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RE: Short story initiative - A story in under 300 words

in #story-300words2 years ago

lol I seriously don't know how you are doing this?!? Your last initiative on newbie posts was incredible. I read through your entire post and I have no idea how you could possibly get through everything that came through there. That was pretty amazing to say the least. I appreciate what you're doing to grow the platform.

As for this, it's perfect timing for me. :-) I just wrote my second ever story yesterday for the @STACH contest. I hope you don't mind me plugging it. I can edit it out if you do. Anyway, I've linked it below. That contest is only 199 words max so it will be a quick read for you. Thanks again for all you do. It's much appreciated.


Hi @dagger212 If you edit your story, you can change one of the tags to "story-300words", or just add that tag, and then the story will qualify for entry in this initiative.
I upvoted you here for the time being.

Oh, wonderful! Thank you! Some good stories so far. I've only read a couple but upvoted one at least. I'll try and change/add the tag now.....Done! It worked! What do you know....:-) Still so much to learn here.......