Cardano Crypto Art & Design Challenge [Round 6 Winners]

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Cardano? Cardayes.

This past week, our followers were challenged to re-imagine the Cardano logo through the lens of a famous artist (Picasso, Van Gogh, David Hockney, Michelangelo etc.) - or style (cubism, pointilism, bauhaus, deconstructivism, impressionism, etc.) Other components of the image (background, details, other elements) were completely up to their imagination.

There were nearly 100 incredible entries! Here are some of our favorite and most creative concepts -

@dalebor's Crypto Gardens

See the original post here.

@bulent1976's Lazer Bomb

See the original post here.

@stashin's Aerial

See the original post here.

@mbell's Orphistic Composition

See the original post here.

@ryh0505's Fireworks

See the original post here.

Honorable Mentions!

@olia1's Pattern Utopia

See the original post here.

@katalinaooma's Pearl

See the original post here.

@karenthfer's Tiled Mosaic Spectacular

See the original post here.

@jeeuuzz's Eye Opener ;)

See the original post here.

As we gear up for the @creativecrypto magazine our team will be hosting many more of these contests so be sure to stay tuned and refer others to these community activities. You can find all future open calls (each Friday) via the @sndbox page. A warm thank you to all that participated and congratulations to the winners!

Follow the @creativecrypto magazine and stay tuned for our website launch coming this Spring!

180308_CreativeCrypto-Icons-07.png 180308_CreativeCrypto-Icons-12.png 180308_CreativeCrypto-Icons-08.png


Congrats to the winners. So proud to be associated with the talent on Steemit!

Congrat for all the winner. So amazing design, Im a proud of you guys.

Cardano Crypto Art & Design Challenge.

Wow going through those art and designs above, there are breath taking and mind blowing. Steemians are indeed creative, beautiful works I must say.. @creativecrypto thanks your bringing out this creativeness in steemians and for encouraging them to even do better.


Congratulations to all winners! Such amazing works! ^.^
A special thank you to @sndbox and @creativecrypto for choosing my work as one of the Honorable Mentions! ^.^

The winner is very unique. congratulations for the winners. I will always participate.

for @sndbox and @creativecrypto you are great to hold a competition.

Congratulations for winner

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Thank you for the challenge


The space battle design are amazing. Nvr thought the battle could illustrate the logo well

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