A story in under 300 words - Scary nightmare

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My first love, a sportive handsome boy with bright kind soul, who played guitar and sang like an angel.
How I loved him!
We got married and live in the best city of the best country.
We’re both talented people, so we have the most prestigious and highly paid jobs.

I'm very rich now. I can travel anywhere and buy whatever I want.
A lot of women dream of such great husband and such amazing life.

But why am I weeping now? Why am I sad and unhappy?
I guess something is wrong and I’m missing... What am I missing?

Oh, I am missing all my kids...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I have woken from the nightmare in tears.
Phew, it was just scary nightmare. In that nightmare our couple was infertile. We had no children at all!

Oh, I know exactly what I was missing in that nightmare!
My very serious adults children Natalie and Alex, inventive, energetic and adventurous teenagers Todd and John, beautiful, tender and kind teenagers Irene and Olga, my handsome and cute child Jesse, and two sweet and lovely babies David and Sean.
My favourite kids...

I don't regret that at school I did not even dare to talk to that sportive handsome boy whom I loved so much.
And it is not a matter for regret that I don't live in the best city of the best country. My country and town are quite nice.

I believe in destiny!
It’s wonderful, fate decreed that I would have so many children.

My beloved ones ...



My story is 286 words long.

Thanks to @swissclive for the wonderful contest.

Here the link for the contest:


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I think I must have made a mistake when I was asking asking for "write a short fiction story" as so many entries, like this one are not fiction. Probably I should have defined the word "fiction".


  • Fiction is the classification for any story or setting that is derived from imagination—in other words, not based strictly on history or fact.

Well I will give to to you that your dream was in a certain sense "fiction", so I upvoted you.

You write well by the way.

Thank you very much for kind words and for explanation the word "fiction"!
Now I understand it. My next one will be entirely fictional :-)

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No children at all... is probably how it would have, in real life, ended for you, had it been God/destiny had then answered your prayer/met your wish.

For that sportive first love you could have done anything, left anywhere, gone anywhere....

Sometimes God's greatest gift to you is an 'unanswered prayer!" And that you only come to find out much later, long after..

So it is a classic case of valuing what you have now. It is easily what you could have missed!.

A classic case of valuing where you live now. It is easily where you could have missed to be at

Destiny, i agree, knows best!

Cheers to your loved ones! I reckon they are the inspiration behind this work.

Thank you very much!
Happy New Year!

Pleasure is all mine.

Happy New Year, too. Thanks