Announcing The Creative Crypto [A Magazine for Makers, Innovators and Blockchain Creativity]

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The Next Big Thing from Sndbox

From the get go, Sndbox has been committed to cultivating creative and community impact to solidify the Steem blockchain’s influence on the world. With the @sndbox incubator and the @sndbox-alpha curation account, we’re striving to constantly expand and diversify that growth and impact.

Today, we’re proud to announce a critical new step in Sndbox’s mission to nurture that global transformation. So without pause, we present our latest project - The Creative Crypto.

Mission + Aspiration

The Creative Crypto will be an online journal ( and bi-yearly publication of blockchain’s impact on the creative world. The journal will strive to present the best new projects, people, ideas, and community developments in order to empower the next revolution of crypto-powered production.

Ever since joining in 2016, we had a hunch that would become an endless supply of creative inspiration for the world. The premise of being rewarded for ideation, work and exploration is a monumentally disruptive new normal for makers and innovators. Steem and the broader cryptocurrency marketplace is rapidly changing the way artists, designers and creators engage the environments around them. The @creativecrypto will become a premier billboard for impactful content, powerful stories and an approachable showcases of cryptocurrency being utilized in the real world.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 1.57.01 PM.png

What to Expect

With the support of a number of Steemians, we're in the process of building a website and a dedicated @creativecrypto team. Articles published here on Steemit will be showcased on the site ( Dedicated curation and illustrated articles will begin next month!

curation + delegation plan
Spring 2018
To be announced soon!

Our first goal is to curate and present powerful showcases of creative impact within the Steemit ecosystem towards an outward-facing audience. We are all part of a rich pool of makers and innovators and packaging that well for a global community will further bolster the purpose and visibility of the Steem blockchain. The team at the Creative Crypto will work closely with content producers to create a stream of original and diverse articles.

Here's a sneak peak at our website landing page...


A bi-yearly publication will be used to formally compose long-form articles and as an instrument to tap into more traditional book stores and design museums in New York City and beyond.


Dedicated Illustration Work

Fun, approachable and creative illustrations are critical to relay complex issues and ideas.

@sndbox has published dozens of Steemit tutorial articles focused on that philosophy and we plan to take that to the next level with @creativecrypto. We're thrilled to announce our first dedicated illustrator, @zsolt.vidak. His vibrant and humorous designs will add a much needed layer to make articles even more visible and digestible to a global audience.

Thank you to @zsolt.vidak for your amazing work! (Featured throughout this post.)


Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 2.50.54 PM.png

Join Us

Sign up for our newsletter to get in on all of the action as we gear up for our official launch in March. We’ll send you weekly updates with the new content, project showcases, and resources just for our readers. And that’s just the beginning. For the newsletter, we’ll be developing and distributing exclusive content and material on an ongoing basis.

Spreading the Word

If you would like to show your support on this effort, we would love to have anyone and everyone LIKE our Facebook Group and FOLLOW our Twitter handle.


These will be the main portals for us to introduce Steemit and blockchain creativity to the entire world and every extra little tally helps us achieve that. Thank you and Steem on!



Promising project ..This is a good thing for steemit.
I signed up for the newsletter.

I agree with you this is a very interesting project...And this will only add more value to the steemit community. Thank you for giving us more value and increasing the steem power!!!

Fantastic, thanks so much for your support!

Really good project, I will sign up soon, and look forward to more progress.

To really be honest with you , I'm super excited about this!
I'm looking to build a world where compassion and courage prevail over deception and fear, where technology brings transparency in our relationships finally giving honest cooperation the upper hand over any other types of human interaction.'

I have been looking for people who want to change social media, the internet and the planet for the better for so long and it seems I've finally found them!

If anyone reading this has not voted, I'd suggest you vote right now!

Amazing project! <3 Good job!

This is another scheme from steemit's most supporting community — sndbox! You have shown how much you can innovate ideas and turn them around to become such a visible scheme that everyone will be proud to identify with. Thank you sndbox for all the supports..


Exciting times ahead @eurogee, we're grateful for you engagement and enthusiasm all the way through. Steem on friend!

