Crypto Art & Design Challenge [Round 8: Stellar]

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Ground Control to Major Tom...

Get ready for a Space Odyssey. We've now hosted a total of seven rounds of this crypto art challenge and received over 1,000+ jaw dropping artful entries. Last week was Steem! (Definitely make sure to explore the results linked here and showcased below.) So, without further ado...

Welcome to the 8th Crypto Art & Design Challenge. As we gear up for the launch of The Creative Crypto Magazine (@creativecrypto) we're hosting some fun and creative crypto art exercises. To draw more into the conversation, we're building out a grassroots network via our Facebook Page and Twitter. Across all platforms - engagement towards crypto-based creativity has been amazing. It's been a lot of fun to build up an audience outside of Steemit and begin to reign in some crypto-curious internet-surfers back towards our hometown blockchain (Steem). With this ongoing series, we're calling all artists, graphic designers and craftspeople of the world.

In the spirit of crypto-creativity we ask that you -

Pick a famous artist (Picasso, Van Gogh, David Hockney, Michelangelo) whoever you want - and interpret the Stellar logo into that style. Other components of the image (background, details, other elements) are completely up to your imagination.

And now, Stellar!

Download and use the image below to get started:

180511 - Stellar.png

Crypto Art Challenge Guidelines

  • Follow our magazine @creativecrypto! (Learn more, here.)
  • Create 1 image (1000 by 600px) using the Stellar logo (above)
  • Author a post explaining the Artist that you were inspired by
  • Publish a post using the hashtag #creativecrypto
  • Share a link to your post + image in the comments by Wednesday, 10pm EST

The top 5 creations will receive 20% votes from @sndbox and be showcased on The Creative Crypto media outlets. All entries that follow the guidelines will receive a partial vote (1% - 5%) depending on number of entries.

Looking for inspiration?

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STEEM Art & Design Challenge

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추억의 아톰이네요.
역시 금손이네요. 응원할게요.

This is my entry: Mystery Circle (Crop Circle) Combines Stellar Logo


@sndbox gracias por esta nueva oportunidad para desarrollar nuestra creatividad...Suerte muchachones

I accepted the challenge, But I don't know, did you accept my artwork or not? You can check my artwork full article in this link below.

outer space.png


beautiful girl work


thank you 😄

My ticket for this week to send greetings to all the contestants I hope you like my gif edition, it was something that occurred to me when I saw that little rocket I said this has to leave the stratosphere.

Greetings this is my post


This is a cool and awesome challenge. Good luck to all who enter. What a great way to bring out the artist.

Rly nice design!;)

I don't miss chances like this thanks @sndbox

Thanks to sndbox for the opportunity to participate in this excellent contest

This is my entry for the Stellar contest :

Final Stellar.jpg

Inspiration by Jean-Michel Basquiat, more on my post =>

Great :D other oportunity to show my talent .

Hello! Here is my entry to the contest, I was inspired by the movie Le Voyage Dans La Lune.


Yeah let’s have some fun with creativity. I’m sure other Steemians can’t wait for the lunch of the magazine too.

Hello @sndbox excellent start, I hope you can vote most of the publications we are all good editors some more than others but it is worth the effort thanks, I will continue contributing and inviting more participants

Hello friends, here I leave you my entry to the contest to make the logo of the stellar cryptomoneda, I was inspired by one of Victor Vasarely works of art


go through, my post friend @sndbox do not forget me

hello friends of the community @sndbox do not forget me that there are some good entries I am also part of them ;)

Hello friends of steemit community @sndbox there are some excellent posts greetings go through my post, congratulations to those excellent stellar artists very beautiful, and anxious editions