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RE: Short story initiative - A story in under 300 words

in #story-300words2 years ago

I am very happy for the work you have been doing to encourage the community to give their best, to be authentic, it is good to be encouraged if they receive rewards, and you are very good for that, may God continue to bless you, I do not know if I am time to make a story, but I hope everyone who participates does a good job. Greetings friend, continue like this, God bless you.


Maybe there is a story you tell to your children that you invented? Thank you and happy steeming...

Yes, I told my daughters stories, but I do not know if I qualify, since they are simple and short, they would have to put more creativity, but they would take it into account, today I go to my mother to sew, I have to follow the seams, not I know if you have visited my blog, I have shared interesting topics, but they are in Spanish.