Guys!!! I don't know what's in that water, but I want some of it! Your ability to churn up amazing ideas... 🙌🖖

It's brilliant. I love it, of course I support it. I can imagine myself seeing the book in a store and smiling about how I was around when the idea of it was released.

Kind like the Steem Silver Rounds :)

@bearone! You're awesome, thank you so much for your endless support!

As you already know, I'm a big fan of this! And @zsolt.vidak 's illustrations are perfect. Love the pink faces for so many reasons. Count on me in everyway for this!

And as I think about this, there is a missing link that this will bridge, and I like how you'll be connecting with other artistic institutions via this project.

A great question. This is the tough part that requires a lot of in-person meetings and connections. We're hoping to have some good news on this front later next month :)

Thanks as always for your support and great feedback @natureofbeing!

LOVE the idea. LOVE the illustrations.

@zsolt.vidak is a pro! His characters are so fun to watch and interact with. Thanks for the bump @erb!

Woow! it's a great Idea, as we really need some funny and artistic spirit in the crypto world.
The only one currently with artistic and comic spirit is cointelegraph but it's not funny (it's serious) for news.
So, I think will be more popular :)

But, did you share any rules or requirements for people to check before joining or not yet, I searched on the website and FB page, but didn't find.

Thank you for this positive and great news ^_^

This is a great project and a great idea, we really are grateful for your support towards this great community and to us minnow. I must not miss this, signing up right away

Thank you so much @valchiz! :D

Resteemed to create more visibility for your hard work, keep up the good work @sndbox family!

Thanks for the resteem @teachblogger! You're the best!

You are one of the best in steem

I think, you have already know that I'm a big fan of this! And @zsolt.vidak 's illustrations are overall perfect and super booster. Love the pink faces for so many reasons. I want to listed for this creature.
Thanks for the great shareegyutt.jpg
Count on me in everyway for this!

You've done great job what a nice project

Awesome this art, i appreciate this design.

Sndbox alpha and incubator have been a great success so far. I don't think Creative Crypto will fall below standards.
Keep writing and publishing @sndbox , its just a matter of time before writers take over the world

This seems like a truly awesome idea, am very keen to get involved and see where this takes us, yet another great project build on the back of this wonderful technology.

I think we really have just scratched the surface of things to come. An example of hour this community has the potential to do exciting things.

Have subscribed...

Best of luck
stay blessed.

This is a neat idea.
Cheers to its growth. Lots to be shared here.
Nice. Regular publications can help build that consistent flow and share and size.

Wow! I'm sure steem price and value will go to the moon once this project begins. It's a WIN-WIN situation for everyone. Keep it up!

What a wonderful project!
This is one of those things that makes you love Steemit and Steemians!

Absolutely @flaviorizzo <3 100%!

yes, i love steemit
pann mr.

every time I confirm how excellent the @sndbox team is for their integral and selfless work ... always thinking of others. Thanks for everything you do, regards.

signed up for the newsletter and liked the facebook page. Looks really promising. Will follow you here also!

Nice work, keep it up!

I'm sorry I'm not much of a geek guy, but I'm a poet, and a writer, is there anyway I can help too?

Hi @josediccus, we'll be sharing more ways of collaborating as the Magazine develops into next month, stay tuned!

Buen proyecto, éxitos. Gracias por compartir.

Seems like a great initiative. The technology is still at its infancy and with that it really is difficult to determine the path let alone the destination of where we end up.

One thing is for sure, there is no going back, it really does feel as though we are at the edge of a new frontier.

Edge of a new frontier indeed @moonpig16!

Never heard of you guys before but this happens most of the time interacting with is just evolving too fast. Signed up! Hopefully another ticket to the moon :)

Start from the team in charge of graphics. Sndbox has the best logo and design on steemit

That's very kind of you to say @holybranches, make sure to follow the brilliant @zsolt.vidak!

Such a wonderful project. You have done a great work. This project is really great, I like it. Keep on enrich steemit with your great work.

Many thanks @pijon!

You r welcome Sir.

I can‘t wait for this to come out! Signed up for the newsletter 🙌🏻 I’d love to contribute as well.. 😍

This is a very good initiative, I will try my best to support this program, is a welcome development steemit need to know globally, is one of the fastest growing blockchain. Thanks @sndbox for this wonderful post.

