Bitcoin Logo Art Challenge Winners

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Turning on Creative Gears

Last week, we hosted the first of many crypto-competitions (should we do all 1,570?) looking to revamp cryptocurrency logos into unique creative styles. This article from Quartz dove into the way cryptocurrencies are typically themed and named and we thought we could break out of that bit with fun Steemit-wide creativity.

Here are some of our favorites that earned a major @sndbox bump!

@beate's Murakami

@beate’s choice to integrate BTC with Takashi Murakami’s iconic flowers works perfectly with the scale and aesthetic of the original!

See the original post here.

@scuzzy's Dali

@scuzzy shows us that Salvador Dali might’ve gone deeper into his waking dreams if he knew what Bitcoin was doing to our world today...

See the original post here.

@basileonardo's Aztec Ceremony

Looks like @basileonardo isn’t just a Steemian but also an avid archeologist and uncovered this gem on his latest expedition.

See the original post here.

@heroldius' Mondrian

Simple but punchy, @heroldius show us that the BTC orange might have been deemed a primary color if blockchain had been invented sooner...

See the original post here.

@karmachela' Deconstructivist Geometries

Last but not least, @karmachela brings the shapes of Bitcoin to life with some true deconstructivism.

See the original post here.

Honorable Mentions

  • @aaronhong draws from the iconic street artist Keith Haring for this jazzy submission. Check out the original post here.

  • @dontforget enrolls in the Bauhaus to bring us this cryptic number. Check out the original post here.

  • @katalinaooma, I hope you didn’t have to cut off your ear to make this one! Check out the original post here.

  • @richatvns brings us an undiscovered work of Warhol. Check out the original post here.

We’ll be doing many more of these contests in the future so be sure to stay tuned and refer others to these community activities! And thank you to all that submitted!

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Lots of talented people on here.

  ·  last year (edited)

Can't belive I'm one of the winners. Thank you so much @sndbox. Had so much fun doing this and now it feels even better. Have an awesome day!

Thank you for submitting @beate! It was a terrifically fun entry =D

WOW! I'm very happy! thank you very much guys: D

I love the @basileonardo - such crisp design! The color scheme is satisfying on its own, as well as being a great representation of the theme.

Lots of great entries besides that, always a pleasure to see the talent of Steem at work.

Thx my friend :D I appreciate it

I would've had a tough time picking the winners!! The majority of the designs are too too good. Looking forward to seeing the entries of the next logo art challenge!

Thanks for the upvote, a pleasure to participate to your contest... It's cool that @Sndbox can bring us together to share and discover new sources of inspiration, artists (so much talent on Steemit)... And your tutorial to convert SBD to Steem Power will be useful :-)

OMG! I’m one of Honorable Mentions. Thank you very muchヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ" I’m so happy.

Awesome work.
Congrats to the winners.

Congratulations to the winners, it was indeed a great creativity contest and I actively participated, it was really a great one @sndbox, thanks for this wonderful contest and thanks for supporting creativity. The winners deserves it indeed their works were great. Please more of this @sndbox and thanks for bringing out the greatness and creativity In steemians.

good art of bitcoin.

I congratulate you for the creativity of your idea. all the works are really beautiful and deserve to be well ranked.

All the logo's are beautiful.But i liked most @katalinaooma entry.It's super cool.Thank's for sharing with us.

Congrats to all the winners.. Good job
i like this one @scuzzy's Dali


I am proud of the whole community of Steemit. You can see that there are great artists with wonderful jobs. Congratulations to the winners, they did a great job.

Congrat for all the winner. You are great design! Thanks @sndbox for your contribution for artist who submit this contest. May be this time I’m not a winner, I’ll trying for next contest.

Thank you very much for sharing this information and the wonderful explanation for the steem experience,
and I wish everyone the benefit and success, good luck.

Yes good @sndbox

These are pretty cool! I like the Aztec one personally...the connection between them worshiping it has been all too real lately.

But I enjoyed all of these. Good work to all.

These contributions are the ones that are really needed in steemit, publications that
provide something good ... You have my congratulations, keep.

These are great. So much talent and creativity here on steemit.
Love it.

Congratulations to all the winners!

  ·  last year (edited)

hopefully steem is always growing all over the world @sndbox

Awesome responses to this contest! Thanks for sharing!

Waw nic logo by @basileonardo looks like an ashent art piece made by the ashent Egyptians and other ashent kingdoms. From glod.

I like all the winer because of the ceativity

thx my friend :D

Wow these are such great offers @sndbox. The contenders are amazingly talented!! Nice distribution network you're smashing!!

I'm very impressed by all the fantastic talent our Steemians have! I'm proud of you guys for putting in the time to be creative. Keep up the good work! When's the next contest?

Thank you so much for Honorable Mentions my work. That's a big honor for me! And of course it is motivating me to keep going further in art digital and Steemit.


Congratulations to the winners

good information. nice to meet you @sndbox

The way things are going. It's like I'll go back to computer training school and learn graphic designs. I can't just sit and watch.

Congratulation to all winners,
I have submitted One but Not so lucky Like YOU ALL

well information thanks for share

AWESOMEEE! Thank you to @sndbox and @creativecrypto for the great contest and Big Thanks for your appreciation. Today is exactly one week I was doing art on Steemit and I am very grateful to have this amazing experience. I look forward to the next contest and challenge. Thanks to Steemian Artists for their support and upvote on my artwork.

Congrats!! I knew you would win ;)

Thanks for the support @creativista :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow. I didn't see this contest! I have designed a Cyptocurrency Sacred Geometry clothing just a few months ago! Congrats to the winner ^_^


Congrats to all winners! Incredible works!!! ^.^
Congratulations to @basileonardo's Aztec Ceremony - it was my favorite! ^^
And great thank you, @sndbox for picking my work as a Honorable Mention. Fortunately, my ears are intact, hehe. It was fun to be part of this challenge. ^.^

Thx Kata, for all your support :D im very happy

congratulation for the winner :)

These are fabulous - so great seeing crypto art - makes a lovely change from lambo talk!

Great artwork. I'm proud at having participated, even if I didn't won.
My favorite was @scuzzi's Dali. This one could hang on my wall.

Congratulation for the winners

Congrats to all the winners! Great entries :)

Congratulations to the winners!

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Your post Good