story! I'll try to take part in your wonderful contest, although I've avoided it before, doubting my abilities.

Don’t forget, it must be FICTION! Good luck!

What a wonderful initiative! I really appreciate posts like this, as it encourages me to write more (which is always a good thing!). :-) Here is my submission:

The Weaver.

Sorry if I am a little late in getting to your story. I’m planning to read them all and have so far read 70%, but unfortunately I am around 48 hours behind, so please be patient.

In the meantime, it would really please me if you would take the time to comment some of the other stories written here. People really appreciate the feedback.

Of course! I'll read through as many as I can when time allows for it. :-)

Can i submit more than one story? Thanks again, for the initiative

Yes of course you may. Good luck!

Well enough. Thanks. I am making my first just now