Thank you @adeboy1! Thrilled to have your support and enthusiasm :)

Great project, signed up for the newsletter!

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Awesome news

Great content, block chain is the future!

Haha thank you, Amen to that!

This is a great folks!

Its kind of similar to the project from @guyfawkes4-20 @macchiata and @whatamidoing and their "steem chronicles". Good thing for steem to start being promoted with physical publications since it can help reach people that are not as active online (perhaps when discovering steem they might get more active :D)

I will add myself to the newsletter now.


Yes! Steem Chronicles is amazing (love their thumbnail image!) This community desperately needs more collective publications (hotspots for curators and creators alike).

Thanks so much for your support @dedicatedguy :D

I benefit a lot from reading the article.

@sndbox es una excelente iniciativa la revistam gracias por proponerla

I like to read every post you...Upvote and follow you!

i will be the first who sign up..

upvote and follow @rikineng

a work that is extraordinarily useful and useful, I am a developer and enthusiast in the world of art inspired

Naice your post @sndbox
Vote me plissssss

Congratulation for the launch:) Digital publish is so convenient but I also still love paper printing, haha! Hope some day I can have a page on it!

I like The Creative Crypto will be an online journal. Thank you @sndbox

This is good thing to me for every one i signed up for the newsletter and explain it with my friend

this is really a change to continue to improve power Steem, I feel this beautiful future can be with you.

this is really the great masterpiece. I wish i can be a part of this project

Wow congrats guys !!! You never stop amazing us and surprising us !!!
Can't wait for the next SF - we'll have soooooo much to talk about !!! :D

Hey @sndbox team! This is an awesome initiative by you all, thank you for doing this and spreading the Steemit love all around!
It'll be a great opportunity for amazing artists to gain attention and grow their following more than ever before.

I'd love to know if there are any vacancies for an illustrator/writer's spot for this project.
I'd love to help! :)

Thank you again!

wonderful Art , this is really awesome,thanks.

Amaizing project! Good luck you guys 2.png

I do not think there has been any project like this yet. This is really history on the making.

Followed and like. Proudly.

I will join soon! Good luck!

Absolutely awesome. Glad to hear you're doing something so powerful for steemit. YES to innovation, YES to supporting each other. I'm behind you!

와 !! 이렇게 판타스틱한 프로젝트를 구상하셨다니 !! 3월에 나올 첫 매거진 기대합니다 ^^

This nice art photo post.....
I like your post photo.....
Thanks for sharing.....

amazing!wonderful art.

You know what's original? A series of poem on scientific theories. And that new flavor of lays from Japan. Pretty darn original.

Maybe Kevin can find meet me and I wait for your 2 year

Articles that make me more excited about developing Steem and Steem Dollar in my own way. No matter how small the business, there must be results, especially Steemians have become a profession for some people, including me. Thanks so much for great article @sndbox.

That was amazing guys! I hope in near future we can translate and share this bi-yearly publication in all many countries. Cause I know there wasn't any good books something like that for most language.

So super excited to hear about this project! More information and most importantly information that people out there can easily understand and hence more adoption will come! Making Steemit & blockchain technology more of a norm!!
I am so looking forward to ways that I can contribute and support this initiative! Resteemed & Upvoted, subscribed to the newsletter, followed both twitter and FB!

the work is beautiful and very professioanl, im glad for that sucess , could you tell me the secret of all thoese upvots thats really impressive , im having a hard start i need some encouragment and i belive in this beautiful community

A Nice one you guys are pulling through ...One of the best projects onbthis platform. Nice one!

Thanks @sistem! Steem on!

Thank you for sharing this!
I hope to learn more over the next few weeks, I'll try to get a seat close up front.
Steemit is a godsend to my business, something like this just puts success in the hands of creators for a sustainable future for all.

Oh cool... hope to be on an article one day, haha!!!

Big hug

Steemitri The Mannequin

Although a little overwhelmed, I couldn't feel more amazed at the creative community that thrives here. WOW, keep it up!

This is so promising! So much more love and respect to you guys @sndbox :) And @zsolt.vidaks is amazing in so many levels! I love all your works!

I'll keep an eye for this. Great project for the progress of Steem Blockchain