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RE: Short story initiative - A story in under 300 words

I am no longer surprised to read this publication, every time I see your blog
I see the precise progress in the work you are doing for the STEEMIT community. This will make many people do the right thing (create original content). That's what it is about. I really appreciate the time you spend writing a story, and I appreciate much more than what mentions Jesus, the savior of humanity. I will be participating in your project.


That’s really great! I hope you can think of a nice story English/Spanish

perfect, I'll be working on that. I will try to do a mixed work, I will capture a story that did not escape from reality.

I'm very new to Steemit, but I really am touched by how people not only work together with such giving spirits, but also acknowledge the other's attitude. That is a very new aspect to me, in life I mean. So nice!